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Is your Marketing Campaign OFF Targeted in Malaysia? Hit the bullseye! That’s the objective in playing Darts. A steady skills in throwing the small missiles to the dartboard is a sure win in the game but with reduced skills, reduced scores follow. All marketing campaigns aim high to hit the mark and that’s no less than to acquire more customers. Customer acquisition is consequential to business growth and in order to fully back this up, only the best marketing tactics must be employed. However, big data does not guarantee big results at all times especially when it’s not at its best. Data plays the biggest role in your marketing workflow. Customer Profiling or formerly known as customer segmentation is a process of classifying your best target customers into groups which should be your basis of customizing the best business approach and offer to them.

Data washing/scrubbing Data Segmentation A technique that lets you identify your customers by keeping a record of their demographical and psychological statistics. Related: Better Leads? 13 Essentials For A Successful Marketing Campaign. Awards and Recognition. What To Do When Speed And Quality Collide In Lead Generation? As a salesperson, every time I handle a lead generation campaign, I often ask myself, “What’s important for my client, Quality or Quantity?” If I will to put myself in my client’s shoes, of course I would be happy to have a huge amount of lead.

However, what’s the use of 50 leads if you can’t convert them right away into sales? So, is delivering few high quality leads enough to keep your company running despite very low revenue? Or is it as bad as having 50 very low quality leads? Well in my own opinion, both quality and quantity of leads are important in the success of a business. And when it comes to generating new leads, business owners want more leads.

But not just any lead. In today’s sales cycle where it takes longer for every salesperson to close a sale, having huge number of leads in a short period of time is also important especially if you’re building good relationship with your prospects. Related: Lead Nurturing: Guide your B2B Lead into Sales Funnel [INFOGRAPHIC] Client Testimonials - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia. 7 Stats That Proves Email Marketing Is Still The MOST Reliable Channel [INFOGRAPHIC] Untitled. Medical Businesses: From Print Ads to Multi-Channel Marketing. I went to see a dentist a friend recommended to me last week.

His clinic turned out to be at the older part of the city, a place that used to thrive commercially before malls and hotels decided to expand away from downtown. Just as I expected, the building was a little too old school for my liking — it was a throwback to the 60’s with the heavy doors, wood walls, and geometric floor designs. Imagine my surprise when a battery of high-tech dental equipment greeted me. It’s like seeing a rippled, tattoo-covered, ill-dressed guy helping an elderly woman cross the street. It just doesn’t add up at first glance. Then again, technology has caught up with almost everybody and everything. Up until maybe 15 years ago, marketing materials for health products and services were mostly printed on brochures and pamphlets.

Today, marketing strategies have invaded the virtual world, making it easier to reach potential B2B clients. Recent Report by Strategy Analytics Advertising Forecast, 2015 Example: A Recap of the Top Blog Posts in Callbox Malaysia in 2016. 2016 has its ups and downs, yet every turn on this roller coaster ride comes with learning from wrong decisions. Another year has passed. And right now, we’re facing 2017 full of hopes, new learnings and opportunities. if you’re one of those who have read, viewed, shared and learned from our blogs, thank you.

And if you’re looking for informational blog post about B2B telemarketing, SEO, Lead generation, Appointment setting, etc. I’m sure you won’t mind if I take you back to last year’s top blogs. Here are our Top 5 Most Viewed and Most Shared Blogs for 2016. Top 5 Most Viewed in 2016 #1: Outsourcing Guide: Homebased Telemarketer or B2B Telemarketing Company #2: From Wannabe to Superstar: How to Do Marketing in Asia #3: How To Build Rapport Fast In Appointment Setting #4: 5 Mistakes That Attract Sales Objection: How to Turn it into a Success! #5: Why Listening is an Important Component in Telemarketing Top 5 Most Shared in 2016 #1: NEVER Forget these 7 Ground Rules for Creating Engaging Content. Medical Businesses: From Print Ads to Multi-Channel Marketing. Callbox Brings the Sunshine to Sales Lead Generation - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia.

They may be new in the energy industry, but this Sydney-based electricity retailer is rapidly hitting the Australian market with their integrated energy solutions. The current lead generation campaign they are running with Callbox is beaming with rays of potential in providing full energy service to Australian consumers. “Put the lights on” The Client Industry: A New Electricity Retailer Location: Australia Headquarters: Sydney, Australia The Criteria Location: Australia Industries: SME, all types except competitors Employee Size: 1-500 employees Target Contacts: PIC for the company’s electricity bill, Owner, Manager, Office Manager, Accounts, Finance, Procurement Manager, Facilities Manager, etc.

