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Top 5 Home tips for Winter Weather. Thanksgiving ace. Get Your Home Ready for Cold Weather. Protecting your home from severe cold is vital.

Get Your Home Ready for Cold Weather

Frozen water pipes can burst and flood your house and cause thousands of dollars in damages . If an ice dam forms in your gutter, it could cause water to seep into an interior wall. Winter weather can be rough on a house, take these steps to protect your home from freezing temperatures and water damage. Protect Your Pipes: Before the temperature drops significantly, make sure you drain water from outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems.Protect water pipes that run through unheated areas of your home with insulation.

Get Your Home Ready for Cold Weather. Inexpensive Home Maintenance Projects. (BPT) – Home maintenance.

Inexpensive Home Maintenance Projects

The very words might evoke thoughts of an entire weekend spent laboring at home instead of relaxing in it, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. “Not every home maintenance project has to be a large undertaking or one that takes up all of your free time,” said Christopher O’Rourke, Mercury Insurance vice president of property claims. “There are small weekend projects that can save you time, worry and money in the long run.” Here are six home maintenance projects you can do this weekend that will save you the headache of costly repairs later on. Clean refrigerator coils To keep your refrigerator properly working, it’s best to clean the coolant coils every six months. Coolant coils, which can be located on the back or bottom of the refrigerator, keep warm air out. Four simple DIY tips to spruce up your home. (BPT) – After spending more time than normal in our houses this past year, a home décor refresh can be both tempting and daunting.

Four simple DIY tips to spruce up your home

Simple and quick DIY solves — such as a quick paint swap or small appliance changes — have the ability to transform a space without the cost and time commitment of a full renovation. Refresh a space with new paint Replace cold, bright colors with warm greys, whites and beiges that complement the surrounding space. Textured paint finishes like metallic stripes, sandstone, mixed-shaped rectangles or brushed suede can draw the eye to various focal points of a room for added flair. Renovating your home? Don't forget the heating and cooling system. (BPT) – As the pandemic continues to keep many Americans in their houses, home improvement projects are on the rise.

Renovating your home? Don't forget the heating and cooling system

With long durations of time spent at home, more homeowners value a comfortable and functional living space. Today, renovation and repair are preferred by 61% of people over relocation. One key aspect of creating a comfortable, connected and healthier home is its heating and cooling system. There are multiple considerations in implementing temperature and airflow control as part of a home improvement project: More than half of homes in the U.S. were built before 1980.

American Claims Ensurance Public Adjusters. Whenever you make a residential or commercial property damage claim with the insurance company, it will be very beneficial to you if you hire the service of an experienced and state licensed Public Adjuster.

American Claims Ensurance Public Adjusters

Generally, the tendency of the insurers will be to make the policy holder agree to a lower amount against your property damage claim. Even if the claim is of a serious nature such as; fire, severe storm or flood, most insurance companies will try their best to reduce the amount of compensation for the benefit of the insurance company. In many cases, the person who makes the property damage claim may not have a clear idea of the amount they should be compensated, and in most of the cases there may not be an immediate precedent. In such situations, a Public Adjuster can effectively represent you in front of the insurers and correctly argue for you based on the terms of the policy, state laws and regulations. Compensated by the policy holder. Hurricane Ida Property Damage Claims in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Property Damage from Summer Storms? Public Adjuster 101: The Appraisal. The Insurance Code in every state requires that the appraisal condition be contained in every homeowner or business policy.

Public Adjuster 101: The Appraisal

It is critical for the insured to understand the appraisal process, so they can utilize the process if their insurance company underpays them. Below is an excerpt from a homeowner’s policy that outlines appraisal: Appraisal. If you and we fail to agree on the actual cash value, amount of loss, or cost of repair or replacement, either can make a written demand for appraisal. Each will then select a competent, independent, appraiser and notify the other of the appraiser’s identity within 20 days of receipt of the written demand. So, what does appraisal actually mean? It is actually an independent arbitration.

