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The Importance of Continuous Learning. Education is a non-stop activity that should go on for as long as a person is interested to learn.

The Importance of Continuous Learning

From the moment we are kids, we have been absorbing information, and the sum of all those experiences is who we are today. To be better persons, we need to accumulate more experiences and more knowledge than we currently have. No matter the profession, this truth holds. Even for those in the medical field. Especially for those in the medical field. Preparing for Community Emergencies. There is little to no notice when disasters or accidents happen in your neighborhood or community, no matter how peaceful it may seem.

Preparing for Community Emergencies

Some of these accidents can be severe. They can be severe enough to warrant emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia. The community as a whole should come together to prepare and plan for such emergencies. While companies like can provide reliable medical transportation in Georgia during disasters and emergencies, it still pays to prepare for them. While we believe that it is necessary to get expert advice from us to have a proper plan, here’s what the community can do to get things started: Organize a local accident or disaster response team. After getting started, we can help review the community plan and make professional recommendations. Here's How You Can Test Your Disaster Preparedness. Disasters strike at the most inopportune moments.

Here's How You Can Test Your Disaster Preparedness

And if you are unprepared, not only do you risk your life, but also the lives of people around you. So if your company doesn’t have a disaster preparedness plan already set in place, it’s time to start planning on it. Staying Calm and Composed During Emergencies. What may not get the best of us during emergencies is getting panicked over the entire stressful situation.

Staying Calm and Composed During Emergencies

Just like our team at AmeriPro EMS, we respond to emergencies by not letting panic overwhelm everyone anymore. As we have seen in our emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia, staying calm can help save lives and alleviate the pressing situation. Panic can cloud our judgment or thinking during these situations, adding more problems to the crises. Quick and Efficient Disaster Response. Whenever disaster strikes, may it be a naturally occurring physical phenomenon, a man-made disaster, or a hybrid disaster, which is a combination of both, it certainly leaves enormous damage to the society and affects hundreds to thousands of people.

Quick and Efficient Disaster Response

Although some of them are predictable, others are usually not. That is why our emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia, is always on standby to respond when disasters occur. It is our belief here at AmeriPro EMS to improve the quality of life by providing efficient and quick response time. By doing so, we increase the chance of survival for those individuals affected or hit by disasters.

Our well-trained and highly skilled drivers who maneuver our brand new wheeled coach ambulance service in Atlanta ensure a high-speed yet safe transportation of all patients. Prompt and Efficient Medical Emergency Services. An emergency is an unexpected situation that can pose a threat and endanger the life of an individual.

Prompt and Efficient Medical Emergency Services

It is often a dangerous situation that calls for immediate action to prevent the situation from worsening. Quick Response for Heart Attacks Before EMS Arrives. When an individual experiences a heart attack, they either have chest pains for more than 15 minutes or they don’t have symptoms at all.

Quick Response for Heart Attacks Before EMS Arrives

However, it’s important to know that there are other symptoms of heart attack as well, such as constant discomfort or pain in the neck or jaw, indigestion, and nausea, among others. When this happens, you need to stay calm and take charge. The Payoffs of Medical Transportation. Nowadays, many healthcare companies choose to provide medical transportation in Georgia as they are protected by the safe harbor legislation enacted by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services.

The Payoffs of Medical Transportation

Experts have predicted that one of the big changes in the industry is the increase of medical trips covered by Medicaid or other insurance providers as healthcare providers see the benefits of this service. According to reports, the US healthcare transportation service market is expected to reach 31.51 billion USD globally by 2026. So what are the payoffs to medical transportation in the health care industry exactly? A Brief Dive into Triple-K Ambulance Compliance. A Triple-K Compliance or simply “the Triple K” actually refers to a document called the KKK-A1822.

A Brief Dive into Triple-K Ambulance Compliance

The document is outlined with ambulance regulations by the General Services Administration (GSA) as advised by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), a global organization in charge of developing the “best practices” in the industries of automotive, commercial, and even aerospace vehicles. For providers of ambulance service in Atlanta like us at AmeriPro EMS, we believe that such compliances are not only beneficial to our clients and our crew members working in the field, they are also telling of our higher commitment to making the industry a safer place all around. This commitment is particularly striking when you consider that while Triple-K standards are the most widely used, it is not a federal mandate to adopt any standard. Safety Measures During the COVID-19 Crisis. As the COVID-19 crisis progresses, providers of ambulance service in Atlanta must comply with the safety procedures laid by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure a prompt, effective, and efficient emergency response.

