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A Blackwork Embroidery Primer. Rissa Peace Root © 2004, 2007 , 2009 all rights reserved.

A Blackwork Embroidery Primer

First, let me say, there is some excellent information on Blackwork already available on the Internet. That said, I hope that this article can offer something of value, even if it is just a greater curiosity about Blackwork or the troubled timing of its flowering in England. Background Information The following excerpt from Lady Roxanne's Blackwork Article is one of my favorite descriptions of Blackwork: "Blackwork is black, except when it’s not.

Palestinian Embroidery - different designs. Introduction to Indian Embroidery. Palestinian Embroidery - Traditional Patterns. Undefined Traditional patterns used in Palestinian embroidery are designs of geometric shapes, but also include designs which were most familiar to Palestinian women as impressions of their daily surroundings.

Palestinian Embroidery - Traditional Patterns

These patterns symbolize good health, hope, prosperity and protection, among other attributes of positive beliefs. Depending on the region in Palestine, the patterns included representations of cypress tree, bunches of grapes, apple tree, cauliflower, cock, pigeon, rainbow, roses, birds of paradise, flower pot and extensive other such representations. Free Easy Cross, Pattern Maker, PCStitch Charts + Free Historic Old Pattern Books.