Campaign Type Lead Generation Summary The initial, single seat campaign period was launched in July 2015. The second part ran with 3 calling agents, and added 3 more campaigns which the Client branded as “special campaigns”, generating a total of 79 leads which finished with 96 leads. “The Energizers” B2B Marketing in Malaysia: 5 Points on Enhancing Thought Leadership. Want your brand to digitally dominate the Malaysian B2B arena? Call it a long shot, but it will be close to a possibility once you have established yourself as a thought leader and made important strides in terms of influencing buyer decisions. Crimson Marketing CEO Glen Gow has outlined five important points to building thought leadership. 1.

Authenticity Is key According to Michael Brenner, former VP of Marketing and Content Strategy at SAP, in an article for Forbes, “thought leadership is simply about becoming an authority on relevant topics by delivering the answers to the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience.” Rather than push out half-baked content that’s merely trying to give the impression that you’re an authority in your field, you need to actually acquire the necessary knowledge and provide B2B buyers with purposeful, practical advice. 2. Do you know what pains your B2B buyers? 3. 4. You know the saying “out of sight, out of mind?” 5. Powered-Up & Salesforce Ready - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia. Search Traffic Declining? You're Not Alone (and What to Do About It) - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia. If your website traffic from organic search has fallen over the past year, take some small solace in knowing you’re not alone—in fact, you’re in good (if not happy) company.

According to research from BuzzFeed, “Search traffic to publishers has taken a dive in the last eight months, with traffic from Google dropping more than 30%…While Google makes up the bulk of search traffic to publishers, traffic from all search engines has dropped by 20% in the same period.” Organic search visits have fallen significantly to A-list publishers like Time, Sports Illustrated, Us Weekly and Rolling Stone. It’s not quite clear why this is happening. BuzzFeed mentions changes in behavior, greater use of social networks for content discovery, and a 52% increase in traffic from “‘Dark social,’ that netherland of direct traffic” (i.e., unknown sources), and concludes “We can draw a lot of assumptions but few conclusions from the drop in search traffic.”

And it’s not only Google. Why the WPO Model is Important. Callbox Integrates With Salesforce: A Better, More Efficient Client Experience in Malaysia - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia. Years of innovation and hard work have been put in to give Callbox clients the best solutions for their business, as well as to enable managers and sales professionals to streamline business development. The challenge has always been to keep up with the changing times, especially with how technology evolves in exponential fashion even just in the last two decades.

Callbox started out as a simple telemarketing firm, which eventually flourished into a multi-channel marketing machine. Now, in the age of cloud and automation, Callbox steps up to the plate, ready for another era of marketing savvy. In celebrating 10 years of flourishing into a stalwart player in the business-to-business industry, Callbox is taking cloud-based lead management and marketing automation to new heights. Putting the clients front and center: Callbox integrates with Salesforce Introducing Callbox DialStream: The Most Efficient Power Dialer for Salesforce What is DialStream? Better Lead Generation Through Better Content Marketing.

Let us put it this way – content will always be king. This is especially true where lead generation is involved. I mean, if you do not have a compelling, informative, as well as attractive content, you will not be able to attract enough prospective sales leads. That is why creating the best content should be part of your lead generation efforts. Now here lies the challenge: how will you create better content? Here is how to start: Analyze data – by now, you might have collected sufficient information about your audience. From the data you have obtained, you can probably come up with a content strategy that will maximize impact, as well as ease up your appointment setting efforts.Analyze the competition – looking beyond the confines of your business (basically, checking your competition) will help you determine what kind of audience they have and if they have blind spots that you can enter.

Where to Dominate Aside Google (Search Engines in Asia) When a brand turns into a verb – and not just an ordinary verb at that, one that many of us do nearly as regularly as breathing and blinking – you know you have a great product. And when that same brand, which is now a full-fledged verb, makes the word “search” sound ancient, what you have is a revolutionary invention. Notice we don’t use “look it up” or “check the dictionary” or “try the internet” anymore when we tell someone to look for the definition of something? We just say “google it”. Heck, we have learned to trust Google so much instead of calling the family physician for an opinion on that recent spate of absentmindedness, we simply google “symptoms of early Alzheimer’s”. Yes, Google has turned into some omniscient virtual entity, and if somebody starts claiming miracles, too, somebody just might turn it into a religion.

