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America Guide

America Guide is an ultimate blog guide for traveling destinations around the world know more about the facts of places in America before physically visiting them.

Thanksgiving Day in America. Thanksgiving Day in America is a non-denominational holiday celebrated to “give thanks” to closed family and friends at the end of the harvest season.

Thanksgiving Day in America

This year, it is being celebrated on 28th November, Thursday with loads of turkey, football, turtle necks, latte, naps and cranberry sauce. Squabbling over politics and Fantasy Football with one’s extended family at the dinner table, while stuffing the turkey, Brussel sprouts and potatoes, is just a typical way of celebrating the holiday. Hit the road this time and call it the best thanksgiving ever! Here’s our way of celebrating Thanksgiving Day at one of the most pleasing destinations. Chicago, Illinois Are you a bit sad that you missed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade? The weather is cold but the city is warm. Picture Credits Fineas Anton Miami Beach, Florida Winter barely bothers Florida as the temperature hardly falls down to 70 degrees.

A number of esthetic restaurants will give you a memorable culinary experience. Miami Beach by Kian Lem. Guide dogs of America. Guide dogs of America are a service or assistance dogs that help blind and partially blind people around obstacles and other hurdles.

Guide dogs of America

The dogs are trained to direct the visually impaired handler from one place to another, safely. Los Angeles Travel Guide. Los Angeles is the largest city in California and a centre of art, entertainment, beaches, history, music, glamour and heavy traffic.

Los Angeles Travel Guide

If you like to explore the city and its attractions on your own, its better you take your own vehicle because despite being the second largest city of the United States, public transport isn’t quite extensive. We will talk about the Los Angeles Travel Guide in detail in this article. The first thing that comes into the brains of first-time visitors is the Hollywood Tour. You get to see the Iconic Hollywood sign closely. Take the Studio Tour and get a chance to meet the fascinating characters in person. Top 20 best cocktails in Los Angeles Beaches For those who love water, Venice Beach is the best spot. Best Casinos in the United States. Is this just me or everyone else thinks of gambling when you hear the word Casino?

Best Casinos in the United States

And this might be one of the reasons that most of the people are a bit reluctant to visit one. A few of us know that there’s a wide range of other exciting activities that you can enjoy at a casino. Casinos in the United States provide great entertainment and quality time with friends and colleagues. Pour your money in Blackjack, Three card poker, Texas Hold’EM Poker, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps. America Guide - Ultimate Guide to America for Traveller. Vacations in America is always a dream for many.

America Guide - Ultimate Guide to America for Traveller

America is a country one never gets bored of (or you can say even boring people don’t stay the same boring) because of its diversity in a tourist attraction. From busy streets in New York, a place where you see humans of every race, culture and ethnicity intermingled beautifully in a mosaic manner. Inviting tourist from all over the world to nature’s recreational areas with breath-taking views, lakes and rivers running beside intertwining hiking trails. World-known theme and natural parks always draw the attention of families especially with children Visiting America for the first time. “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us” For Young Blood and lively grown-ups to meet their Celebrity Crush Los Angeles, one of the topmost visited cities because of the billion dollars film industry, Hollywood, and for its famous Lakers Basketball activities (a chance to see your favourite celebrity). Nature Lover? Top 20 Best Beaches to Visit In the USA.

Best America beaches: summer is here and it’s officially beach season!

Top 20 Best Beaches to Visit In the USA

Since, everyone wants to spend their vacations lying down on cool white sand under the summer sun (away from dishwashing and the usual chores) the US has some really serene, clean and exquisite beaches for you and your family to spend their summer breaks. Moreover, there are beaches that you can visit throughout the year. So, if you miss a chance to pay a visit this summer, you can take a trip to America in winters luckily. Clearwater, Florida As the name gives a hint, this beach has perfectly clear water and snow-white sand adding to the beauty of this beach. Miami, Florida. Complete Guided Tour for NYC. New York City Guide is for all the people who are interested in a city with irresistible art, historical galleries, high-end boutiques and shopping areas, skyscrapers and lit nightlife.

Complete Guided Tour for NYC

New York opens its arms wide enough to welcome everyone and provides feasts to all. NYC is famous for its sunlit mornings and neon-lit nights. Tourists and natives find a number of attractions as the city never sleeps at night. The city impresses all with its divine and delicious dining services and wholesome restaurants. The preservation of arts, culture and heritage is just unmatchable. How to spend a week in New York City Coolest Things to do in NYC at night Board a Ferry Don’t miss the chance to watch the evening lights and mesmerizing Manhattan skyline.

Let Jazz penetrate your soul Let your soul enjoy the K2 Friday Night. Watch NYC as it comes to life at night Sometimes good music and a peaceful sight after a busy day are all you need.