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Mad mim. 353066. How to make your own fitting harem pants and top. Measure from your waist to above the ankle.

How to make your own fitting harem pants and top

Mark this on the fabric, this will be the length of the pants. Cut the excedent, as well the other edge of the fabric. Fold the fabric as you can see in the picture. Now pin all the edges of the fabric and measure you waist line but before you mark this, you should mark exactly the middle ans then mark your measures with chalk. Draw as you can see in the pictures the shape of the pant, then measure te end of your legs also from your waist to the knees, and mark on the fabric, That will help you to finish the pattern of the pants.

To finish the pants do the hems of the end and for put the elastic on the waist, and sew :) How to Make A Basic Triangle Top with skirted bottom. Scarf Vest. Supplies: - Large square scarf or fabric - Scissors - 3 minutes of your time I used a 30x30 vintage square scarf.

Scarf Vest

It's already on the bigger side of scarves, so I'd recommend finding the largest square scarf you can find. For reference - I'm about 5'2", and you can check out the pictures above to see how a 30x30 scarf vest fit me. It'll all depend on your height, your preference, and the scarf you use, but the pictures above will help you gauge how your finished piece will look. {Issara} How to sew a Double Ruffle Neckline Accessory. This is an easy diy tutorial on how to sew a double ruffle neckline accessory.

This accessory is great when you want different style options. You can wear it one way for the ceremony and another style for the reception. Also a great option for Bridesmaids. I am also slowly giving you the option to learn more advanced sewing skills. In this tutorial, you will have the option to learn how to sew a French seam: I hope you enjoy this tutorial and thank you for visiting! Make Your Own Super-Stylish Harem Pants. DIY Lingerie. To make all of these Instructables, download this collection of How To’s as an ebook.

DIY Lingerie

Download » "DIY Lingerie" is a collection of the sexiest how-to-lingerie projects. Save money by making custom lingerie for yourself or your sweetheart. We have patterns and tips for making your own lace underwear, bras, and even edible undergarments! All projects come from, are written by racy, lacy experts, and contain pictures for each step so you can easily do it yourself. Instructables is the most popular project-sharing community on the Internet. How-to make a Stylish Bat Sleeve Blouse. How to make a patiala salwar. Soot Sprite Cellphone Charm. To make a soot sprite charm, you will need: • A bunch of black seed beads (I used size 11) • 2 round white shell beads • A blob of black clay (I use sculpey,t but I think Polyform would work too) • About 6" of cord • A lobster clasp • 4 jump rings (I like using two oval ones and two circle) I find a lot of my beading supplies at Walmart, I know everything that you need for a soot sprite is there, though I'm not sure about clay or white beads.

Soot Sprite Cellphone Charm

Tools: • 2 Shish Kabob sticks • Wire (about 2 inches) • Needle-nose pliers • A toothpick • Scissors. Green Jewelry. DIY Fabric Hoop Earrings. Earrings from Paperclips + String. How to Make a Steampunk Corset. Estimated Cost: ~$30-$50 (more if you don't already own the necessary tools) Estimated completion time: 10-15 hours Difficulty: Moderate but accessible to newcomers _______________________________________________________________________ I have been making corsets for a few years now and I frequently receive emails from people requesting tips and advice on how to get started.

How to Make a Steampunk Corset

Also, I understand that depending on their nature, corsets can be quite expensive and therefore not accessible to everyone. I have spent considerable effort constructing a method for making a corset requiring the least amount of technical knowledge, expensive tools and tedium I could manage. Even so, there is still a lot of work involved.

Please read the entire instructable before beginning. If you have trouble seeing the details in any of the images click in on the little i in the top left corner to view the image in its original format. Camera Bag Purse. Here's a list of what you'll need: - Purse (I got mine from a thrift store for $2.

