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Amelia Roberts

Amelia Roberts has spent over more than seven years in the call center outsourcing industry. She has acquired such phenomenal and formidable expertise that her advice and judgment are sought by most of the CEO and Managers of reputed firms.

How IVR transforms the quality of customer experience? Customer experience is essential in current competitive climate as customers will shift to another brand if their experience related to customer support is poor.

How IVR transforms the quality of customer experience?

In fact, Harris Interactive reported that 89 percent of customers went to another firm after receiving bad customer experience. Therefore, companies must focus on streamlining IVR to give best time to their customers. The interactive voice response (IVR) accounts for 27 percent of total call experience, as reported by the firm JD Power & Associates. This fact sheds light on the importance of IVR in the customer care department. Latest technology trends in outsourcing call centers.

Phenomenon like focus on customer experience and self-service portals have given rise to multiple technological trends in contact centers.

Latest technology trends in outsourcing call centers

Customer loyalty lies at the heart of these trends due to which they guarantee long term survival of brands that implement them. Following are some essential technological trends, which are becoming popular in outsourcing call centers. Analytics to improve customer support Customer support agents are able to reply as per the moods of customers with the help of call center analytics.

This has made the customer care more personalized due to which customers are becoming loyal for the organization. Everything you need to know about email customer support. Major aspects related to future of call center industry. Call center industry across the globe has seen a noticeable change with the launch of new startups and changing behavior of consumers.

Major aspects related to future of call center industry

This has forced the call center service providers to implement numerous management strategies and technological solutions in order to streamline the services. The contemporary changes in call center working give us a brief idea on how the industry will look like in the future. 8 must have features in a telecom billing software. Billing is one of the most crucial operations in telecom services industry.

8 must have features in a telecom billing software

Companies can present themselves as a prestigious brand if they utilize effective billing software. The complexities arising in the smartphone technology along with increase in the number of telecom service providers demands the companies to use a robust system for billing process. Here are some major features associated with telecom billing software that are essential for effective billing operations. How to design contact center outsourcing RFP (Request for Proposal)? Once the company decides to outsource the call center process, choosing the right vendor and communicating all the needs become the next important steps.

How to design contact center outsourcing RFP (Request for Proposal)?

Creating a fine Request for Quote (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP) ensures that you are able to screen the right outsourcing vendor that matches your requirements. Also, it provides a detailed picture of your needs to the vendor that ensures that process runs smoothly in the future. 9 live chat tips to improve performance of customer support. Sixty three percent of online customers told that they are more likely to come back to a website which provides live chat support, as per marketing research firm Forrester.

9 live chat tips to improve performance of customer support

You may wonder what makes the live chat support so important. These major benefits will answer this question effectively: Solving queries immediately turns various website visitors into customersThis process is economical as compared to phone supportCustomers can ask questions immediately while browsing a websiteCustomers feel more comfortable and satisfied which boosts loyalty towards companyIt gives you an edge over the competitorsCustomers can handle multiple customers simultaneously Simply offering chat support to customers does not guarantee all these benefits. You have to work smartly and need to apply multiple techniques to generate maximum perks from this process.

Check these surefire chat support tips that will definitely help you in becoming a trusted brand among customers. Tip #3: Slangs are a strict no-no. How customer service department can handle angry customers? 10 major metrics associated with call center outsourcing firms. If you are looking to outsource customer support for your firm, it is imperative to have a basic knowledge of call center metrics.

10 major metrics associated with call center outsourcing firms

This will help you in choosing the service provider that uses most optimum call center metrics in its processes to improve the level of customer satisfaction. Call center metrics can be generally defined as measurement criteria used for analyzing the level of customer support and agent performance in a call center organization.

We have listed major call center metrics along with their importance in the process to ease up your call center outsourcing process. Customer satisfaction Score (CSAT) This metric represents the amount of satisfaction received by customer after getting service from customer service department. 10 benefits associated with email customer support. Email customer support is considered best medium to develop lasting relationship with customers.

10 benefits associated with email customer support

In spite of its importance in customer care, it is often neglected by several companies from different sectors. As per several reports, it is often observed that email queries are either responded extremely late or with wrong answers. Customers lose the trust in the company if they face these kinds of situations. 5 pillars of retail call centers that can transform retail business. It is said that strong pillars are necessary for every structure to remain intact.

5 pillars of retail call centers that can transform retail business

Retail industry is also like a structure which needs pillars in the form of call center services from a renowned outsourcing vendor to stay strong in the cut throat competition. Let’s us go through these pillars of retail contact centers which have potential to boost the business of retail industry. Multichannel support Success in retail environment is very much dependent on how you offer support throughout the lifecycle of a customer. This support does not rely only on phone for helping the customers. Email – This is the most trustworthy among customers as they believe the issue will be solved more effectively through it than any other medium. Every essential concept from outsourcing call centers. 9 benefits of outsourcing the order taking process. Process of taking orders on phone is quite crucial to several firms.

