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Why perform a Communication audit? What is a communication audit?

Why perform a Communication audit?

Why should you evaluate your communication? How to proceed to carry out a diagnosis and improve your company’s communication practices? Here is an analysis tool to take stock of your communication and understand what are the strengths and weaknesses of your brand message. Communication is central for companies: it consists in highlighting its brand. Brain-netting: brainstorm online. A new project is coming up, and you absolutely must bring your team together to work on the subject.

Brain-netting: brainstorm online

Yes, but here it is, your collaborators are spread out geographically or by telecommuting, and you cannot manage to bring them all together in the same place at the same time, if not at great expense. Don’t torture your mind anymore … organize a Brain-netting! What is Brain-netting? Many managers now lead virtual teams, some of whom – sometimes all – are geographically distant. Also called online brainstorming-brain-netting is a collective thinking technique carried out in a dematerialized way using shared digital tools. Bram Cohen: The instigator of BitTorrent. Bram Cohen was born in New York in 1975.

Bram Cohen: The instigator of BitTorrent

This son of a computer scientist and a teacher quickly became passionate about computers. At the age of five, he already started learning programming on his mother’s computer. More at ease with mathematics and computers than in human relationships, he is continually subjected to bullying by his classmates, but that does not prevent him from shining at school. In 1993, he even joined the University at Buffalo but left the study after a year.

He then began to work for companies in the web sector, but still having trouble in human relations, he did not adapt well to business life and had to change employers regularly. Develop your spirit of synthesis. How to choose your Key performance indicators? Key performance indicators are the stars of dashboards and excellent tools for steering an activity or an action plan and ensuring that teams are making their efforts in the same direction.

How to choose your Key performance indicators?

What is a performance indicator? These indicators deliver relevant quantified information for decision-makers to measure and evaluate the results of one or more actions. They also make it possible to follow the evolution of performance and analyze a present situation. They are used at different levels of business. Top 9 Business Lessons from Fallon Carrington Colby. Netflix offers us a remake of the series “Dynasty“ of the eighties.

Top 9 Business Lessons from Fallon Carrington Colby

The first two seasons are available on Netflix, and season 3 started on October 11 on The CW Television Network. The series has been updated with modern references that combine passion, business, and determination. The central character Fallon Carrington Colby is a determined girl that nothing can stop. She is a source of inspiration for any woman wanting to lead her business to success. In this article, we will bestow you the 9 lessons that teach us this heroine who is afraid of nothing and who crosses all obstacles to achieve success. 1. The character of Fallon Carrington Colby will decide to create its business based on her businesswoman skills.

If you want to start a business and reach the ultimate success, you have to bet 100% on your person. 2. You will meet many pitfalls on your way because life is a permanent test. 3. Fallon Carrington thinks, eats, dreams, and lives for his business! 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Business and crisis communication: how to inform? Entrepreneurs: all you need to know about naming. Holacracy and new forms of business governance.

Choose your bedding well to sleep better. Before going into the heart of the matter, did you know that according to scientific studies, 7 to 8 hours of sleep are necessary for adults to regenerate?

Choose your bedding well to sleep better

No one is alike; some will need less sleep, others more. But to sleep better, you must choose your bedding and precisely that is what we will see in this article. Change your bedding every 8 or 10 years Several studies have demonstrated the integral link played by bedding on the quality of sleep. Among them, a study conducted in 2010 consolidates this assertion of more restful sleep with new bedding. Micro-alarm clocks are also half as frequent, resulting in better recovery, healthy awakenings and less daytime sleepiness. Your heart stays healthy The risk of developing heart problems increases with lack of rest. Sleeping little leads to the production of hormones by our body, which has harmful consequences over time. Less risk of weight gain While you sleep, you produce a hormone called ghrelin. Connected objects as the last resort. Business conflict management. What is corporate conflict management?

Business conflict management

What is the correct posture to adopt in an event of conflict and how to anticipate this type of situation? AMIGAMAG brings you ways of reflection to improve the relationship between the different actors of your business. In a professional environment, the human factor can be the source of more or less significant disagreements. It will be a question of preventing them and putting an end to them while working for a serene working environment. No miracle method can guarantee that your teams, your customers, your suppliers or your partners will never confront you with the difficulty of managing a conflicting professional relationship.

However, it is quite possible to learn to anticipate and react appropriately so that the situation calms down quickly. Inbound marketing strategy. What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing strategy

And what are the benefits of inbound strategies? First, a few definitions: Inbound marketing is a particular form of marketing that consists of naturally attracting the customer to oneself, rather than soliciting him by explicit communication messages. PESTEL analysis - marketing strategy. To ensure the excellent development and sustainability of your business, the mistake you should not make is to focus primarily on the quality of your products and services.

PESTEL analysis - marketing strategy

You should also pay close attention to the effectiveness of your development strategy. The latter must be designed, taking into account the macro-economic environment in which your structure operates. To guarantee the quality of your analysis, we strongly recommend the use of the PESTEL analysis. This tool allows you to assess the influence of various factors such as policy on the activity of your company and completes the SWOT matrix, used in internal and external diagnostics of an organization, and the development of marketing strategy… Intrapreneur and intrapreneurship. Initiated by Gifford Pinchot in the 70s and experimented within the Foresight Group in Sweden, this – almost – new way of organizing work is being talked about at Google, where, under the impetus of a few intrapreneur employees, it has enabled to create Gmail messaging.

Intrapreneur and intrapreneurship

We also saw it at work at Sony, where it gave birth to Ken Kutaragi’s PlayStation. What is intrapreneurship? The concept differs from entrepreneurship, which aims to create value, whether it is material (resources, employment, wealth) or non-profit. You can say that this is rarely the case, where the corporate culture tends to stick to its rigid management mode for fear of negatively impacting its success. The term intrapreneurship, popularized by Steve Jobs in Newsweek in 1985 when he referred to it about the Macintosh company, indicates a practice of acceleration of projects, transformation, and innovation within society (open innovation), which creates new value. Growth strategy for business - The Ansoff matrix. The Ansoff matrix (sometimes called the Ansoff grid ) appeared for the first time in an article by Igor Ansoff, written in 1957.

This document suggested that the strategy for marketing products or services emanated from a synergy between four growth sectors: To go further, this theory forces leaders to rethink their organization in the long term. Indeed, they cannot stick to the status quo, even when the activity seems sustainable. They must continuously find new ways to increase their profits and reach new customers. What is success? How to create or strengthen your Brand image? 5 levers. Growth strategies - which one to choose? Recognize the right opportunities when you are an entrepreneur.