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ADLawyers — Transaction Dispute – An Exchange of Funds between... Construction lien and Cheque Dishonor Dispute Appeal - ADLawyers Canada. ADLawyers — Power of Sales Dispute. Consequences of online Piracy? | ADLawyerscanada. Online piracy is difficult to catch because of the nature of the internet. However, if you are caught, the punishments can include: Subject to searches, raids, and seizures by federal agencies.Subject to be sued for copyright violation that may result in heavy fines.Subject to imprisonment and heavy fines. If you are innocent and you think you are getting dragged into a legal accusation, you need an experienced piracy lawyer. There is no way, deleting the downloaded file can save you from legal action. Don’t ignore being served, because if you fail to appear in the court, you will automatically lose. A piracy lawyer can assist you through the cases at every level. Looking for Piracy Lawyer in Ontario?: adlawyerscanada. Whether it is the old day pirates that remind us of the picture of a drunken man carrying a parrot on his shoulder or the new age pirates that are far more dangerous, pirates have been those who goes against the law.

Modern day pirates are more sophisticated but can cause a huge loss. The most common issue with copyright law is people are unaware of the existing laws and get into the trap easily. We have seen innocent people falling into the trap of law, just because they didn't know what they were doing. Hence, it is equally important to know and understand the Canadian piracy laws. Ad Lawyers can help you understand as well as escape any such type of threats. What is piracy? In the eyes of criminal laws, piracy is the term for any unlawful duplication, infringement, distribution, and outright theft of intellectual property. Online Piracy is a myth The mentality that you can always get away with a download can bring you in a big trouble and that is why it's the time to stop doing that. How Child Custody Lawyers guide you through the process favorably – ADLawyers.

Child Custody cases represent one of the truly difficult parts of the justice system. Divorce proceedings aren’t clean and easy in themselves, and when there are children involved, it gets even harder. An experienced child custody lawyer understands that the welfare of the children must be put before everything else. The knowledge and experience of child custody law regarding such cases is essential when you are a concerned parent. Divorce can be a messy affair and children tend to get caught in the middle. It is important to put their well-being over personal problems and seek legitimate counsel regarding their future. Problems that arise and lead to divorce must be examined well if there are children involved.

Experienced child custody lawyers are skilled professionals and have vast experience dealing with these types of cases. The two types of custody that are possible are: Joint Custody: Both the parents are considered responsible. Like this: Like Loading... Child Custody for Fathers. Title: Child Custody for Fathers Divorce is the worst thing that can happen to a couple and after this unwanted happening comes a series of traumas. Even if the world doesn’t agree, one powerful fact is that just like the mother, even the father suffers the pain of separation. When a marriage is about to break, wife may threaten to leave that too with kids, and that is something you cannot let happen. Legally, neither of spouse can take your child without other spouse’s consent. A common myth is that the judgments are going to act in the favor of women, but there is no truth in this. For unmarried couples If you are not married, things get a bit more complicated and need rather more attention than actually required.

Whether the court gives a full custody or joint custody, getting a lawyer right from the beginning is always a good decision. For some situations, the court can also give the physical custody of your child to the mother and assign a generous visitation schedule for father. Transaction Dispute, Piracy Lawyer, Power Of Sale Dispute | AD Lawyers. AD Lawyers also deals with the disputes with the banking system.

Such disputes can be categorized as follow: Cheque dishonor, which means that the bank refuses to recognize and negotiate a cheque despite of the money in the account.Cheque returned for non-sufficient funds.Bank refuses to negotiate the cheque.Bank negotiated the cheque but put a hold on releasing money. It happens in cheque or invoice factoring business or in simple words cheque cashing business.Transaction disputes with the banks.Brokerage disputes with the bank.Negligence issues with respect to the individual accounts.Negligence with respect to business accounts, etc.

The banking system in Canada is backbone of the property acquisitions. The banks shall provide loan/mortgage for the purchase of a real property and such mortgages shall be paid in monthly installments till it is paid in full. The mortgagor can defend such power of sale proceedings. Piracy. Looking for Piracy Lawyer in Ontario?: adlawyerscanada. Consequences of online Piracy? | ADLawyerscanada. Looking for Piracy Lawyer in Ontario?: adlawyerscanada.

How Child Custody Lawyers guide you through the process favorably – ADLawyers. Child Custody for Fathers. Difference Between Partnership and Joint Ventures – ADLawyerscanada. Partnerships and joint ventures are similar in a lot of ways. The crucial difference is that partnerships are seen as long term propositions. While engaged in one, neither party can take decisions that are harmful to the partnership. Joint ventures, on the other hand, allow the individual party to hold on to their respective identity while honoring the terms of the joint venture. It is brought into place when parties are dedicated to work for a specific goal. They are a tried and tested means of increasing leverage, sharing complementary skills and dividing risk achieving desirable outcomes. We have a considerable amount of experience in the process of joint ventures. Your position and its protection are our priority.

We do this by emphasising our commitment to strong relationships with complementary skills. For further information about commercial property litigation, please visit to website. Looking for Joint venture lawyers?: adlawyerscanada. Any successful business practice requires a steady commitment from all its members along with a history of hard work. Companies following these core principles are able to establish themselves in the corporate world and provide quality service to the general public through their business. We at Ad Lawyers, understand the nature of conflicts and are well versed in how to resolve them. These conflicts can arise between any two parties, whether they are small scale businesses or huge corporations. Our specialization is in the field of joint ventures, which is a method to create successful bonds between mutually beneficial companies or individuals. Acquisitions and mergers might get messy, but these are the processes through which companies can build lasting partnerships.

However, there are times when companies want to share resources and work together for a bigger goal without a permanent type of partnership. There are certain crucial areas that must be covered. Area specific joint ventures. ADLawyers — Looking Professional Lawyers for Partnership... Looking for Experienced Partnership Disputes Lawyer? - ADLawyers Canada.