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Wall Wars: Colored Wallpaper vs Painting. If you are thinking of redecorating your home, you know just how much of a painstaking job it can be to set the right style.

Wall Wars: Colored Wallpaper vs Painting

There is one aspect in your interior that can dictate the ambiance and that is what you do with your walls. More often than not the walls and the ceiling are overlooked when it comes to decoration. You can either paint them or use an interesting wallpaper, it is all up to your taste. While in the recent past wallpapers were considered old-fashioned and outdated, they are now having their big comeback and are here to stay for long.

To help you make up your mind, since choosing the right option for your walls may not be such an easy decision to make, here are a few comparisons of the two. The first thing you are probably thinking of is the speed of painting compared to that of hanging wallpapers. Durability is another point that should be considered. My Secret Corner. Four Essential Spring/Summer Interior Trends - Ideas For Blog. Another year, another chance for a home makeover.

Four Essential Spring/Summer Interior Trends - Ideas For Blog

Whenever a new season comes, we tend to renew our closet, but what happens with our homes? Using Flower Wallpapers To Prolong Summer's Warmth on Behance. Living Room Decor Add life into the dull white walls by applying flower wallpapers.

Using Flower Wallpapers To Prolong Summer's Warmth on Behance

From vibrant orange, pink and red, to more serene yellow, grey and cream, all colours come in play. You just need to find the one that will enhance your living and make it look more alive and bright. Above The Fireplace Instead of the whole wall, you can emphasize only the part above the fireplace. Wallpaper Versus Wall Decals. Wall paper and wall decals are one of the easiest ways to change the look of your favourite room.

Wallpaper Versus Wall Decals

They can instantly add colour, pattern, style or texture and totally transform the ambiance of any interior. Easy Tips To Create A Vintage Style Bedroom - PowerMums. Looking for vintage bedroom decorating ideas?

Easy Tips To Create A Vintage Style Bedroom - PowerMums

Romantic and completely charming, a vintage bedroom is also pretty easy and surprisingly inexpensive to create. With our decorating ideas, recreating a traditional vintage bedroom with classic colour schemes and delicate accessories will be a piece of cake! A bedroom in vintage style will take you back in time. It includes traditional and nostalgic elements and incorporates a variety of style ideas from different times. But don’t worry, in order to make this magic happen, you don’t have to break the bank. Use Wallpapers An amazing way to bring vintage feeling into your bedroom is by using vintage style wallpapers. Shop Around for Furniture Visit your local antique store to find treasure pieces. Take Advantage of Fabrics Shop for bedding and decorative items that feature a vintage style. Trendy News: Black and White Bedrooms - Every Single Topic. We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, therefore they can be notoriously difficult to decorate – no one wants to be stuck waking up in a room they don’t like.

Trendy News: Black and White Bedrooms - Every Single Topic

There is one trend that has seemed to be going around lately and that is the theme of black and white bedrooms. Now I know that some of you might be thinking that black in a bedroom is crazy, but once you see it with all the black décor, black wallpaper, and with the perfect balance of white, you will see why it has become such a huge trend. The Ideal Brick Wall Design Ideas For Your Home - The Ideal. Wondering why more and more people keep on decorating the walls in their home with brick wallpapers?

The Ideal Brick Wall Design Ideas For Your Home - The Ideal

Well, it is simple; they spice up the look of the space, add intrigue and bring the atmosphere in the room to a whole different level. And because brick wall paper is so unique, having a wall covered with it will give your room a total royal appearance. It’s amazing how a simple wallpaper design can change the look of an entire room, giving it exactly the look you were aiming for without making some huge changes on the walls. The thing with stone interior walls is that sometimes they tend to give the space a somewhat cold feeling; but there is a solution this. You can easily add a dose of warmth to the whole atmosphere by incorporating some other decorative elements such as plants and other decorative pieces in colours that will go perfectly well with the rest of the room décor.

Ideas For Animal-Themed Baby Rooms » One Page Review. Besides choosing the baby’s name, parents often face a dilemma when it comes to choosing the baby room theme.

Ideas For Animal-Themed Baby Rooms » One Page Review

Choosing the theme, furniture, colours, materials and baby decorations, is of vital importance since this will be the place in which your baby will grow for at least the first four years of his/her life. However, recently, the best and most popular themes for both girls and boys are the animal ones, as they are unisex. And since animal baby room decor with animals like fox, lion, monkey, giraffe and elephant are the most sought after, we have decided to put together a list of the best ones for both boys and girls. Elephant-Themed Nursery Whether a boy or a girl, elephant-themed nursery are perfect option for your baby’s first room. Spring Decorating With Wall Stickers Quotes. A while ago, when I was visiting my friend, we were having dinner in the dining room.

Spring Decorating With Wall Stickers Quotes

On his wall were noticeable dark letters made by wall art stickers. He went in to detail and explained, that those quotes were his family’s values that he wants to pass to his newborn daughter as she walks the path of life. That inspired me deeply. I’ve been planing to redecorate my home for a while now with my favourite theme – spring. Coming up with ideas, searching online to find the perfect wall art stickers, to reading a guide or two I was ready. When the flowers are blooming, I can close my eyes and feel how the leafs grow, how the warm wind passes through me, the electricity in the air flowing through my chest make me feel happy and full with love. You can always combine quotes with flowers or some drawings of animals. If you do not want to stress about it, another option is to choose from already designed artists or wallpaper shops offering you great options.

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