After the two appraisers are named they are responsible for choosing an umpire. In actuality, appraisal is used to provide a simple, fair, and inexpensive method to determine the amount of the loss. How to Protect Yourself Before a Property Loss. From fire damages and busted pipes to vandalism and blown off shingles & siding—property losses are unpredictable and often take place without warning.

How to Protect Yourself Before a Property Loss

As long as you have property insurance, though, everything should be just fine when damages occur, right? Wrong. Many home and business owners fail to recognize the possibility that their insurance company might not completely honor exactly what’s written in their policy. Consider the five tips listed below, which will effectively assist you in obtaining the entitlements you deserve following a loss: Create an Inventory List.

Do You have Hurricane Damage? 3 Ways You Could Be Denied Insurance Coverage. Insurance companies often have a reputation for discovering ways to avoid compensating policyholders after property damages occur.

3 Ways You Could Be Denied Insurance Coverage

A lot of policies are actually written with a number of exclusions, contingencies and clauses that help insurers slip out of their obligations to pay a claim. Here are 3 reasons why your insurance company might hold out on distributing payments, and advice on how to prevent this from happening: Facts About Closed and Rejected Insurance Claims.

If you’ve filed an insurance claim, and it didn’t go quite the way you had imagined, you’re probably feeling frustrated.

Facts About Closed and Rejected Insurance Claims

We get that. But, you might as well just forget about it now, because all is said and done, and the claim is rejected or closed, so there’s nothing you can do now, right? Wrong. 5 tips to create an eco-friendly home. (BPT) – With sustainable practices top of mind and a revived shift toward conscious consumption, Americans everywhere are seeking ways to lead a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

5 tips to create an eco-friendly home

From saving water to reducing energy usage, these are the top five ways to go green for the environment and your wallet. What does it mean to go green? 2021 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Bosch home appliances defines this as the commitment to empowering consumers with more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible products. Leading an eco-friendly lifestyle starts within the home. Help avoid the swallowing lithium coin batteries by children. Simple steps to help protect young children from accidentally swallowing lithium coin batteries: (BPT) – People are spending more time in their homes, and there are devices everywhere, like remotes, key fobs and thermometers that may include small lithium coin batteries that can be a hidden danger. While lithium coin batteries are important for providing the power necessary for certain devices to function properly, many people don’t realize these batteries, if ingested, can be dangerous to young children.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 20mm lithium coin batteries are associated with serious injuries because they are about the same size as a child’s esophagus and as a result can get lodged in their throat and burn through the surrounding tissue. Lithium coin batteries can lead to serious damage of a child’s esophagus in a short period of time and can burn a hole through the tissue in as little as two hours. Top 5 Sustainable Backyard Improvements. (BPT) – One in three consumers say they have increased their efforts to incorporate environmentally friendly practices, and 70% prefer to purchase eco-friendly products, according to a recent Trusted Media Brands survey.

Some of the easiest first steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle can be taken right in your own backyard. Create an outdoor oasis with these simple and sustainable tips – minimal green thumb required. 1) Save time – and water – with low-maintenance landscaping. Plant the seed for a hassle-free backyard by planting perennials or shrubs, which require minimal upkeep. ACE Summer Storms. Pressure Washer Tips for a Sparkling Property. (BPT) – As you’ve been spending more time at home lately, you’ve probably found things around your house and yard that aren’t as clean as they used to be. Depending on where you live, you may be eyeing many of these cleaning projects and putting them on your to-do list as summer is well underway, or you may be itching to get at them right away.

Unfortunately, some of these areas are really difficult to clean, and some of the problem spots are very tough to reach, too – which may explain why they’ve gotten in such rough shape. Protecting Your Home from Water Damage. Around our area of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, water damage is nothing new to any of us. Especially because we see hurricanes occasionally, generously mixed with a large share of severe thunderstorms and flash flooding. Top all of that with an icy, snowy winter that leaves ice and thick snow everywhere in its path. Here are some tips to protect your home and property from costly water damage.

