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Poland abortion: Fresh protests over planned restrictions. Image copyright EPA Polish protesters have launched fresh demonstrations against efforts to further tighten abortion laws.

Poland abortion: Fresh protests over planned restrictions

Women's rights activists held a rally outside the parliament building in Warsaw, with more action expected on Monday. Poland's MPs rejected a near-total ban on abortions on 6 October after mass protests against the move. But there are new proposals to outlaw abortions in cases where foetuses are unviable or badly damaged. Polish sports clothing brand enters Romanian market - Romania Insider. Former NCAA champ Darnell Jackson playing in Poland this season.

Former Kansas basketball power forward Darnell Jackson, who played in both Venezuela and Turkey last season, has reported to the training camp of Polish League team Rosa Radom, based in Radom, Poland.

Former NCAA champ Darnell Jackson playing in Poland this season

Bronson falls in finals of Polish Classic - Sports - Sturgis Journal - Sturgis, MI - Sturgis, MI. Edwardsburg beats Lady Vikings By Corky Emrick Bronson took second at the Polish Classic, falling to Edwardsburg 25-20, 25-17 in the finals.

Bronson falls in finals of Polish Classic - Sports - Sturgis Journal - Sturgis, MI - Sturgis, MI

Culture of Poland - history, people, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social. Alternative Names.

Culture of Poland - history, people, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social

Polish Culture and Life Style. Poland >> Polish Culture and History >> Polish Culture and Life Style.

Polish Culture and Life Style

San Diego Community News Group - Festival in Pacific Beach celebrates Polish culture and cuisine. October wouldn't seem right without the annual Polish Festival in San Diego taking place Friday through Sunday, Oct. 7-9, at St.

San Diego Community News Group - Festival in Pacific Beach celebrates Polish culture and cuisine

Maximilian Kolbe Roman Catholic Church at 1735 Grand Ave. in Pacific Beach. “This annual fundraising event is one of the most popular ethnic festivals in the Pacific Beach area, attracting people from all around San Diego as well as international visitors who want to get a taste of what Poland is all about,” said Kolbe spokeswoman Agnieszka Giacalone. “Delicious Polish food is definitely a must at the festival – pierogis (dumplings stuffed with sauerkraut or potato and cheese), Golabki (meat stuffed cabbage rolls), Bigos (Hunter’s stew), potato pancakes and famous grilled kielbasa (Polish sausage),” Giacalone said. HGTV set for Poland - Broadband TV News. The Scripps Networks Interactive lifestyle channel HGTV has moved a step closer to being launched in Poland.

HGTV set for Poland - Broadband TV News

According to Wirtualne Media, the country’s National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) has given permission for TVN, which is owned by Scripps, to change the name of TVN Meteo Active, one of its thematic channels, to HGTV. Polish minister likens abortion regime to Nazi-era euthanasia. Poland’s interior minister has urged MPs to back a new Bill effectively outlawing abortion by likening the current regime – already one of the most restrictive in Europe – to Nazi-era euthanasia.

Polish minister likens abortion regime to Nazi-era euthanasia

Warsaw’s Sejm parliament began debating a proposed Bill on Thursday to outlaw terminations and curb sex education, part of the national conservative government’s “counter-revolution” against liberal European norms. Poland and Cuba Interested in Greater Economic Links. 07 de septiembre de 2016, 16:28Havana, Sep 7 (Prensa Latina) The Polish Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Pawel Chorazy, expressed today the interest of Poland to expand the economic and trade links with Cuba, a market that Poland considered one of the most promising for their country.

Poland and Cuba Interested in Greater Economic Links

Chorazy traveled to the island at the head of the fourth commercial mission of that European nation, and participated in a business meeting, where he presented the opportunities of business, facilities and benefits for Polish investment in the island. At the opening of the meeting, Chorazy said that the interest is expanding partnerships in the areas of renewable energy, mining, agri-food and clothing textiles in order to raise the trade, in which exports to the island amounted to $ 54.8 million dollars in 2015. Black Monday: Polish women strike against abortion ban. Image copyright EPA Thousands of women in Poland have gone on strike in protest against proposals for a total ban on abortions.

