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NCode Technologies Inc. is a rapidly growing leader among web design & web development company India. In the current scenario, marketing strategies of companies have turned to the web for their expansion and diversification needs, and have reaped the optimum benefits.


Magento Mistakes to be Avoided in Online Selling. What are custom Magento Extensions? What Are It's Benefits? When you have an eCommerce store it is crucial for you to facilitate your customers in the best possible way.

What are custom Magento Extensions? What Are It's Benefits?

Currently, it is the era of competition and it is very important for every businessman to sustain their existing customer. Therefore, it is important to update your Magento store with the customized Magento extensions that aim to provide some advanced facilities and functionalities to your eCommerce store. Moreover, the Magento extensions are quite helpful in getting you good conversion rates. It affects your business directly or indirectly and improves the overall performance of your store. Let us take a look at few of those custom Magento extensions that will make your business achieve new heights and make your website more appealing and facilitating to your customers. 1.

Advanced product video extension for Magento is very helpful for boosting your sales conversion rates. 2. 3. 4. 5. There are several aspects to the backend of your eCommerce store. 6. The Latest Consumer-based Trends In E-commerce UX. You’ve built your brand new e-commerce website, but so have others – new direct-to-consumer and technology-driven brands just keep popping up every week, on every street corner, on every phone.

The Latest Consumer-based Trends In E-commerce UX

To say that online competition is getting increasingly fierce would be an understatement at this point. That’s why the majority of companies are in constant search for ways to get ahead. There are a lot of website elements able to boost your sales such as the creation of new forms of sales-focused content, but taking care of them all by yourself is both expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why you need to be smart and utilize your most powerful resource – your customers. No matter how hard you’ve worked on your UX, you should never make the mistake of considering it perfect – it is the area where all the details matter. Since this leap of technology has a growing role in our everyday life, commerce has developed hundreds of new ways to reach customers over the last decade.

Image Credit: How to Increase WooCommerce Sales in 2019? WooCommerce is a free open source ecommerce plugin that allows you to sell products and services online.

How to Increase WooCommerce Sales in 2019?

The excitement of launching a new ecommerce store is unbeatable and what’s better than getting profitable results at the end of the day? Your ecommerce store is successful only when it is profitable, only when there are continues and increased sales. And once that happens, you get more and more eager to attract more visitors to your ecommerce store, more customers and increase sales as well. Who doesn’t want the rise in profits?

Tried And Tested Elements to Add to Your Website that Will Flood You With Sales - Let’s talk about numbers.

Tried And Tested Elements to Add to Your Website that Will Flood You With Sales -

According to Nasdaq, a whopping 95% of all purchases will be made online by 2040. #EcommerceIsLife The number shared by Nasdaq is just one of the many figures pointing to how powerful ecommerce has become — and how much more prevalent it will be. Which is the best PHP Development Framework in 2019? As we know PHP is an open source scripting language.

Which is the best PHP Development Framework in 2019?

It is extremely popular too. Almost 80% of all websites are using PHP as a scripting language. There are many frameworks available and you might be confused among many frameworks. But how do you know which PHP framework is right for you? This post lists up the top 10 most popular and used PHP frameworks out there to help you choose according to your convenience. 1. Laravel is an open source PHP framework created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the development of web applications. The Dynamic CEO of NCode Technologies Gives Amazing Insights on his Business Ethics to GoodFirms’ Team. NCode Technologies, Inc. with a vision to revolutionize the IT sector was founded in 2006 by Ashish Shah who is also the CEO of the firm today.

The Dynamic CEO of NCode Technologies Gives Amazing Insights on his Business Ethics to GoodFirms’ Team

Based in Ahmedabad and New Jersey, NCode provides Web, Ecommerce and Mobile App development services in addition to CMS and Digital Marketing services all over the globe. Celebrating 7+ years in business today, they have served more than 700 clients with a record of over 1500 projects delivered. These projects have laid its mark in 60+ countries providing them superior branding. Skin Quest, Cable applications, BSB Fashions, SNG International, Clinidirect are few among the list of its promising clients. These clients affirm giving their positive feedbacks backing that NCode builds brands and not only provides services for monetary gain. Recently the Founder and CEO of NCode- Mr. There are numerous such other factors that lead it among the top ecommerce development companies in the USA at GoodFirms. 16 Tips for Hiring the Best Magento Web Development Company. NopCommerce Contact Us By Skype Plugin.

Are you running a nopCommerce Store?

nopCommerce Contact Us By Skype Plugin

You might be aware of that that there are very limited contact options available on ecommerce stores. Many times people want to contact the store owner or the supplier regarding the products but they don’t have many options to directly contact the store owner or supplier of the store. Skype is one of the best business chatting application which offers a great feature like chat, audio chat, and video chat. It’s a great tool to have on your website. Have you ever thought if you have a Skype live chat plugin on your website, how much effect it would have on business. At NCode Technologies, Inc., we understand the importance of having a good contact feature on your store. How to Start a WordPress Blog? CodeIgniter CMS and Portal Development Company for Jewelry Store Online. Each and every retail market is different and the jewelry industry is no exception.

