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Guild Wars 2

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Gw2efficiency. Herald - Hammer Backline - MetaBattle Guild Wars 2 Builds. The Official API is experiencing issues; skill, trait and item data cannot be loaded at the moment.Note: Please note that builds will default to plain icons, these may not be as accurate.

Herald - Hammer Backline - MetaBattle Guild Wars 2 Builds

We apologize for the inconvenience. Overview A Power based Herald build for WvW. The utility of Glint, the mobility of Shiro and the damage of Hammer 2 allow this build to deal massive damage with great sustain. Skill Bar HammerHealingUtilityElite Legend Variants. Wardrobe Backpieces (Guild Wars 2) GW2.FR - Guide des succès - Une fissure dans la glace. Au bout de 21 succès terminés, vous obtiendrez le méta succès Maîtrise de l'épisode "Une fissure dans la glace".

GW2.FR - Guide des succès - Une fissure dans la glace

GW2 - Le Build-O-Tron #4 : Un nécromancien pour le McM. Varions un peu les plaisirs avec un build pour le jeu en gros comité.

GW2 - Le Build-O-Tron #4 : Un nécromancien pour le McM

Si ce build s'adresse avant tout aux affrontements sur les cartes de McM, il est tout à fait possible de l'utiliser lors de vos soirées de GvG moyennant un minimum d'ajustement. Le build de cette semaine n'est au final pas bien compliqué à expliquer, il prend tout ce qui se fait de mieux en dégâts de zones pour le nécro, de l'équipement qui va bien avec ; le reste, eh bien ça sera à vous de jouer, en fait.

C'est là tout le défi, et ce qui fera de vous la terreur des champs de bataille ! GW2 - Le Build-O-Tron #5 : Le mécatronicien support. Objets de dos élevés. Les Larmes de Raima. Il y a fort longtemps existait une déesse mystérieuse portant le nom de Raïma, protectrice des voyageurs.

Les Larmes de Raima

Guild Wars 2 Skills. You must use the latest versions of Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome to be sure that build editor is working properly loading data...

Guild Wars 2 Skills

Guild Wars 2 Skills. You must use the latest versions of Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome to be sure that build editor is working properly loading data...

Guild Wars 2 Skills

Necromancer - Standard Power Necro. Why does this website display advertisements?

Necromancer - Standard Power Necro

Overview Power necromancer is a very powerful PvP burst build that is easy to play in 1v1s but requires experience and good positioning in teamfights. Skill Bar First Weapon Set. Druid - Celestial Avatar. Why does this website display advertisements?

Druid - Celestial Avatar

Overview A PvP Druid build made for party support and skirmishing. Dtguilds. Introduction- With the changes to scaling in high level fractals, many of the bosses in levels 60+ have large amounts of toughness.


Therefore, it is much more effective to run the condition build over the berserker build, since most fights last longer than 20 seconds. Running Druid will sacrifice some of your personal DPS in order to support your party with DPS boosts. Druid Variation:Armor- You’re going to want to run full Viper armor with Balthazar runes. With the changes to the condition duration of koi cakes, which was nerfed by 20% condition duration, we need to run this new stat on our armor and weapons called expertise. Guild Wars 2 Nourishment Database - Basin Wiki. Return to GW2 Main page -Cow pies are not food.

Guild Wars 2 Nourishment Database - Basin Wiki

This database will filter food based on your input. (discussion link) The search field is case-insensitive. It searches everything, not just item names or bonuses. 1h will return food with 1h duration ascending will sort the food from lowest to highest level ascending 1h will return the 1h food and sort it The database also includes consumables produced by non-chef crafts, except potions (which are probably easy enough to filter in-game and on the official wiki). Anyone with an account on this wiki can add or edit the items, if a patch introduces any changes. GW2 Efficiency.

