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How To Reap Benefit From Your Most Critical Asset And Lead The Data Economy. Data is the most critical asset for business success.

How To Reap Benefit From Your Most Critical Asset And Lead The Data Economy

While there’s nothing truer than this statement for all the businesses across the globe, it may still sound like a repetition to many. After all, ‘data is the new currency’, ‘data is an asset’ etc. chants have been doing rounds since more than a decade now. Nevertheless, there’s a reason behind this repetition and that is, this truth is not being acted upon as it demands.

The reasonings branch further into aspects like rapid pace of digital transformation, IOT data becoming a reality, growing volume and variety of data giving rise to a whole new breed of unstructured data and the list goes on. Being the bedrock upon which rests the survival essentials (and growth catalysts) of any business, such as net new customer acquisition, exploration of whitespace, customer retention, global expansion of the brand et al, it becomes imperative for companies to begin treating B2B database as their most valuable resource. Healthy pipeline. Intelligent Data Management Solution. An Overview Our tech-powered Database service leveraging automation and machine learning, ensures access to large volumes of contactable contacts and unique accounts in a remarkably shorter span of time.

Intelligent Data Management Solution

It also leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability that helps in overcoming the challenges of market penetration in non-English speaking countries with geo-specific accurate and refreshed database. The end result is verified, structured, clean and on-demand generated B2B database – a dream come true for any lead generation campaign. And the cherry on the cake? Essential for Marketing success: Partner Marketing Concierge. How do you measure marketing efforts in parity with the investments done?

Essential for Marketing success: Partner Marketing Concierge

Are you partners putting in an equivalent amount of time and efforts to promote your products? Are their efforts enough for your business or what is the scope of improvement? These questions are surely a whirlwind that traps even the soundest of marketing function. Not surprisingly – 60% of marketing development funds are left unused on a quarterly basis, the results of Worldwide Channel Survey claims. Besides, ineffective MDF Fund Allocation & claim processes other challenges like event calendar clashes, digital immaturity of partners, duplicated leads/account management, convoluted auditing process are some top market challenges that has only result – below par market penetration and audience reach. Surely lack of quantifiable performance planning and reporting, non-existent partner marketing investment, profitability and impact forecasting model can be a death nail for your business growth. Salesperson Evolution & The Era of Intelligent Selling. Evolution is perhaps the most powerful phenomena which has led to the succession or even destruction of species.

Salesperson Evolution & The Era of Intelligent Selling

Same holds true in the case of B2B sales and salesperson as well. The way business practices, buyer behaviour and almost the entire realm of selling has undergone a transformation, the subsequent remodelling of the salesperson was an inevitable outcome. Understanding the shift The changes in the space of technology, human values, blurring geographical boundaries, financial policies, production practices etc., all had a trickle-down impact on not just the society but the industrial arm of it as well. End to End Sales Enablement Services.

Top 5 Ways to Up Your Lead Gen Game in 2020. When it comes to lead generation, improving lead quality is still the top priority for 68% of B2B professionals, while for 55%, lead volume is a major concern.

Top 5 Ways to Up Your Lead Gen Game in 2020

In the coming year, competition is going to get stiffer and while the size of opportunities will become bigger, challenges will continue to transmute to make opportunity-seizing tougher than ever before. Let’s look at five ways in which you can smoothen the rough edges around your lead generation strategy and be ready for the kill in 2020: 1. Create high quality content for each stage of buyer’s journey Your content can either make you visible or invisible. 2. What's Next in Automation for the Retail ? Automation with an easy-breezy impact is transforming sectors across the globe.

What's Next in Automation for the Retail ?

Retail too, is not far behind from its influence, availability and accessibility of information pertaining to latest brands, variety of products, customer service etc are only tip of the iceberg. The phenomenon can be safely credited to rising disposable income fuelled by strong economic growth and of course technology breakthroughs that seem to encompass every other sector. Tablets and smartphones to track customer footfall, fulfilling merchandising needs, feeding information to the customers and stakeholders real-time, easing customer’s navigation towards purchase path or availing services through chatbots – the list is only going to multiply. Essential for Marketing success: Partner Marketing Concierge. Sales Training Services. An Overview Denave’s Sales Training program – IDEA (Induct, Develop, Enable, Assess) is a virtuous cycle that works towards consistently improving Sales force performance in the face of digital disruption and dynamic market landscape for incremental sales revenue.

Sales Training Services

Leveraging next-gen technology and industry-leading sales trainers to deliver adaptive, sustainable and customized content for hiking delivery competence with frequent multi-touch assessments & mystery audits. The multi-modal training approach extends beyond inculcating sales DNA and brand association in the Salesforce to upskilling the overall client’s sales ecosystem. Denave’s comprehensive suite of sales training modules are designed with 100+ man-year experience syncing it up with the overall sales strategy to deliver on desired process expectations, enhancing salesforce engagement, render future sales leaders today and drive measurable revenue impact across varied industries with geo-specific nuances. Retail Analytics Services. Want to streamline merchandising & sales effectiveness?

Retail Analytics Services

Lack of synergy between multiple retails ops engine, disconnected, silo occurrence of data and insights across different functions stumps retailers’ effort of effecting accurate productivity & ROI co-relation analysis. More so, inability to identify growth drivers at store level, sub-optimal sales conversion vis-à-vis store footfall, failure in establishing sales authenticity and ‘loss of sales’ are the burden that retailers face on failure to leverage the right retail analytics solution. Denave's Sales Blog.

Optimizing Strategic Customer Engagement. Days are gone when traditional engagement with customer was prevalent or relevant.

Optimizing Strategic Customer Engagement

Advancements in technology and rapid upgradation in the digital world is leading to persistent paradigm shift in the customer engagement ecosystem. This is the era of transition where we are harnessing the output of industrial revolution 4.O. Database Management System-What are its role and importance? In an exclusive conversation between Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO, Denave and PCQuest, Snehashish shares his perspective on the criticality of intelligent database management for business.

Database Management System-What are its role and importance?

Please elaborate on the significance of the Database Management System and its impact on the business. There is a constant change in the world of data. It is evolving every second that in turn has created a completely new dimension of growth and challenges for companies around the globe. Today, by accurately recording data, updating and tracking them efficiently, companies can solve their challenges and also utilise its immense potential to fastrack their business growth. Technology is helping us understand and predict every facet of a customer’s online/offline interaction with a brand, and businesses can leverage that data to customise and curate targeted marketing campaigns. Breaking Through The Busy Buyer. It’s a crowded world out there with competition which is crazy enough to exhaust not just the pursuers but the ones being pursued also. And then comes the big filter – at times apparent and at times not, which the latter party leverages for narrowing down the people they need to invest time in interacting with.

Essential for Marketing success: Partner Marketing Concierge. Retail Analytics Solution. Intelligent Database Management Services and Solutions. Essential for Marketing success: Partner Marketing Concierge. Digital Marketing Services. An Overview Research shows that B2B buyers complete 57% of the buying decision before ever actively engaging with a sales rep! That’s the power of Digital marketing and how it can turn decision-making in your favour. But in absence of the right content strategy and an omni-channel approach, effective leverage of the digital channels and buyer enablement is not possible.

Whether you are looking to make your targeting effective, or building a defined content and creative strategy, or looking for ways to enable the selling ecosystem or even run a nurturing campaign that improves customer stickiness – we have a customised digital solution that we would love to talk about.