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Grade Level Skills Help at Internet 4 Classrooms. Random. Primary School sites, lessons, resources. News and reports- visual aids. Search for maths: Primary: KS2 teaching resources. #34802. Welcome to Crickweb. Kent Trust Web provided by Kent County Council. Channel 4 learning - online education resources and activities for schools.


Classroom Resource Search Results. Enter the Green Forest for early literacy and math activities for preschool and early elementary.

Classroom Resource Search Results

Find interactives with ABC's, colors, numbers, and memory with Dreamer, the Baby Blue Bird. Jayzee Bear's world (for ages 4 and up) includes interactives for practicing counting, beginning letter sounds, identifying shapes, coloring, memory games, and more. In Conkee's world, ages 6 and up, enjoy singing along, practicing time, reading books, and solving math problems. Red's house, ages 8 and up, explores outer space, goes on map adventures, finds nocturnal animals, unscrambles words, reads illustrated books, practices math skills, and shows how to make origami creations. Program Results: Museum Victoria. Museum Victoria home Skip to main content Education Programs at Museum Victoria Year Levels > Years 3 & 4 Programs Years 3 & 4 47 Results.

Program Results: Museum Victoria

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