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Amelia Rose

If you don’t think healthcare is about power, you haven’t been paying attention.

Personal Space Clothing: Social Distancing Signage. COVID Vaccine and Social Distancing. The COVID-19 vaccine and social distancing are a one-two punch that can help take down the pandemic (worldwide epidemic) for good, but likely leave us having to vaccinate against it for the long-haul.

COVID Vaccine and Social Distancing

We all know that the regular measures against infectious diseases advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the majority of Americans have observed during the COVID-19 outbreak, wearing face masks, socially distancing, and frequent hand washing, are all necessary as the vaccine rolls out across the country. While the Moderna and Pfizer BioNTech vaccines are 94 – 95% effective, data concerning how they influence asymptomatic transmission is still being assessed.

While new mutations of the virus are emerging from the U.K., Brazil, and South Africa, experts are already working toward assessing and adjusting vaccines to also protect against novel strains of COVID-19. The process of vaccinating the American population will take months. Why Isn’t the Vaccine 100% Effective? Social distancing T-shirt.

Germaphobes and Personal Space. Social Space. Wellness T-Shirt for social distancing and personal space. Social distancing clothing. Free social distancing signage. Give space: Social Distancing Clothing To Help Signal Your Need for Personal Space. Social Distancing Accessories. How will the Personal Space Scarf/Headband actually give space?

Social Distancing Accessories

All of the give space Peach personal space clothing is designed to give you the space you need to heal or to be. The Peach is our caring symbol, kindly telling others to give space to those with sensitivities. It helps promote a healthy balance of social interaction and self-preservation. NOW as a non-medical mouth cover, it can help us keep our germs to ourselves and reduce the sharing of the virus. As things settle, anyone wearing the scarf can point to the Peach symbol as someone approaches and say, “I have the ‘give space Peach’ to let people know I need physical space right now.”

The Peach symbol is also a good reminder to the wearer that they are healing and/or sensitive and need to be careful. Respect Personal space by amelia rose. Innovative Patient Clothing For Touch Sensitive Or Immunocompromised Patients. Personal Trainer "Perfect shirt to use regardless if you're in the gym or doing your daily tasks!

Innovative Patient Clothing For Touch Sensitive Or Immunocompromised Patients

The only t-shirt I've been comfortable using in the gym and as a personal trainer, it's nice to have a kind symbol that lets me have one hour to myself without as many disruptions! " Personal Trainer Dr. Julia Chapman "Any human has the right to be able to say, 'Hey, I love you, but I can't be that close.'" Gynecological Oncologist Dr. "When someone has a serious illness, others want to comfort with hugs and touch, but sometimes that is not the best way to help. Hospice and Palliative Care Specialist Jenny Wilner "As a breast cancer survivor, I have a weakened immune system. Breast Cancer Survivor Aubrey I.

A Few Degrees of Separation: Good Day LA, The Ellen Show, the Lakers, and Kevin Hart - For the Love of Peach. As we share the ‘give space’ message with the world, it is resonating with more and more people, from regular families to celebrities.

A Few Degrees of Separation: Good Day LA, The Ellen Show, the Lakers, and Kevin Hart - For the Love of Peach

While celebrities may have accepted that being in the public eye is the price of their fame, sometimes they too need space. A few degrees of separation helped us to share our message and raise awareness of a life-threatening issue. In November, I was interviewed for a ‘give space’ segment on Good Day LA. The interviewer, Carla Conrad, was outstanding. Personal space clothing. What Do I Do With My Hugs? by amelia rose. Personal Space Awareness & Clothing. National Personal Space Day Nov 30. Give space apparel and accessories. Wellness clothing.