9 benefits of outsourcing the order taking process

It is first time during which a potential customer comes in contact with the brand. Therefore, it becomes imperative for firms to make the process streamlined to ensure maximum satisfaction of their potential customers. Outsourcing the process to a call center is also a wise decision as it is linked to myriad benefits. Here are some major benefits linked to outsourcing of order taking and order processing. Cross selling and upselling These two essential portions associated with selling add considerable amount of sales for the company. Error-free orders. 11 essential benefits of IVR system.

The research firm Gartner predicted that by 2020, customers will be able to handle around 85 percent of the relationship with the company without communicating with a human agent. Interactive voice response (IVR) technology is one such major component related to non-human interactions of companies and customers. IVR can be basically described as a telephone system which uses voice command or keypad tones for providing the most appropriate response using the software. How hospitality industry can thrive by contact center outsourcing? 7 ways outsourced call center can support the busy customer. Companies usually ignore the importance of busy customers.

If not handled properly, company definitely tends to lose them. Therefore, it becomes essential for every company to streamline their call center department through implementation of various essential techniques. Some of the ways through which call center outsourcing firms can help the busy customers include: Optimizing the emails Usually the email response sent to the customer consists of a very long unstructured body.

Untitled. Why telecom billing software is inevitable in wireless industry. Evolution of smartphones and modifications in data usage by customers has given multiple challenges for telecom operators. One such challenge is management of billing process to ensure that neither customers nor the company’s business suffer due to outdated billing system. Sophisticated billing software with ability to scale up the operations is thus essential for every telecom service provider. Some factors which highlight the necessity of telecom billing OSS solution in telecom industry include: Cut throat competition Few years back, there were very limited telecom service providers which had dominance and monopoly in the telecom industry.

Customers in this scenario do not compromise with average quality of service from the telecom operators. Complexity of the telecom services Gone are those days when only call-related usage was part of billing process. Leverage your customer experiences through retail call center. Telecom billing software that benefits telecom companies. Call center glossary: Terms you should know (Part 2) We have discussed an array of important terms in the last part of this post. Here we present another set of terms along with their definitions which will enrich you with more knowledge of call center industry. Quality of experience – It is the objective and subjective measure of overall experience of the customers with customer support of a company. Seated Agents – Also referred as base staff,it is defined as the minimum agents needed to accomplish the objectives related to response time and service time for a specific time period.

Cost per call – It is a call center metric which is evaluated by dividing complete operational costs (variable and fixed) by total number of calls for a specific time period. DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi Frequency) – Also referred as touchtone, it is a signal generated by touching telephone keys which is sent to telephone line. Agent Occupancy – It is the actual time spent by call center agents on handling outgoing or incoming calls. Call center glossary: Important terms you need to know (Part 1)

Call center world with filled with countless jargons and technical terms which have confused various individuals from different sectors. Whether you wish to discuss call center operations with vendors like a ‘pro’ or just want to have insights about call center industry, first thing you have to do is clear your basics through terminology. In part one of this post, we have explained various multiple important terms which are used regularly in call center operations: Work From Home: The new normal in call center outsourcing industry.

Do you what is the similarity between call center industry and living organisms? Both continue to evolve for survival in their respective ecosystems as per the changes in the environment. The last few years saw incorporation of various new techniques which were necessary for the growth call center industries. Importance of telecom billing system in telecommunication sector. You can’t imagine telecom sector without a proper billing system in present scenario. 10 reasons why social media is important for customer service. The boom of the social media popularity has changed the dynamics of various industries. Several firms are trying to utilize its potential by implementing creative ideas related to marketing. How to get customer to help with social media? Impact of body language on interaction by customer care service agents.

Usually, the people believe that body language has not any major impact on telephonic conversation while receiving or making a call. But that’s not true! It is said that around 55 percent of communication while meeting face to face is through body language. Body language also plays a significant role while having a conversation on mediums like telephone (though it impact may be less as compared to face to face).

Industry-wise importance of outsourced call center services. A good customer service has always acted as fuel for driving every form of business which operates in a formal manner. Importance of Information Technology (IT) in Healthcare Industry. As forecasted by the U.S. Association of Medical Colleges, there will be shortage of 130,000 physicians in the U.S. by 2025. Social Media: Intensifying the expectations of consumers. Over the last decade the market has witnessed dramatic changes in the buying behaviors of consumers owing to the persistent introduction of new technologies followed by progress in the social media especially due to the initiation of e-commerce which brought the ease of transacting purchases, payment and delivery online.

Due to these modifications in the market there has been constant need for customer support.