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EVE Search - Moon mineral values and POS costs rough guide. Posted - 2006.03.15 14:21:00 - [1] The Tech II chain Tech 2 ships and modules - blueprints obtained from the blueprint lottery.

EVE Search - Moon mineral values and POS costs rough guide

Tech 2 components - blueprints obtainable from NPC corps Complex materials - Large control tower only Simple materials - Medium control tower minimum Raw materials - Small control tower minimum This little guide covers the foundation of this chain, the production of raw materials. Scanning Costs Before setting up a POS, it is in your interests to scan as many moons as possible. Quest Survey Probe (40 minute delay) - 89,000 iskDiscovery Survey Probe (10 minute delay) - 193,000 iskGaze Survey Probe (5 minute delay) - 279,000 isk Remember - logging off, docking or leaving the system will waste any probes you havenFt had results for yet. The minerals Mining a moon is futile unless you are going to be able to make money from what you mine.

Unsellable Hard to sell Sellable Jackpot!!! POS Costs Both small and medium POS are ideal for moon mining. Small Towers Medium Towers. Eve_PI_Diagrams_v1_2.pdf (application/pdf Object) POSguide.pdf (application/pdf Object) High Sec Alliance POS Usage Problem AND Troubleshoo. Posted - 2009.05.04 14:51:00 - [1] Ok. To set this up. I have: Corp A - has 7+ standings with Caldari, has one member, CEO.Corp B - has one member, CEO, with Research skills and scientific networking.Both Corps have offices in high sec system where POS is.Corp B owns several BPOs, all of which are in Corp hangar in highsec office.

So, I did these things in this order: 1. Now, my problem is, I can start ME jobs as Corp A CEO. . - The POS is setup for alliance use. . - The ME I'm doing is on a Capital Armor Rep I. . - It lets me (Corp B CEO) pick the installation (from Corp A's POS), lets me select the BPO from Corp B office hangar, and when I click go, it starts to give me a quote, and errors out with the above error. Now, the acceptance of Corp B into the alliance just took efect this downtime, but it SHOULD be effective already.

Very frusterating. EVE Evolved: Five useful starbase configurations - Massively. Player housing is one of those features we love to see in an MMO but every game that has it seems to implement it differently.

EVE Evolved: Five useful starbase configurations - Massively

Sometimes it's limited to instanced rooms the player can decorate and sometimes it's a little more functional like shared guild halls. In EVE Online, the closest thing to widely-available player housing would be anchorable starbases, which can be configured to serve a variety of functional roles. Originally, their primary purpose was to mine moon minerals and react them to produce advanced materials for Tech 2 production. Starbases can be very useful as tactical staging points for PvP operations.

With the right modules anchored around them, they can also be configured for use in other industries, from mining and manufacturing to research and deep space exploration. In this article, I look at five different starbase configurations that can be very useful to organised corporations. Manufacturing / Research center: Ore / Loot depot: Tactical safespot: Death star: