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Unit 2: To what extent can companies be a necessity for us ?

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Managing the Company of the Future - University of London. About the Course Managing the Company of the Future provides you with a comprehensive framework for understanding both the traditional principles of management inside companies today as well as the alternative principles that are becoming increasingly important.

Managing the Company of the Future - University of London

It therefore builds on the established theories of work (e.g. those of Weber, McGregor, Drucker, Mintzberg), while also providing you with a way of talking about the emerging theories of self-organising and crowdsourcing. It has a practical dimension as well, with a focus on helping you understand how you can make small-scale changes within your own work organisation today and in the future.

By the end of the course, you will have gained theoretical and practical knowledge about the practice of management in contemporary organisations. On the theoretical side, you will have learned: On a practical basis, you will have learned: Recommended Background Suggested Readings Course Format What resources will I need for this class?

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VIDEOS. Documents : Different forms of business. Survival kit. Fiche de route creation. Beware online "filter bubbles" - Eli Pariser. Companies Office The Official Site. When you incorporate a company, you are creating a separate legal entity to carry on business.

Companies Office The Official Site

Every company has certain basic elements: A name which has been reserved by the Registrar of Companies At least one share, one shareholder and one director A registered office where the company records are kept An address for service where legal documents can be served The Registrar will also ask for an address for communication. Liability is limited to the company Although it is common to speak of a 'limited liability company' the company is liable in full for all obligations that it incurs. It is in fact the liability of the shareholders that is limited - they are only liable for any unpaid money owing on their shares (subject to any personal guarantees given). Limited v Unlimited The difference between an unlimited company and a limited liability company is important. Companies, once registered, have the status of incorporated. Polemical businesses : 13 Strange Businesses You Didn't Know Existed. Credit: gillmar/Shutterstock Every successful business meets the needs of its customers, but for some businesses, those needs are a little bit strange.

Polemical businesses : 13 Strange Businesses You Didn't Know Existed

Some businesses help their customers pull pranks; some try to solve life's weirdest problems (like where does that one sock always disappear to?) , and some are just so niche, most people wouldn't even think to start them in the first place. But sometimes even the weirdest ideas can become incredibly successful, and these businesses are proof. From mystery packages and custom romance novels to a retro arcade manufacturer and an innovative sock company, here are 13 totally strange and totally real businesses that might surprise you. A prank candle company Scented candles are essentially a household staple, and just about everyone appreciates a good, harmless prank.

That's what brothers Tyler and Mark Ward were wondering when they started their business, WTF Prank Candles. Whiteboard Write - After Effects Project Files. Find out about my new items first!

Whiteboard Write - After Effects Project Files

Follow me on Videohive Update July 24, 2012 Now Includes a longer 2min VersionMinor Customer Requested changes made Do you offer a great service? Maybe you have an app or product that’s very useful. Whiteboard Write Features: Fully CustomizableHelp Video Included for Easy Customization.Includes 2 Animated Fonts with complete alphabet in capital letters, all numbers, and some special characters. Other Info: Music is NOT Included but can be purchased from jhunger @ >HERE<Download Free Font used in Preview >HERE<After Effects CS4 & CS5 Compatible.No additional Plug-ins needed.Uses Universal Expressions (works for all language versions of After Effects)Watch it in HD on Vimeo>HERE< Template Customization If you need help editing this template or do not have access to the Adobe After Effects software, please use the form at the bottom right of the Motioncraver User Page Thanks for viewing!

How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation ("Simply Stated" Whiteboard Animation). Mindmap SN To what extent can companies be a necessity with our society?