[Guide GW2] Builds élémentaliste cataclyste. Concernant ce guide: Il a pour but de présenter la classe ainsi que sa nouvelle spécialisation, plusieurs builds vous seront proposés, que ce soit pour Pvp, Pve solo, Pve Donjon, Mcm. Le but étant que néophytes et joueurs confirmés y trouvent des réponses, ou des idées de build. Je n’ai pas la prétention de faire des builds remplis de théorycrafting, je conseille donc aux Hardcore gamers de se rendre sur le site des DnT ou autre guilde spécialisée, je rappelle aussi que pour le moment il n’y a plus de méta.

GW2 World Boss Timer by that_shaman. For all your Guild Wars 2 fashion needs. For all your Guild Wars 2 fashion needs. GW2 Style. Forums - GW2Community. MegaServer. Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns has been announced. The new Revenant class looks like it will be quite exciting. Will new world boss events come with the expansion? We here at Guild Wars Temple think so. Please consider unblocking our ads to help support further development. Thanks! Warrior - Shouts Frontliner - MetaBattle - Guild Wars 2 Builds. Why does this website display advertisements? Overview The Shout Frontline Warrior provides excellent group support and self-sustain while providing excellent control and cleansing. If many warriors run this build in a zerg each will cleanse conditions and heal each other with shouts. Additionally, the warhorn cleans conditions and the hammer will control enemy players lacking stability. Maudrey. Normal Guides: Huntsman - Guild War 2 Crafting Guide. GW2 - Création d'arme élevée : Tous les CONSEILS et ASTUCES.

How to achieve things and be an achiever. Are you a new player to Guild Wars 2, who’s seen the Achievements panel and wants to know how to earn points and rewards? Or perhaps you’re more limited with in-game time, and are curious what options you may have. If either of these are the case, then this post is for you! Why are achievements worth it? Well, they didn’t used to be – they were just points that had no meaning other than showing you played the game’s content. In July of 2013, however, they added in an achievement rewards system, and suddenly those meaningless points meant that you could earn actual rewards for doing them.

The main achievement panel screen. But where to start? The absolute best way to build your achievement points with minimal time and effort: DO YOUR DAILIES. I just finished mine about 15 minutes ago. The dailies system has changed quite a few times over the life of the game. Have you started the game recently? GW2 Scepter skins gallery. GW2 Scepters gallery with a list of all the unique scepter skins available along with high res screenshots and their methods of acquisitions. Last updated: Feb 12, 2014 Weapons requring high res pics If you own any of these weapons I would love to grab a screenshot off you. GW2 Crafted Armor Gallery. Guild Wars 2 Crafted armor gallery with high res in-game screenshots for armor made from tailoring, armorsmith, and leatherwork. Navigation (click on a set to jump to them) Huge thanks to everyone who helped to model these armor sets for me!

Contributors/models (no particular order) GW2 armor gallery (high res ingame screenshots) This page is designed to showcase all the armor models in Guild Wars 2 in a high resolution in-game screenshots. Currently it contains some of the light armor female models and will get populated with more stuff overtime. Light Armor (female) Student (chest and legs) Source: Random drops in the starter zone (also called Linen), can also be crafted (tailoring 75+) Magician (chest and legs) Source: Random drops in second starter zone.

Apprentice (full set except shoulders) Source: Random drops in second starter zone. Country (chest and legs) Source: Karma Vendors in the second starter zone. Guild Wars 2 (GW2) - Game-Guide. Guild Wars 2 Armor. Into The Mists - Guild Wars 2 - PvE, WvW and sPvP Character Skill Calculator, Live Streams, GW2 Builds, Videos, eSports and Community! Guild Wars 2 Codex. [Artisanat] Chef Guide 0-400 en 30 minutes max. Coin ! Donc, après avoir fais tous les métiers, aujourd'hui, je ne les fais plus que pour pex rapidement des re-rolls sur leurs derniers lvl.Bref, voici probablement le métier le moins cher à monter rapidement.