Safety Measures During the COVID-19 Crisis

PPE for Front LinersHealth agencies recommend using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers when caring for COVID-19 patients:An emergency response team should wear facemasks in every operation. Are the Professional’s Certificates Up to Date? In any emergency medical transportation company, it’s important to have professionals that are certified to do the job right. Emergency medical service (EMS) can be physically demanding. Hence, it requires focus and competency in various medical and traumatic emergencies. The professional must also make good decisions under pressure to lessen the severity of the condition.

As a provider of emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia, AmeriPro EMS stresses the importance of having our professionals undergo recertification so that we can meet the standards set by the healthcare industry. Not only that, but recertification also means: Our professionals can sharpen their skills and broaden their knowledge on improving patient care on the job. Critical Care Transport: Patient, Team, Agency. When patients’ medical needs are far greater than the available resources, they need to be transported to other places that meet their needs. Patients in critical care conditions need medical transportation in Georgia that can facilitate and maintain the critical and urgent care that they require. Critical care transport staff must have advanced and specialized knowledge and experience to provide the quality of critical care that the patient needs. As providers of emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia, they should also have the diagnostic and interventional capabilities as well as equipment and therapeutics to be able to care for their patients while on transport.

The critical care team must possess the right decision-making skills in the assessment and support of complex patient conditions such as active or potential organ failure. What to Do When Caught in an Active Shooter Situation. An active shooter situation is something that cannot be predicted easily. You usually have only one to five minutes warning of time before the shooter starts rocking and rolling with his guns.

What’s important, however, is that you know how to react properly and safely. Your first instinct, of course, should be to dial emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia, for help. However, that’s not the proper first action to take, if you want to survive the shooting incident. First, you need to get away as far as possible from the shooter. If you are far from an emergency exit but quite close to the path of the shooter, find a location where you can barricade yourself and hide. Discover Interesting Facts About Paramedic Training. As providers of first-response emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia, paramedic training is necessary to qualify for the role.

Working as a paramedic is a highly rewarding career as well, with an average pay of $34,300 per year and a projected growth rate of up to 7% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. To qualify for paramedic training, students need to accomplish their high school diploma along with several other requirements. To learn more, AmeriPro EMS, a leading provider of medical transportation in Georgia, will share interesting facts about paramedic training below. To work as a paramedic, you must complete several stages of training after earning your high school diploma.

This includes a certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and completing an EMT-basic program. Despite common belief, paramedics actually have less autonomy in comparison with other jobs in the field, such as registered nurses. Community Paramedicine: An Overview. What is community paramedicine? Community paramedicine is a relatively new, evolving program in the healthcare industry.

Important Tips to Remember in Case of Fire. How to Prepare for Impending Disaster. When you take a look at what’s on the news lately, it’s almost impossible not to see or read about disastrous events occurring all around the world. Sometimes news anchors will even tell citizens to prepare for the worst. What to Look for in a Medical Transportation Company.

Will Dialysis Give You Discomfort? Dialysis is the life-saving treatment for individuals going through kidney diseases. Some dialysis treatments are temporary while most are for a lifetime. This is a process that replaces the function of the kidney. Because it is an intervention, it also means that the patient is not in good physical condition. Who You Should Put in Your Emergency List. Nobody wants to be in a life-or-death situation, and yet, these events still happen. 4 Signs of Professionalism in Medical Transportation. Types of Medical Transportation. Planning for a Disaster: Crucial Education and Training. Medical Support for Events: How Can We Help? Tips to Better Prepare Your Family for Emergencies. The most crucial aspect of efficiently handling emergencies is communication. In a scenario where you’re fighting for survival, communicating and listening may not sound like the most reliable techniques, but they can actually save your life.

Sadly, however, they are most often overlooked. Disaster Response Tips to Keep in Mind. 5 Disaster Response Tips You Can Use. 5 Pointers for Your Active Shooter Response Plan. What Can You Expect from Emergency Medical Services? Do You Need Emergency Medical Services? Your Ultimate Checklist for Finding the Best NEMT Services. How Can EMT Services Help You Maintain Your Independence. Medical Transportation. Emergency Medical Services. Making the Right Decisions for EMS Transport. A Guide to Safe Medical Transportation.