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Aman Syal

Aman Syal is coming from a business rotary family that desires to work for social upliftment and empowerment. He is becoming a leader of the business consultancy in the field of inclination and immigration in the European country.

Aman na2. Amanm nav. Aman Syal. Aman Syal. Amansyal1. Untitled 1. Our Building Blocks. Mothers : Mom , Mummy , Maa …so Many Names. The Untrained but Most Efficient Managers ….WOMEN. If we all sit back and think ….even as Men…BUT putting our Male Ego’s and Conservative thought process by the side…we will honestly have a lot to be thankful for to these WOMEN , who surround us in so many forms , may be , our Mothers , Sisters, Wives , Friends , Mother-in-laws , Caretakers and so on.

The Untrained but Most Efficient Managers ….WOMEN

In today’s age we see a lot of Women …managing Careers and their homes effortlessly. Women and their Careers or jobs can be anything from a blue collared job to a white collared Job…irrespective of the nature …it is so amazing to notice how these super talented women manage al these roles so efficiently and effortlessly. Most important to note is that these amazing WOMEN at times are not even educated at all …I wonder who and how they get trained and ensure that the level of slip up’s are either ZERO or negligible by ensuring the highest level of Micro-Management. Lets all of us and try to learn from the BEST , our WOMAN MANAGERS … Marriage : Man Vs Woman.

Since Ages Marriage is an Institution which prevails and exists since the longest time…An institution which has been existing in the most accepted form BUT been the most Controversial in its own sweet way.

Marriage : Man Vs Woman

Controversy and Marriage…what am I saying ? Yes , Controversy only in a very Sweet Way where ….a Man and a Woman take lifelong vows to stay together , Committed to each other and each other’s well being. How true is it and how many marriages actually abide by these vows till the end of time ? Well …does the strength of this institution depend upon the Country , Society , Education Levels , Love etc ….or is it just Destiny ? Yes …these factors do influence it…but then what makes this institution called Marriage a true Success ? A very complicated and never ending debate is what I Start through this Article. I grew up to learn and experience that the Contribution levels to make the Institution called marriage work are never Equal rather Inequal.

Equality in Marriage. A Husband Wife relationship , is the Best form of Companionship , Friendship that a Man and Woman can maintain lifelong BUT how true is it in today’s day and Age .

Equality in Marriage

In Today’s Day and Age …though in our Metropolitan Town’s we claim Equality between both the genders and in a marital relationship …why do we see such rising numbers of fall out’s , divorces , short lived relationship’s. A marriage .as an institution was more stable and necessarily long term rather life long unless this concept of Equality actually seeped in and became completely enforcing and accepted in our Indian Society . Why were the earlier marriages life long OR Untill Death do us apart ?

Weren’t these partners Equal in their Relationship ? The Age old Institution of Marriage somehow seems to be getting weaker while the concept of Equality amongst two companions or partners gets stronger . Bollywood and Women In India. Immigration to the European Union. Immigration to the European Union Today more and more Indians are looking for options/ opportunities to Migrate to the West, Indians have generally considered the United States and Canada as preferred Immigration options.

Immigration to the European Union

For some reason the European Union, especially the Schengen Zone within the European Union has missed their attention. The European Union/ the Schengen Zone actually provides an extremely attractive and lucrative option for Immigration, on account of it being one large market without any Border related Travel/ Trade restrictions, thus presenting a large market with a very high Buying power with an extremely robust consumption pattern. Immigrate2EU an Immigration Consulting Firm concentrating on providing a comprehensive consulting solution for Immigration to the European Union, with an error-free, end to end handling of the process. Aman Syal the Immigrate2EU CEO has been a mentor and guide to Aspiring Immigrants to the European Union, from different parts of the world.

Business Consulting Vs Threat Anticipation. Business – as the word suggests is Business (Combination of Busy+Ness) with a commercial angle or commercial gain.

Business Consulting Vs Threat Anticipation

Moolah which gets the world rolling is the basic essence of Business. Indian Family Owner Business Vs New Advice of a "Business Consultant" Indian Family Owner Business Vs New Advice of a “Business Consultant” Indian Business Houses , no matter how successful they would be in the past and present constantly require a need based evolution Strategy .

Indian Family Owner Business Vs New Advice of a "Business Consultant"

Our age old Business Strategies – which have survived extinction are though the most promising and proven BUT are at times stringent and resist changes that are the most common in today’s evolved Business’s. The Business Houses or Corporates of the new Millennium are in constant need to be evaluated on their strategy , Direction , available resources , SWOT analysis and thus stringent evaluation of related parameters like technology , Security , Qualities etc. A Business Consultant , who is an EXPERT with a strong Experience in Running Businesses comes with a plan (with measurable results)along with a Strong Passion to Ensure delivery and desired results. Aman Syal- Business Consultancy,Business Initiatives. Amansyal hungary. Amansyal European Union2. Aman syal (1) AMAN SYAL. Aman Syal. Aman Syal. Aman syal. 2. Aman img 1. Aman syal2. Aman Syal. Aman Syal.

Aman Syal. Aman Syal - Social Worker, Activist, Empowerment, Bussiness Initiatives.