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My Stork Babies. Safe Tech Cloud. What is CT Scan and when we need it? – Dr Piyush MRI. A CT scan that is computed tomography scan allows the doctor to see inside of the human body. It is used in combination with the X-rays and a computer to produce a picture of your organ, bones and other tissues. But the details shown are more than the X-ray. You can get the CT scan done for any part of the body. The producer does not take very long and it’s absolutely painless. How does CT scan work? It uses a narrow beam of light that circles around one part of the body. How is CT scan done? Your doctor will recommend you not to eat or drink for few hours before the procedure is carried out. What is it used for? Risk associated Research says that CT scan with the X-ray may damage your DNA and lead to cancer. Ionizing radiation may be more harmful to children.

What is TMT and Why is it Done? – Dr Piyush MRI. A treadmill test is also called TMT test, is a kind of test performed to diagnose patients who may be suffering from a suspected heart disease. It can also be called exercise stress test. It is usually performed test these days. However, some other test is also performed together with TMT if the result produced is inconclusive. Why is TMT done? A treadmill test is useful for many reasons it helps the doctor to determine if the blood supply to the heart is reduced or is normal. It can also help in determining if patient’s lungs are in good condition. This is in relation to whether the persons exercise tolerance ok.

If you are regularly taking the medicines related to blood pressure or diabetes your doctor will advise you as to whether you should take these on the day TMT needs to be conducted. How is the TMT performed? As exercise treadmill test is performed as an outpatients test. Information gathered through TMT test. Computed Tomography (CT) Scan in Ghaziabad | Dr Piyush MRI. Radiology Services – CT Scan – Computed Tomography Scan A large number of X-rays taken from different angles are processed and combined using computer technology to generate cross-sectional or tomography images.

This non-invasive diagnostic procedure is known as a CT scan or X-ray CT or CAT scan. Doctors use CT scans to accurately analyse the various internal organs and diagnose diseases, disorders, trauma, and injuries. Computed Tomography (CT) has revolutionised diagnostic radiology and medical engineering in 1970s. In the medical profession, CT applications are diverse and the last 20 years have seen many rapid developments. The evolution of different types of CT scanners in combination with various applications such as preventive medicine and disease screening has made clinical procedures more innovative and automatic.

In India, CT technology has played an indispensable role in the development of clinical and medical practice. Why is CT Scan Necessary? High Image Quality Warning: Echocardiography Test in Ghaziabad | Dr Piyush MRI. ECHO – Echocardiography Test – ECHO Stress Test – Cardiac Services Ultrasound is used in the ECHO test to study the heart and its various internal structures. The ECHO test is also known as Echocardiography or diagnostic cardiac ultrasound. An ultrasound device known as a transducer is used in this test to generate the sound waves that create pictures of heart’s chambers, walls, and valves. The blood vessels attached to the heart are also studied using the ECHO. 2-D echocardiography provides excellent images of the heart structures including vessels such as aorta, arteries, and veins.

ECHO is used to study the heart’s movement using the generated picture known as a sonogram. What happens during an ECHO? In a standard echo, a small hand-held device known as a transducer is connected to the computer monitor. What is stress ECHO? The standard ultrasound ECHO (defined above) is combined with stress test to detect heart conditions. What are the uses of stress ECHO? Preparation. Exercises to help you recover from Hip Replacement Surgery – Dr. Dhananjay Gupta. How the Knee Replacement patient does improves after discharge from the Hospital – Dr. Dhananjay Gupta. The number of people who are opting for total knee replacement has increased during the past two decades. Physical therapy is one of the very essential parts of rehabilitation after total knee replacement.

Total knee replacement is the procedure in which knee is replaced with an artificial joint. It requires a major surgery and hospitalization. For an optimal outcome after total knee replacement surgery, it is important for patients to continue in an outpatient physical therapy program along with home exercise during the healing process. Patients will be asked to continue exercising the muscles around the replaced joint to prevent scarring and maintain muscles strength for the purposes of joint stability. The wound where the operation was done will be monitored by the surgeon and also the staff for healing. Future activities are generally limited to those that do not risk injuring the replaced joint. There could be a second operation that has the total knee replacement.

Revision of Hip Replacement in Delhi, India | Dr. Dhananjay Gupta. Revision hip replacement surgery is the procedure that is adopted for the patients, those have previously undergone total hip replacement surgery, but due to some injury, damage in the tissues, infection or other related factors generate discomfort and pain in the hips. Generally the duration of working of these implants in total hip replacement surgery is around 30 or more years. But the loosening of tissues forces a patient to undergo this surgery again. Revision hip replacement surgery is considered more complicated as the whole procedure is required to be performed again. So the patient should carefully choose the surgeons as the repeated process demands expertise and skilful hands.