CodeIgniter CMS and Portal Development Company for Jewelry Store Online

The jewelry brands have the progressive business processes and thus they need jewelry specific functionalities in their online ecommerce stores. Thus they need the CodeIgniter web development for establishing the ecommerce site. Ecommerce Site for Jewelery The ecommerce website for jewelry helps the brands to make smart strategic decisions so that they can increase the growth, customer’s satisfaction, and the revenues. The jewelry attributes and the diamond attributes are considered and on the basis of that CodeIgniter Development Company offers you with the solution which can sustain in the dynamic environment.

Search integration The features which are by default included into the jewelry ecommerce store include the search integration. The developer gives you the provision to build your own necklaces, pendants and earrings features. Management Services.

Grand Restaurant Bootstrap 4 Template for Restaurants Website

Reason to Hire Magento Development Company for Hardware & Networking Store. Custom Premium Themes & Templates - HTML, Bootstrap, nopCommerce, WordPress. 5 Best WordPress Hosting Providers to Start Your Own Website or Blog. Buy WooCommerce Easy Stock Management Plugin at Affordable Rate. Hire Skilled nopCommerce Developers for Your Online Store. Challenges faced in the Healthcare and Pharma IT Projects. Buy Premium Plugins & Themes for nopCommerce, WordPress, Magento, DNN. Toptal - Hire Freelance Talent from the Top 3% Ncodetechnologies.kinja. WooCommerce Custom Order Status Plugin. WooCommerce Development - The Ideal Solution for The Start-Ups. Planning to have an online store?

WooCommerce Development - The Ideal Solution for The Start-Ups

Want to capture the target audience in a bigger range of market? Great! The first thing you must know is which platform can help you with the best solutions. Not that tough question to answer though in 2018! The platform with more than 25 million active websites and with thousands of themes, WooCommerce store development in WordPress Platform certainly stands out. You will not find any better customizable platform in the industry with more the 45 thousand plugins at your assistance.

NopCommerce Number Of Viewed and Sold Products Plugin. Do you own a nopCommerce Store?

nopCommerce Number Of Viewed and Sold Products Plugin

Do you want to show people how many times any product is viewed or sold? It's a good idea to show a number of viewed or sold product on a product page or listing page. It can directly affect the store visitor's mindset positively as they can get an idea about people having trust in the said product. Sign up. Tumblr. Why Should nopCommerce Be Your Primary Choice For Online Pharmacy? Online solutions are probably the best way to reach out to a mass audience. Given that there are a multiple online store selling lifestyle products, it is just a few of them who focus on selling medical essentials such as drugs and the likes. A reputable pharmacy is something everyone trusts, but taking that business online is something anyone hardly thinks about.

Well, it is not a difficult task to regulate that as well. Pharmacy business is essential and making it available online not only would get you a swarm of the crowd who is interested in buying them but also creates a loyal customer base who would come back to you. WordPress 404 Custom Page Redirection Plugin. Do you have a WordPress website or WooCommerce store? Many times you create a page for some specific time period and then delete it.

However, it’s getting indexed in Google and you might have posted its links at many other places too. So, when you remove the page from your website, the website visitors receive 404 page not found error. This error distracts the user from your website and they leave your website without taking your desired action. There are many ways to solve this issue, you can create a custom 404 page and redirect the 404 error to that page. NopCommerce Quick Contact Us Form Plugin. Are you running a nopCommerce Store? Do you feel your customers are leaving your nopCommerce store due to some query? You should have some way to answer their query so that you can retain your customers. You should have a contact us form for users to submit any query or question. It can be really helpful as users can easily send their queries to the admin.

Buy nopCommerce Most Viewed News Listing Plugin. Are you a nopCommerce Store owner? If yes, do you publish news regarding your business regularly on your store? It is very essential to keep your visitors and users updated with the news and happenings within your store. You should have a new section on your store to let people know what offers, deals and discounts are being offered at your store.

Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework In 2018? PHP, Hypertext Preprocessor is an open source scripting language used to create dynamic web pages. There are many PHP development frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, CakePHP, Yii etc. Among which Laravel is the best trending framework, following MVC (Model View Controller) structure. Laravel is created by Taylor Otwell in 2011. Laravel framework is highly chosen by the users because of its queue management technique and many more unique features, which others don’t.