Even in marketing, where the world wide web is a non-negotiable must-have, Google wields a great deal of influence. Related: Cost Efficient SEO Marketing? Yahoo! 4 Email Marketing Gems - Born Out of Writing 1,000 Emails - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia. Justin Bridegan of MarketingSherpa shares 4 things he learned from writing a lot of email copy: Having written close to 1,000 emails for MarketingSherpa promoting our marketing products over the past few years, I’ve learned a couple of things I thought I would share with you, many of them from my own mistakes. At Summits, when people recognize my name from their inbox, they ask, “What have you found that works?” What a loaded question, right? I’ve felt much like Edison, but with a marketing spin on it. I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways on how to not write an email.

Much like you, my writing over time has evolved to include some semi-universal best practices which many of us are familiar with, but sometimes get lost in the marketing translation from company logic to customer logic. Tip #1. It’s been said most people are either “filers,” who create a specific file folder for each email, or “pilers,” who let the inbox pile up with no hope in sight. Tip #2. Tip #3. Tip #4. When Less is More: How to Make Prospects Buy From You. Don’t sell to prospects who doesn’t have any intentions of purchasing.

Instead, influence them! There’s a big difference between selling to someone and making that someone buy from you. Transcript: Do not ask, “Do you know…,” or it could open the door to “No.” - Ciaran McGuigan, “King of Cold Calling” and a “Sales Guru” Instead. Tip # 1 Identify the real issue why prospects don’t have interest in your product or service. “We don’t see the need to change.” As a sales rep, your goal is to help your prospect see the need to change by asking about their current setup. Ask… What are you using for your…? Related: How to Make Decision Makers Call Back or Reply to your Email Tip # 2 Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. Related: Why Listening is an Important Component in Telemarketing Tip # 3 Analyze all issues identified. Ask yourself , “How can I help them that will make them decide to move ahead?” “We can help you with that! Want more sales strategies?

Learn more sales and marketing tips today! Call To Invite | Event Telemarketing Malaysia | Callbox MY. In the same way, corporate events provide wider insight and perspective. As knowledge sharing and networking have become highly essential in B2B culture, events allow vast opportunities in terms of building brand reputation and audience linkages. But marketing these events is another thing altogether. And sometimes, it’s more difficult than simply preparing the accommodations and looking for people to keynote the programs. Considering you have lot in your hands in organizing the event, we are here to offer event lead generation solutions that include: Measurable invitation campaigns via phone and email.Audience profiling to pinpoint personalities that match your requirements.Accurate reporting of turn out projections.Follow-up messaging for participants.

We make sure that your list of attendees is filled with people who are not only interested, but eager to attend your events. Do you have an event to promote? See? The Reasons for a Collapsing Content Strategy in Malaysia. Whatever you are selling deserves proper recognition. Demand generation strategies specifically serve to make your products and services visible to people you want to have as customers.

Thus, you rely on effective content marketing strategy. In B2B lead generation, companies can never do without proper planning and distribution of content. People are more sophisticated now in searching for consumable information. On your part as a solutions provider, simply having a blog or a social media account just won’t cut it. What businesses need to do is to: 1). 2). 3). Clearly, marketers in the B2B industry can hardly resolve that last one and submitting to the adage of “Everybody makes mistakes” only intensifies the problem of poor web traffic and its disastrous offshoots. To prevent your content marketing and lead generation from collapsing, it is important to NOT do any of these: Becoming business-centric Make content more interactive and engaging than ever! Refusing to optimize your site. 5 Successful Email Marketing Tips for Your Malaysian Campaign. Email marketing, obviously, is a process of marketing a product or a service via electronic mail.

In the broadest sense, email marketing usually involves using email to send ads, request business, solicit sales and donations, etc. It is also used to update and encourage existing customers to purchase goods to the merchant as well to generate new clients with email marketing lead generation. When doing business in Malaysia, it is important to use a proven marketing tool to improve the chances of getting qualified sales leads and email marketing is one of them. Email marketing has been around for a while already but unlike any other marketing tool it is still considered to be an effective in generating business leads.

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