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Global Economy. People. Sustainability and Fashion. Politics. Technology. Art and Culture. Social Media. Looks to Post-Brexit UK for Cross-Border Fashion Sales. As foreign luxury brands remain a lucrative target for China’s top e-commerce platforms, B2C online retailer continues its push to attract fashion labels abroad with a current focus on British companies. Looks to Post-Brexit UK for Cross-Border Fashion Sales

During London Fashion Week earlier this month, the brand staged its third international runway show following similar presentations at New York and Milan’s fashion weeks in previous seasons. Featuring collections by Chinese designers including EVE de CINA, Kevin Kelly, NE TIGER, By Creations, and X Lando, items on the show’s runway were made available for purchase on Fashion week is more than expensive brands - The Crimson White. It’s September, and in the fashion world that means a few very important weeks of new trends, designs and designer collections.

Fashion week is more than expensive brands - The Crimson White

Designers are determined to put their best foot forward this month at fashion weeks, showing their collections for spring and summer 2017. New York Fashion Week finished up last week, followed by London this week and Milan is happening right now. Paris Fashion Week, considered to be the grand finale to fashion weeks, starts next Tuesday. High-end designers and expensive clothes are the players, but that doesn’t mean fashion week is only for the rich and famous. Buyers for companies and stores attend fashion week, and designers compete for their attention. River Island is launching a one-stop basics shop. Topshop Creative Director Kate Phelan See Now Buy Now Collection Preview. WHEN Topshop unveils its Unique collection to the world later today, a line will be drawn in the sand.

Topshop Creative Director Kate Phelan See Now Buy Now Collection Preview

The high-street retailer is going where only a few on the London Fashion Week schedule have ventured: see-now, buy now, and in true retail fashion, the high-street favourite invited us in to its central London HQ this week for an exclusive preview. Alastair Nicol. Beyoncé's new Ivy Park collection is out at Topshop now. Beyoncé is back for another Ivy Park campaign, which has just been released online, courtesy of Ivy Park and the Queen herself, who, as expected, slays in it.

Beyoncé's new Ivy Park collection is out at Topshop now

The campaign images feature her in the activewear label's best and in a backbend – an apt pose, considering Bey, in a voiceover in the promo video said, "I stretch my body out like the horizon. I teach my body everyday that I can go a little further. I know my body can learn how to bend and not break. " Savvy designers - including Burberry and Topshop - unveil 'seasonless' collections. The luxury fashion market may have suffered in the past few years but designers are more eager than ever to turn it around.

Savvy designers - including Burberry and Topshop - unveil 'seasonless' collections

Indeed, some of the biggest brands showing at London Fashion Week have put on a defiant display to the traditionalists in Paris by unveiling 'seasonless' collections that consumers can buy fresh off the runway. It's a defiant move considering that for the past 100 years we've had to wait at least six months to get our hands on anything shown on the catwalk. Usually if you watched a show in September, you'd witness spring/summer’s designs sashaying down the runway but not be able to get your hands on them until the following March.

Amazon Fashion Sashays Across U.S. and Europe. Amazon is already the biggest online clothing retailer in the U.S., thanks to the huge volumes of affordable basics and private label items it ships.

Amazon Fashion Sashays Across U.S. and Europe

Not content with conquering the mass market, the internet giant now wants to dominate the more upmarket end of the fashion spectrum, and is rolling out an international ad campaign to boost its style credentials. The exclusive world of runway fashion may not be a natural fit with Amazon's high turnover, heavy discount culture, but the film, by four-year-old independent shop Joint London, cleverly weaves designer clothing and uncompromising style into a story that is unashamedly Amazon.

It's breaking this week in the U.S. and started airing last week in Europe. Fashion models dressed in new season styles carry Amazon packages to urban, suburban and rural addresses, strutting to each delivery as if parading the length of a runway at New York Fashion Week.