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2016 USA Elections

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Electionland. This morning, a few New York City polling places opened late because ballots and poll books were misdelivered.


Some voters waited as election officials looked for and retrieved the correct materials. Others voted by affidavit ballot instead, and some left. In New York City, poll workers are expected to be at their poll sites at 5 a.m. Election Day morning to set up. This gives them one hour before poll sites open. Electionland (@electionland) Google Trends Electionland. Live Presidential Forecast – Election Results 2016 – The New York Times. Princeton Election Consortium — A first draft of electoral history. Since 2004.

2016 Election Forecast. World POTUS by Accurat and Google News Lab. ‪‪Les élections américaines 2016‬‬ - Google Trends.