Some unique features Laravel framework possess, making it the best one among all frameworks in 2018 are: Easy Installation Without the installation of PHP, a pre-packaged Vagrant box called Laravel Homestead provides good development environment, as the Vagrant box has a feature to re-create. Authorization Technique. NopCommerce Anywhere Products Slider Plugin. Get nopCommerce News Slider Plugin – ncodetechnologiesblog. Buy nopCommerce Latest Blog List Plugin. NopCommerce Top Related Products Plugin. Which Is the Best SEO-Friendly Ecommerce Platform for Your Online Venture? Today people have smartphones to access the Internet whenever and wherever they wish. It makes online shopping easy and convenient for shoppers and becomes the prime cause of the growth of online businesses of all kinds.

Looking at the bright prospects, online startups, established brick-and-mortar stores and Omnichannel businesses rush to find a right ecommerce platform that enables them to develop an ecommerce website to hit success easily. WordPress Gallery for Youtube Plugin. Buy nopCommerce Product Detail Easy Tab Responsive Plugin. Looking For a Magento Developer? 7 Tips to Choose the Right Company. Today, Magento has emerged as the most preferred ecommerce development platform around the world. Get nopCommerce Share Product on Facebook Plugin. NopCommerce Product Zoom Plugin. Install nopCommerce PayU Payment Plugin for Turkey. If you think that you have built a nice online ecommerce store so you will receive a great amount of increase in the sales and ROI then you are over-optimistic.

Top 6 nopCommerce Plugins That Every Ecommerce Store Must Have. Buy nopCommerce Automatic Clear Cart Plugin. Get nopCommerce PayU Payment Plugin for South Africa at Affordable Rate. Buy nopCommerce Banner Slider Plugin at Affordable Rate. NopCommerce PayU Plugin for Czech Republic. NopCommerce PayU Payment Plugin for Poland. 4 Best-In-Class WordPress Custom Related Products Plugins. Automatic Clear Wishlist Plugin for nopCommerce Store. PayUmoney Payment Gateway Plugin India for nopCommerce Store. WooCommerce Ecommerce Store Development. NopCommerce Instant Search Plugin. NopCommerce Previous/Next Product Details PlugIn. Best CodeIgniter Application Development. NopCommerce New Product Ribbon Plugin. CodeIgniter Website Development Company.

Why PHP Web Development? 5 Free Open Source Ecommerce Software Solutions For Your Online Business. Hiring Laravel Developers? 5 Crucial Questions You Need To Ask! - NCode Technologies, Inc. Why Choose CakePHP for Boosting Your Online Business. Why Manage Web Outsourcing with an Outstanding Web Development Company. 10 Super Tips to Speed up Your DNN Website. How to Hire the Best-in-Class CodeIgniter Developers for Your Project.

The 6 Best PHP Development Frameworks to Use in 2018. 7 Versatile Magento Store Extensions That Help Boost Your Online Business. 7 Practical ECommerce Store Optimization Tips to Boost Conversions - ncodetechnologies's soup. 7 Best SEO Extensions for Your Magento Ecommerce Store. 6 Tips to Turn Your Ecommerce Store into Money Spinner. Making The Best of The Online World With Drupal Website Development. 7 Surefire Steps On How To Hire Best Laravel Developers. Looking For a Magento Developer? 7 Tips to Choose the Right Company. NCode Technologies, Inc. — 7 Reasons to Choose Custom WordPress Design Over... Configure Google Adwords with nopCommerce Google Adwords Plugin. Website Design and Development Services: Enhance nopCommerce Store's Usability with Category Slider Plugin.

NopCommerce Random Products Plugin. 5 Mistakes That A Magento Developer Should Avoid. Marketing Your nopCommerce Store with Share Products on WhatsApp Plugin – ncodetechnologiesblog. NopCommerce Greetings Message PopUp Plugin. NopCommerce Comments on Product’s Review Plugin. Nop Mega Menu Plug-In. 7 Must Have Magento Extensions for Great Ecommerce Experience. NopCommerce Vendor’s Slider Plugin. Get a nopCommerce Product Like Plugin at Affordable Rate. NopCommerce Product Details Slider Plugin. NopCommerce Brands List in Top Menu Plugin – Ashish Shah. How to Install nopCommerce Google Adwords Plugin. NopCommerce Online Chat Plugin. Website Design and Development Services: nopCommerce Home Categories Products Plugin.

Nop Google AdWords Plug-In. NopCommerce Product Discount Sticker Plugin. NopCommerce Category Slider plugin. WordPress Custom Related Product Premium Plugin – ncodetechnologiesblog. NopCommerce Ajax Products Quick Filter Plugin. NopCommerce Share Products on Whatsapp Plugin. Nop Random Products Plug-In. Top 5 WordPress Plugins To Offer Best Ecommerce Experience. How to optimize WordPress Website for Speed? NCode Technologies, Inc. — Do I Really Need Professional Web Design?