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5 Clutter Hotspots And How To Optimize Them. Tenant's Blog. The Tenant's Blog is about tenancy issues and how to resolve them. It covers wide range of topics such as tenancy cleaning, property renovation, tenancy rights, landlord obligations and many more July 19, 2016 The Complete Tenancy Cleaning Checklist For Beginners Tenancy cleaning is a difficult job, as one can imagine. Equipment: Every tenancy cleaning starts with proper tools. Vacuum cleaner mop & bucket 3x microfiber cloths 2x glass cloths squeegee 5x sponges with abrasive backings 2x scrubbing brushes 2x rubber gloves bin bags detergents*: oven cleaner, tile cleaner, limescale remover, disinfectant, all-purpose cleaner *Homemade cleaners are okay as long as you know that they’ll do the job.

Kitchen Let’s start with one of the most difficult rooms. Appliances - make sure to pull out all appliances so that you could clean their backings which are usually quite dusty. Bathroom Consider your kitchen as a warm-up because the bathroom is the area of most heavy scrubbing. Bedroom. 6 Things People Overlook When Doing Tenancy Cleaning | AbbiePhilpott's Blog : Real Estate Webmasters Blogging Platform.

So here’s the deal. Tenancy cleaning is a difficult and time-consuming task. It can literally drain your energy and make your stress levels rise sky-high. It’s because your security deposit is at risk and after all, it’s not just some coffee money, right? According to most tenancy agreements, renters are responsible for making the property clean and clutter free when they’re vacating it. Behind and Beneath Appliances and Furniture We often don’t even think about those areas at all. Spots on the Carpet, Furniture, and Walls We’re all humans, at one point or the other, you’ve probably spilled your tea or soda onto the carpet, for example.

Appliances It’s not that people completely forget to clean the oven when they’re about to move but that they don’t do a good enough job. Picture Frames, Top of Doors, Light Switches The small stuff are usually being overlooked for the sake of the bigger picture and the overall cleanliness. Stubborn Limescale Nail Holes on The Walls. The Basics of Natural Home Cleaning + Recipes. Not so long ago, I switched to green cleaning. I have been using store-bought products all my life, but at one point decided to change that and live the healthy lifestyle. The other goals were to simplify my cleaning routine and save money (which indeed happened). We all know how many are the downsides of chemical products and how harmful they are to nature and sometimes to our families as well. But our focus today are the positives of green cleaning and the basics with which you can start your journey an eco-friendly household. Let’s dive into the topic and explore the pros: They are cheaper - you make them from ingredients already present in your home.

Key Household Ingredients And Their Functions There are lots of cleaner recipes out there and at the end of this article, I will give you a few to start with. Baking Soda - its basic uses are mainly as a non-abrasive scrub and odour absorbent but you can use it to unclog drains too (in a combo with vinegar). Natural Cleaning Recipes. Christian Reese | Flickr. Kate Windleton's Blog on Moving | Just another RealTown Blogs site. This is my first article here, and I hope I don’t get too much negative comments. I’ve planned to make a blog, but now I have a couple free hours, and decided to finally do it. In the following lines, I will share few tips for packing when moving.

I’m an expert in this area since I am a team leader of movers. If you want your items to be whole on the other end of the move, it is recommended to put some wrinkled newspaper or bubble wrap on the bottom of the box and on the top of your items before you close it.Another tip is to label all boxes after you pack your items in them. You can also do it with colour labels for each different room. This will help you organize the unpacking and manage everything during moving day.You think you might have difficulties when assembling your electronics? Well, there’s an easy solution for that too.

If you have some additional packing tips, feel free to share them in the comments and I will add them in the article.