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Python Tutorial. Are you searching for python tutorial ? You must be familiar with the fact that Python is a high-level programming language. This high-level programming language is often used for general purpose programming. Python as a programming language was created by the talented Guido Van Rossum and this language first appeared during 1990. However, it was officially released during the year of 1991. This programming language has a design philosophy behind it and that philosophy puts a certain amount of emphasis on code readability while using significant white space. This Python tutorial is aimed at helping an individual in understanding this programming language in a much better way. Java Projects. Download Free Java Projects Are you looking for java projects?

Java Projects

In these Days, Software and application are programmed in Java, JSP, servlet, struts, spring and hibernate technology. These are programmed by using these technologies based on the requirement and. All these projects can be used as semester or graduation job by CSE and B.Tech final year students. Java Projects for Students Projects available for downloading with reports and documentations include SRS such as goals and scopes of this job, users of the suggested system and their function, system design justification, operational and non-functional demands, etc.. Here is a set of all of the Java projects and mini projects published in this site. Download Billing Software. PHP Free Projects. PHP Projects Whether you are a student or a professional, you always have to deal with the test thing that is known as the live projects that are basically to prove your worth.

PHP Free Projects

All of the community knows this as a matter of fact that the cyber world is continually changing and also that the technology will never take a step in evolving, which generally means that the user will have to learn continuously. In order to make this process a little simple, there are various PHP projects that are generally available for free download on the web with ease. These projects generally permit the user to study them from a greater depth basis and get a step ahead in their stream. How to Develop SEO Friendly AJAX Website. Many of the site owners generally have an interest in building the websites that generally take advantage of AJAX principles that too while still being accessible to search engines.

How to Develop SEO Friendly AJAX Website

But the problem is that doing so the websites basically become more advanced, website coding becomes even more detailed and many times it is way too inflated. In order for the AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) coding in order to be a search engine friendly website that the developers used to have to spend a great deal of the time with the over-complicated code. Well, it is beneficial for us that this is no longer the case today!

Why the AJAX may find it too Difficult To Crawl & Index One of the common use of the AJAX is to make the website experience very faster for a visitor but in doing this, the implementation can have various drawbacks for SEO. Laravel Tutorial. Basic Introduction to Laravel Audience Overview This Complete Laravel tutorial will direct the programmers and learners who wish to understand how to create a site using Laravel. This tutorial is very meant for those programmers who don't have any previous experience of utilizing Laravel. Before you moving with this tutorial we presume that you're familiar with HTML, Core PHP, and Advance PHP. This brief laravel tutorial for beginners tutorial will lead especially the scholars, learners as well as development who desire to determine how to develop a website utilizing Laravel.

Created by Taylor Otwell, in the year 2011. Advantages Of Using Laravel Step by step Laravel tutorial will make your job effortless. With the help of Laravel software the Web project can be completed easily with less time. Features of Laravel in Detail Laravel features built in template engine called Blade Template. Top SEO Ranking Factors - by Amit Anand.

Web Development. Laravel Tutorial for Beginners With Suitable Example - Phptpoint. Laravel Eloquent Tutorial - PHPTPOINT - Web Developing - Designing and Programming Training. ​Laravel eloquent is one of the best and lovable features of the framework.

Laravel Eloquent Tutorial - PHPTPOINT - Web Developing - Designing and Programming Training

It provides an easy way to connect with the database and work using object-oriented models in web applications. It is an object-relational mapper function that means ORM. ​ The Laravel eloquent ORM provides a standardized and activation record for working with your database and each table has the same model that is used to interact with the table, these models allow you to for a query for data in your tables and insert new records in the table. ​

Defining Models Here we are defining the modules so, in the starting, we have to create an eloquent model. How does Eloquent work? If you are thinking about how it works then here you will know about it. ​ Setup of Laravel. Php Projects With Source Code, MySql - Free Download Project for Student. These PHP Projects is combination of Different modules related to different source code and MySql. It‘s involve Planning, designing and implementation. Project is best if it Fulfill the user requirement . Its take less time during the execution and work smoothly. Objective of a project should be: Smarter, attractive, innovative, user friendly. Php project aim is to develop dynamic and attractive web application as per user requirement. The PHP projects is easy to develop even a user make small modification as comparison to Java/.Net.