Camera Bag Purse

Make sure it's large enough for your camera and extra lenses and such. Also, extra pockets on the outside are super handy for purse things, since you won't be using the pockets inside.) - Fabric 1 yd (I chose a flannel print, since it's softer) - Soft foam 1/2" thick approximately 24.5"x18" (Depends on the size of your purse.) - Scissors - Velcro (either sew on, or ready to stick. I used sew on.) - Measuring tape - Optional: Quilt batting for extra cushion If you have a sewing machine, by all means use it! If you're going to hand sew, like I did, you're going to need: - Thread that matches your fabric - Pins - Needles - Optional: Thimble. DIY Convertible Dress. I immediately fell in love with pictures of the Butter by Nadia dress, but at $250, I knew I could DIY it for less.

DIY Convertible Dress

I started seeing the same design being offered by lots of different companies, and figured it must be something great! This convertible dress can be wrapped in an infinite number of ways to create different style. I love wearing it on hot summer days as a slinky halter, twisting into something elegant for a wedding, or wrapping it as a skirt for daily wear. In fact, I love this dress so much, I made two - one in a lightweight t-shirt jersey and one in a heavy matte jersey - making them two of the most comfortable garments I own.

Next version: two toned, and with pockets! How to Draft a Custom Hoop Skirt Pattern With the Exact Shape You Want. We're going to make our drawing to scale; that is, it will be drawn to the exact measurements we need, only smaller.

How to Draft a Custom Hoop Skirt Pattern With the Exact Shape You Want

For instance, you could draw it so that 1" = 1/4". If I am 65" tall and want to draw my figure in 1/4" scale I would draw it 16 1/4" tall. Choose the largest scale that will allow you to fit a figure your height on your paper. You'll be taking measurements later, and it's harder to take accurate measurements off a tiny drawing. Once you've picked what scale you'll be drawing at, stick with it all the way through. I've already got my figure drawn to scale, but here's how I got there- To begin with, draw a line at the bottom of your page to indicate the floor. Make another mark where your waist will be using your waist to floor measurement. You can guestimate the diameter of your waist by dividing your corseted waist measurement by π (3.14). At this point I sketched in my figure from the waist up to that mark I made for the top of the head.

Sun dress made from 3 mens shirts. Materials needed: First you need 3 men's long-sleeved shirts.

Sun dress made from 3 mens shirts

You can get these from a thrift store, or recycle your husband or boyfriend's old shirts. It looks best if the 3 shirts are the same colors or patterns. (or very closely similar) I chose 3 shirts with blue and white stripes, the bodice has narrower stripes. The dress uses 1 shirt for the bodice and 2 shirts for the skirt, so if you want a contrasting skirt, then get 2 shirts in the skirt color and 1 shirt in the bodice color. For example, if you wanted a dress with blue top and white skirts, you would need 1 blue shirt and 2 white shirts. The shirt you choose for the bodice should be large on you, it needs to be loose fitting. You will also need basic sewing supplies:scissors, thread, sewing machine, and optional elastic for one of the bodice options. I have shown the dress accessorized with a purchased belt. Recycled Denim Dress. Crazy hat with earflaps! With glow in the dark highlights! Here are the things that you will need in order to complete this project...

Crazy hat with earflaps! With glow in the dark highlights!

A sewing machine (one that can do a straight stitch and a zig zag stitch) Scissors Straight Pins and Hand Sewing Needles Thread (conventional AND glow in the dark thread--this can be found at any local fabric store, and comes in an array of colors) 3 fabric choices Fabric A (1/4 yd) is an outer fabric that will make up the ear flaps Fabric B (1/2 yd) is a contrasting outer fabric that will create pockets etc... 2 matching buttons Matching yarn Paper for making a pattern (I just used computer paper) Ruler An iron (preferably one with steam)

Princess Leia Hooded Tank Top. This easy top is simple enough for beginners sew but looks cool enough to wear to a con. The top has one seam going down the back, a keyhole opening with hook closures at the back of the neck (authentic to the actual dress worn by Carrie Fisher in the films) and the signature waist-length hood. The fabric I used for mine was crushed panne velvet in white. Yes I know that this is not accurate but it was the only fabric I had that would work. I suggest you try a white stretchy knit like the kind they use for t-shirts if you can find it (I had some I was going to use but found out it had somehow gotten stained in storage...hence, the panne velvet version I ended up making). You will need: -white, stretchy knit fabric - the yardage depends on how big you're making your top. Helpful Resources: -reference pictures -hood help -tips for handling stretch fabrics As you can see I'm 5'11 tall, so if you follow my measurements and are 5'7, the shirt will be too long/big on you.