With the availability of updated and many modern technology this revised surgery is no longer a part of person’s dream and can be performed easily. Explaining the process further, this surgery is generally operated by replacing the hip joint by prosthetic hip implant. Computer Navigated Surgery. Best Orthopedic Doctor, Orthopedic Surgeon in Delhi NCR | Dr. Dhananjay Gupta. Are there any option for good and bad Times to have LASIK done for your eyes? | Delhi Eye Center. For many glasses or contact lens wearers, there comes a time when they say enough is enough and they start considering LASIK.

This is also when people start to wonder if now a good time to consider LASIK Laser eye surgery is. When is the time for LASIK You want to improve the quality of life: There is no better time to have LASIK that now. The sooner you have the procedure, the more years you have to enjoy the unique benefits it brings for you. LASIK is a great option so you can travel without any kind of worries about your glasses and your contacts. With LASIK an option for vision correction, glasses and contacts are really just a temporary form of vision correction and costly one over the time period.

When may LASIK have to wait? During pregnancy: As most of the women who are pregnant tell us that hormonal imbalances caused by pregnancy extend beyond morning sickness. What Are The Early Signs And Symptoms Of Glaucoma | Delhi Eye Center. World Glaucoma Week 2018: Glaucoma is an eye disease which can lead to optic nerve damage, mainly because of excess pressure inside the eye. The World Glaucoma Week begins lasts from the 11th of March to 17th March each year. This week is dedicated to creating awareness about this condition which affects a good chunk of the elderly population across the globe.

Glaucoma is an eye disease which can lead to optic nerve damage, mainly because of excess pressure inside the eye. The primary purpose of this week is to spread the word about the condition and why people need to get diagnosed with glaucoma well in time. The key to prevention is timely diagnosis and treatment before it gets any worse. And this year the theme is Green = Go get your eyes tested for Glaucoma: Save Your Sight! However, Glaucoma is a silent theft of sight. Our expert, Dr. “Patient can also experience halos, glares and can feel that light is brighter than usual, headaches and a heavy feeling in the eye. 1. 2.

Dr. (Dr. Glaucoma Services, Glaucoma Treatment in Delhi | Delhi Eye Center. Glaucoma is an eye disorder which is caused by increase in Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP). If Glaucoma is not treated in a timely manner it can lead to increased Intraocular Pressure (IOP), resulting in loss of vision or blindness which is irreversible and permanent. At the Delhi Eye Centre, we are equipped with the right technology and expertise to investigate and treat all types of Glaucoma disorders. We always conduct an early screening of our patients to detect Glaucoma disorder so that its progression can be halted with proper intervention and treatment. If a person is having symptoms such as sudden decrease in vision, extreme eye pain, headache, nausea and vomiting, glare and light sensitivity, please do visit the Delhi Eye Centre for a proper eye screening session. At Delhi Eye Center, we diagnose Glaucoma by looking at the patient’s profile and family medical history for previous cases of Glaucoma.

The following people are highly susceptible to Glaucoma – Squint & Pediatric Services in Delhi | Delhi Eye Center. Examining and treating eye problems in children requires special knowledge and skills. We offer the complete spectrum of Paediatric Eye Services under the expert supervision of respectable professional team of eye doctors. Our comprehensive medical service covers all the childhood eye and visual development problems. A multidisciplinary approach is applied by our Paediatric Ophthalmologists to investigate and treat children’s eye related problems in a most compassionate and considerate manner. The VEC team comprises of well-trained professionals with dedication and desire to provide the best eye care for children – with humane touch. The following services are offered by our Paediatric Ophthalmology Department: Paediatric Vision ScreeningEye Exams & GlassesStrabismus (Crossed Eyes, Accommodative, Outward Drift, Vertical Drift)Eye Muscle SurgeryStrabismus SurgeryAmblyopiaPaediatric CataractsPaediatric GlaucomaRetinopathy of PrematurityPaediatric Oculoplasty Squint Services.

When To Meet A Gynecologist - Dr Ila Gupta. A Gynecologist is a doctor who examines and treats women reproductive organs. The doctor main focusing area is women’s reproductive system and anything else which is associated with the same. However, in most of the cases women think that they do not need to meet a gynecologist until they have symptoms, but according to the medical experts, you can meet the doctor to know your body and its condition.

