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Two things: First, considering the touchscreen maps at my local shopping centres ae almost always down or only half work, and smeared with public finger goop, the maintenance factor would be huge in this kind of world. They'd always need constant repairs, cleaning, and upgrading. And the other thing is, though the touchscreen concept works okay at a small handheld level, if every single button you push has no tactile response, that satisfaction of a physical reaction to pressing a button, it can get quite exhausting for the fingers. Typing, which would be slowed down on a vertical or flat horizontal surface anyway, would be very painful to tap away at, with your fingertips repeatedly hitting solid glass with no give. A beautiful but creepy vision of the &smart glass& future A beautiful but creepy vision of the &smart glass& future
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by Marshall Brain | March 25, 2010 How cool would it be to have a secret passage or a secret room in your house? This video shows you several different options: There are several ways for you to do something like this: 1) Design in the passageway or the room when building a new house Secret Passageways Secret Passageways
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