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Money Laundering Investigations in Philippines - OSI. Money Laundering Investigations Philippines Money laundering investigations Philippines is a major concern.

Money Laundering Investigations in Philippines - OSI

Since 2011, the country has been in the US State Department’s International Narcotics Control Strategy Report Volume II. The report lists major money laundering and financial crimes sites in the world. What is Money Laundering? Money laundering is any act or attempt to cover up the existence of illegally acquired funds by making them look like they came from legal sources. Strengthen your Reputation in the Business World with IPR Investigations.

Let’s face it, Intellectual Property Rights in the Philippines are wide open to abuse.

Strengthen your Reputation in the Business World with IPR Investigations

In fact, the industry has been known for significant corruption. There are thousands of IPR infringements and thousands of illicit manufacturers and major illegal importers and distributors across the country. Even though the Philippines government has progressed successfully in curbing counterfeiting on account of which it has avoided the US Trade Representative (USTR)’s annual special 301 watch list compiled for the past three years, the problem of IPR abuse has not been removed. In a recent article in the Asia Law, it has been reported that the biggest IP issue being faced today in the Philippines continues to be the proliferation of fake products.

It is high time that IP owners assume responsibility for enforcing their rights by being more vigilant. The inside of an IPR investigation provision. 5 Questions to Ask Philippines Private Detective Before Hiring. Before you hit the search button on your laptop or tablet to find a private detective service in the Philippines, it’s important to keep in mind a few things.

5 Questions to Ask Philippines Private Detective Before Hiring

Top of mind in your search to hire a private investigative agency should be to find out if the firm meets the following criteria Licensed Experienced Clean RecordGood CharacterReliableTrustworthyPrompt Honest Professional knowledge needed to conduct investigations in Southeast AsiaHighly professional staff Beautiful but risky We all know that the Philippines is a beautiful and scenic country, but unfortunately, this beauty is often disturbed by the presence of undesirable elements which is an outcome of the poverty that’s prevalent in the country.

Poverty often leads to desperation and desperate acts which are why frauds and scams are not uncommon. More often than not, your search for a private investigator will begin with a search on the Internet. What about your references? How much will you cost? How does one pay you? Disaster Management - Efficient Ways of Protecting Yourself when Crisis Occurs. What is disaster management?

Disaster Management - Efficient Ways of Protecting Yourself when Crisis Occurs

The term disaster management is defined in various ways. One of the better definitions is given below: “Disaster Management can be defined as the organization and management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, in particular, preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disasters.” Disasters, however, are not only the result of natural calamities, but they can involve any criminal, accidental and technical threat that could adversely affect a company’s interests and throw it out of gear all of a sudden. Philippines Security Risk Management, Crisis Management. Private Detective Agency Philippines- A Utility That Helps in Finding Details You Need.

Companies, persons or entities have an arduous task at hand if they’re genuinely searching for truth and facts.

Private Detective Agency Philippines- A Utility That Helps in Finding Details You Need

The truth is often as evasive as the peeping sun on a cloudy morning. But help is at hand if you are daring enough to take the decision to hire a private detective agency. It is important that before you enlist their services, you evaluate and select one that you think will best meet your requirements. Genuine security firms will work with local police, NSO, embassies as well as other government agencies to discover for you the harsh truth. Hire Private Investigators in the Philippines to Avoid Fraud. You may not be aware but studies have shown that a typical organization can lose up to 10% of its annual revenue due to fraud and the resulting litigation.

Hire Private Investigators in the Philippines to Avoid Fraud

The value of private investigators has never been clearer. In an age where access to important and confidential data could be as easy as a few mouse clicks, it is all the more crucial for organizations to hire private detectives to keep a tab on any kind of suspicious behavior or transactions within the company. A single lapse in judgment could be detrimental to your firm in more ways than one.

Here are a few reasons why you need to hire private investigators to protect against fraud: Prevent damage before it’s too late Let’s face it, investigations should preferably not start after a crime has already been committed. Be well informed at all times The more information you have available to review, the better it is for your business. Philippines Due Diligence Investigations - OSI.

Philippine Due Diligence Investigations can be time and manpower intensive for a variety of reasons, to include, but not limited to, horrendous traffic, a lower level of professionalism, a higher level of bureaucracy and occasional apathy in accessing what is supposed to be from open source, government agencies.

Philippines Due Diligence Investigations - OSI

And while “sources” may already be developed in some of the government agencies involved, they will generally not have been developed in all of them. Add to this, varied governmental records are not generally as thorough or accurate as they are in the Western World, and certainly not available electronically as many are in the West. It’s the old “shoe leather express” to, in and out of the government agencies required by our Philippines private investigators. And often times, he or she may have to cultivate someone to assist, or at least work through initial and required cultural nuances before they can get down to the matter at hand. Due Diligence – Individual Criminal Records. How to Choose a Qualified and Professional Detective for Corporate Investigations. Philippines detectives have enviable skills that you can’t find in a layman.

How to Choose a Qualified and Professional Detective for Corporate Investigations

There are detectives that work for specific industries such as insurance and law. While there are also some those specialize in corporate investigations. Whatever their expertise is, they should have the right license and registration to offer their services to the public. There are many detectives out there. Philippines Security Guard Training Services.

OSI’s Security Guard Services ensures client assets are afforded a balance of both proactive and reactive protection measures through security guard training Philippines, as well as security agency audits Philippines.

Philippines Security Guard Training Services

Private Security Agency Philippines and over all security industry continues to mature and make strides in the management of uniformed security guard services. Philippines Security and Business Intelligence Agency - OSI. Security Intelligence is the “first line of defense” to mitigating risk, particularly in Mindanao where the oil and gas, mining, agriculture, and other rural industry sector businesses are more susceptible to highly charged threat events.

Philippines Security and Business Intelligence Agency - OSI

Effective preventative measures against criminal actions and acts of terrorism depend to a large extent on the efficiency of Security Intelligence Collections within the security program. Intelligence is input into the investigation and analysis that should be used to identify adverse political developments or outright security threats before they turn urgent. It is the aim of providing the authority and means for the regular and effective collection, processing, storage, retrieval, and exchange of information relating to persons and organizations reasonably suspected of engaging in or likely to engage in certain specified violent, intimidatory, or subversive conduct such as the CPP-NPA, MILF and ASG. with Mindanao in the Southern Philippines.

Tips For Finding a Right Private Investigation Company For Your Needs. The right information at the right time - if in the wrong hands could lead to serious consequences to a business or a corporate. It could be the only difference between your success and failure. Philippines Security Consulting Services - OSI. Disaster Management – Importance of Emergency Planning for Safety.

If something can go wrong, some day it will – and this is exactly why a lot of emphasis is placed on emergency planning. Emergencies always come unannounced and it’s our preparedness for such situations that ensures our safety. Emergency situations can arise due to a number of factors such as natural disasters, mistakes or negligence and generally occur when we least expect them. If we aren’t prepared, the results are heart wrenching, devastating and damaging. Philippines Private Investigators - OSI.