Make Sure Your Drainage is in Working Order When water builds up, that is when the bulk of water damage occurs. Property Coverage Tips after a Storm. What is the Best Time to hire a Public Adjuster? It seems many insureds are not aware that hiring a public adjuster is an option. Keep Your Shingles on the Roof! It’s the time of year again when you can expect frequent thunderstorms and high winds. American Claims Ensurance Public Adjusters. 5 Ways to Prevent Spring Storm Damage. For homeowners, spring can be a beautiful time of the year, but damaging spring storms can spring up at any time and if your property is not prepared, springtime can be costly. The Benefits of a Backup Generator. Backup generators provide power to a home or business during power outages. 5 Tips to Get Your HVAC System Spring Ready.

Filing A New Property Damage Claim? As leading public adjuster firm for the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas, we’re fully aware of how many steps are to be considered when filing a new property damage insurance claims. Most homeowners, however, don’t have the chance or the time to look into the specifics on how all various intricacies affect the process. Property Insurance and Liability Insurance Explained. ACE Snow & Ice Damage. Storm Damage? We Get You Paid! Nasdaq. Happy new year - We are still open. Frozen Pipe Prevention. With cold temperatures comes freezing pipes and possibly water damage. The first sign of a frozen pipe is reduced water flow. A frozen pipe will not always crack or burst, so thawing it out slowly is your best bet. Here are some tips for avoiding costly damage from frozen pipes. Know the location of your water shut-off valve and test it regularly. If a pipe breaks, you won’t want to have to find it then or, worse, wait for someone to arrive at your place to find it for you.

Hail and Wind Property Damage Tips for Homeowners - American Claims Ensurance. After a major wind or hail storm has hit your property, it can be very apparent that your home is in need of minor or even major repairs. Missing shingles, damaged siding, cracked or blown out windows, are some of the effects of hundreds or even thousands of balls of ice being pelted against your home, not to mention the relentless wind.

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5 Tips to Help Prevent Storm Damage. If you have recently suffered property damage due to storms, please call American Claims Ensurance at 800-204-2463, put your claim in our hands. How to Handle Sewage Backups - American Claims Ensurance. The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters - American Claims Ensurance. HAVE YOU SUFFERED RECENT STORM DAMAGE TO YOUR PROPERTY? Do Air Purifiers Remove Mold Spores? - American Claims Ensurance. ACE (Flood Water Damage) 7 Washing Machine Water Damage Prevention Tips - American Claims Ensurance.

Backup Generator Benefits

The Benefits of a Backup Generator - American Claims Ensurance. The Insurance Claim Process. American Claims Ensurance. Wind and hail damage claims, we get you paid!! American claims ensurance storm damage. American Claims Ensurance Public Adjusters. Can You Prepare Your Own Property Damage Claim ? Can You Prepare Your Own Property Damage Claim ? - We are still open ace public adjusters philadelphia. Workplace Fire Safety Tips - American Claims Ensurance. Backyard Dangers to Avoid this Summer - American Claims Ensurance. Do Air Purifiers Remove Mold Spores? - American Claims Ensurance. We Get You Paid - COVID-19 - Propert Damage Claims. Happy ST Patrick's Day from American Claims Ensurance - For Added Security, Try Aluminum Doors and Windows - American Claims Ensurance.

Do Public Adjusters Really Represent You? American Claims Ensurance. The Benefits of a Backup Generator - American Claims Ensurance. Get Your Home Ready for Cold Weather - American Claims Ensurance. American claims ensurane claims adjusters pa nj happy new years. Low Cost Tips to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter Season - American Claims Ensurance. Happy Holidays from American Claims Ensurance - Untitled. Why American Claims Ensurance. American Claims Ensurance Public Adjusters. American Claims Ensurance Public Adjusters. Top Ways You Can Avoid Frozen Pipes this Winter.