For women, the reproductive organs have a crucial role in keeping them in good health. Thus, it is important to meet the top gynecologist in Gurgaon in a regular manner so that your health can be monitored and necessary measures can be taken as per the situation. Varicoceles and Infertility in Men - Dr Ila Gupta. Varicoceles are enlarged varicose veins that occur in the scrotum. It is very much common in men affecting overall of 40 out of 100 men with known infertility. Varicoceles occur most often in the left testicles. Varicoceles repair is done to improve the infertility condition in male. It can be done surgically on patients using local or general anesthesia. A small incision is made in the abdomen close to the testicles originally descended through the abdominal wall.

There is also a nonsurgical procedure called percutaneous embolization that is done to correct the problem. a small catheter is inserted through large vein in the groin and advanced to varicocele, which is blocked off by a balloon, coil or medicine. After the surgery you can expect to o home within 4 hours. What is the need of surgery? Vericoceles are thought that it raises temperature of the testicles or cause blood to back up in vein supplying to testicles. IUI Tips to Increase Your Chances of Becoming Pregnant - Dr Ila Gupta. IUI that is intrauterine insemination is a simple procedure that can increase your chances of getting pregnant. It is also one of the cheaper and less invasive alternative methods.

IUI is mostly successful in women who are younger or who have had a successful pregnancy in the past. The technology is effective for those couples who are diagnosed with unexplained fertility, coital disorder, mild male factor infertility and minimal endometriosis. Pre conditions are that a woman should have at least one fallopian tube and the male has an adequate sperm samples. IUI is relatively painless and routine procedure usually performed in the fertility clinic setting without anesthesia. It is commonly used in conjunction with controlled ovarian hyper stimulation (COH) s well as other medications that help induce ovulation. Health monitoring such as bold test and ultrasound will start at the day 6 of the menstrual cycle. Here are some tips to increase your chance of having a successful IUI result: Infertility Counselling in Gurgaon - Dr. Ila Gupta.

Infertility Counselling A child is the most beautiful gift one can have, and every couple naturally aspires to have a baby. The ability to reproduce is one of the most fundamental instincts in an individual. This desire is very strong because of genetic, biological, social, cultural, economic, and religious factors. In addition, there is a strong belief and dependence on family structure in many societies around the world. Taking all these factors into consideration, it is not surprising that many couples experience stress, anxiety, and other psychological problems if they cannot get pregnant soon enough. Modern Techniques Of Reproduction Due to the advances in medical technology, there are many biological and medical solutions to the problem of infertility.

In-Vitro Fertilization or IVFMicroinjection or ICSI However, treating infertility simply as a medical problem can be counter-productive. Emotional Blocks Infertility Counselling Assessment Whom do I tell my infertility related problems? Best Infertility & IVF Specialist in Gurgaon - Dr. Ila Gupta. How Infertility Can be Treated? - Dr Ila Gupta. Complete Information of Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) by Dr. Ila Gupta - Dr Ila Gupta. Why we need the IVF Treatment? - Dr Ila Gupta. ICSI - Dr Ila Gupta. Best Infertility & IVF Specialist in Gurgaon - Dr. Ila Gupta.

While Traveling You Should Know Money Exchange Locations in Delhi. Money Changer in Delhi NCR: How To Find The Best Money Changer In Delhi NCR. Money Changer in Vasundhara. Money Changer in Indirapuram. Money Changer in Delhi NCR | Money Exchange Services. What is Commercial Cleaning and Where Commercial Cleaning Services are Provided? Difference Between Residential Cleaning and Industrial Cleaning | ossservices. OSS SERVICES: Why Medical Center Requires Cleaning Services and Way to Find It.

How To Get The Quality In Cleaning Services in Brisbane? Cheap Carpet Cleaning Services in Brisbane – OSS Services. Medical Center Cleaning in Brisbane – OSS Services. School Cleaning Services – OSS Services. WebUnitech: Difference Between Dedicated Hosting and Shared (Virtual) Hosting. How To Choose Best Reseller Web Hosting for Your Website. Business Email Hosting Services. Reseller Web Hosting Services – Unlimited cPanel Reseller Plans. Domain Name Registration - Search and Buy Domain.

Why to Hire Window Cleaning Service Provider. Commercial Cleaning Services in Brisbane — Essential Tips during the Hiring Of Best Cleaning... Window Cleaning Services in Brisbane - OSS Services. Commercial Cleaning Company, Office Cleaning Services in Brisbane – OSS Services.