Bias Tape Breakthrough! I have bias tape on the brain because our next Sis Boom pattern requires significant amounts of it :) . I'm not ready to spill the design details yet, but I will share my recent personal progress in bias tape making. Generally, when a pattern calls for bias tape, I just run out and buy it. Most fabric stores carry an array of colors and widths, and I can usually find something that works for the project.

But for this project, I really really really wanted to use fun prints for the bias binding. A few months ago, one of my sewing friends mentioned that I needed a bias tape maker. I'm going to take you through the bias tape making process from start to finish...don't worry, it won't take that long! Fold one of the short edges up to meet one of the long edges. Next, bring the top and bottom corners together as shown in the pic above. Now, place this most recent fold on your cutting board (which is hopefully larger and less defaced than mine). Stitch together, 1/4" the aligned edges. Chador for prayers (and around the house)

This post will be an offshoot of my much earlier post about the Chador in Iran. The chador continues to be misunderstood by many people outside of Iran. Even some Iranian-Americans imagine the chador to be a new post-revolutionary fad. I wanted to concentrate on the types of chadors worn for prayer (salaat/namaaz) and around the house. As previously mentioned many women, particularly traditional and/or religious Iranian women group up wearing a chador, either around the house when na-mahram guests are over or wrapped around them whilst they snooze or for their prayers, and of course, outside over a manteau, pants and scarf. (little girl playing in her chador) House chador: Around the house the chador comes in handy in a number of ways when guests are over, particularly male guests that are considered na-mahram. (Me in a house chador) Prayer Chador: The other kind of chador other then the kind for outside and the kind for around the house is the kind used for prayer.

Like this: Old School Hejabi. Ive had a few inquiries about how exactly one sews a chador for some time now. But, its hard answering this because even though its a very, very simple process, unless you have a chador to use as a pattern or have seen them made enough times that you know or know someone who can show you, its not very easy explaining how one makes one. Even drawing a diagram doesnt really help. I’m sure some of you remember my post about the trial/tribulations of having an abaya shop in Khobar make me a chador? -if I had HAD my sewing machine with me in Saudi I could have popped one out in an hour or less, but I didnt. So anyway, here is, in pictures how a chador is made. So first off, you need a fairly big, clean and tidy room to work in as you will be laying items out. Length of material to buy; Generally for single width material the general rule of thumb is 4.5 meters or 5 yards.

Here is one I made a few weeks ago. Assembly; 1) cut up the material to the right length. Here it is, almost done! Like this: Tutorials. Pop Champagne: DIY: Cut Out Shoulder Blouse. FREE PEOPLE COLLABORATION. The Fox Hole, a Hooded Winter Baby Sling. DIY: Ombre Dye Method. Nani IRO -Textile- » pattern making. Diy: burberry studded trench.

Maternity sewing tutorial roundup. DIY Miu Miu Jeweled Heels. Adithis Amma Sews - Cute Confessions of a Sew Addict: Tutorials - Enjoy! DIY Dip-Dyed Shirt. Maternity Sewing Tutorials Roundup 2011. DIY Macrame Bracelet. How to Make Natural Fabric Dye. Build your own extra storage! (DIY Canned Food Organizer) Making a Khaleegy Thobe. Anthropologizing. Weekend designer. Tutorials. Elisa Loves: How To Make A Quiet Book. Pattern School.