Black Monday: Polish women strike against abortion ban

They marched through the streets wearing black as a sign of mourning for their reproductive rights. Women who oppose the ban are staying away from work and school and refusing to do domestic chores, in a protest inspired by a women's strike in Iceland in 1975. Anti-abortion protests are being held around the country too.

Protesters Decry Poland's Proposed Near-Total Ban on Abortion. Poland's ruling right-wing party on Friday pushed forward with a nearly complete ban on abortion, and women around the country and in cities across Europe rose up this weekend to condemn the legislation. The new anti-abortion bill "proposes to permit abortion only if the pregnancy threatens the mother's life," according to the Telegraph, forcing victims of rape or incest to carry those pregnancies to term. "Women who have terminations could be jailed for between three months and five years, while practitioners of illegal abortions could also face five-year sentences, up from two years at present," the newspaper adds.

People around the world are protesting in support of Polish activists. Poland already has very strict abortion regulations, where the practice is explicitly banned except for extreme cases like incest or rape, if the mother’s health is definitely in danger, and if the fetus isn’t viable. Poland Won't Back Tusk for Second EU Term, Kaczynski Says. Poland won't back former Prime Minister Donald Tusk for a second term as European Council head, the head of the conservative ruling party said Tuesday. Jaroslaw Kaczynski said in comments published on the "Polska The Times" website that Tusk might face charges in Poland, and the European Union should be aware of that. He said that wouldn't bar Tusk from winning a second term in an EU vote next year because Poland has no veto power.

"I can imagine that the Polish government will not back Donald Tusk for a second term in the European Council," Kaczynski said. "Tusk is a great problem. " The issue is linked to the 2010 death of President Lech Kaczynski and 95 other public figures in a plane crash in Russia. Poland wrestles with its past — and present. OSWIECIM, POLAND—During the Second World War, Building No. 5 of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum was a prisoner barrack filled with slave labourers. Today, it is packed with “material evidence of crimes”: a room filled with shoes, piles of decaying leather suitcases, a haunting mound of hair shorn from the heads of female prisoners and then sent to German factories to be woven into blankets. Nazis converted many parts of their victims’ bodies into useful items, our guide explains. Bones were made into buttons.

Human ash fertilized fields and skin was stretched into lampshades — “especially if it had interesting tattoos.” What Can We Learn From a Nazi Time Capsule? A time capsule buried in Hitler’s Germany was unearthed recently in modern-day Poland. The capsule hadn’t moved in 82 years, but the world above had changed dramatically. In 1934, the capsule, a copper cylinder, was buried with a formal ceremony in the foundation of one of the buildings of a training center the Nazis were constructing to indoctrinate future leaders of the Third Reich. After World War II, some European national borders shifted.

These dolls were taken from two girls destined for Auschwitz - AOL News. In February of 1944, two young Jewish girls were removed from their school near Dijon, France and deported to Auschwitz. There may be no ‘gold train’ buried in Poland — but there are definitely Nazi secrets remaining to be unearthed. A hidden train. Buried underground. A walk through Auschwitz. LOOK BACK: Hitler and the Holocaust. The danger in Poland's frontal attack on its Holocaust history. Virtual reality helps prosecutors catch last Nazi war criminals. German authorities have created a detailed virtual-reality recreation of Auschwitz, in a bid to help catch surviving Nazi war criminals. Developed by the Bavarian state crime office for the final Holocaust trials, the virtual replica is being used by prosecutors to gain a better sense of place and point of view.

Virtual reality helps net last Auschwitz criminals. AfD Leader's Car Torched In Suspected Arson Attack. The car belonging to Frauke Petry, leader of the anti-mass immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, was set alight last night in what is believed to be an arson attack. Police in Leipzig have ruled out an technical defect as the cause, and suspect the car was deliberate burned by as yet unknown individuals.

Berliner Morgenpost reports that no one has yet claimed responsibility. Ms Petry took to Twitter after the incident, writing: “#Germany 2016. ′Islamic State′ attack suspect extradited to Germany. German federal prosecutors confirmed that the 29-year-old Syrian suspect was turned over to Germany on Thursday. Saleh A., whose full name has been withheld in accordance with German privacy laws, was detained in Paris in February. He revealed to French investigators that an "Islamic State" (IS) cell planned to launch an attack on the western German city of Düsseldorf.