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Architecture - St. Olavs Hospital - Inclusive Design. As with many other public buildings, hospitals can come across as large and unfamiliar, with sterile décor and a complex layout of spaces and floors, and much attention has traditionally been given to the functionality and system.

Architecture - St. Olavs Hospital - Inclusive Design

When developing the new hospital, one of the challenges was to keep sight of the human experience and to develop a hospital that is accessible to everyone. We are at our most vulnerable when we are ill. Furthermore, we are mentally and physically affected by our surroundings. These are two facts that were taken seriously when planning both the inside of the buildings and the outside environment. The fundamental concept of the design of St. “As soon as you are inside the building you see continuity, and contact with the outdoors. “Establishing the concept of inclusive design at the initial stages has been crucial.” - Ragnhild Aslaksen, Chief Architect Patients as equals in the decision-making Inclusive design at St.

Concours Dataconnexions #6 : les inscriptions sont ouvertes. The death of the social entrepreneur? Norwegian peace researcher, sociologist and mathematician Johan Galtung has invented a method called TRANSCEND for conflict transformation by peaceful means.

The death of the social entrepreneur?

According to Galtung (and Wikipedia); “there are four traditional but unsatisfactory ways in which conflicts between two parties are handled:A wins, B loses;B wins, A loses;the solution is postponed because neither A nor B feels ready to end the conflict;a confused compromise is reached, which neither A nor B are happy with.Galtung tries to break with these four unsatisfactory ways of handling a conflict by finding a “fifth way”, where both A and B feel that they win. The method also insists that basic human needs – such as survival, physical well-being, liberty, and identity – be respected.” I’ve been thinking about using the TRANSCEND method for one of today’s conflicts. The profit vs. non-profit conflict. Most non-profits cares for these, but on the other hand often don’t care about profit and financial viability. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Saving Lives at Birth. A world premiere : Bardzour, 9 MW de solaire avec stockage - 9 MW PV project with storage. Global Development Professionals Network. M-Pesa, a payment system using mobile phones, now accounts for 25% of Kenya's GDP.

Global Development Professionals Network

Photograph: Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images Claire Alexandre, head of M-Pesa commercial and strategy, Vodafone, London, UK Meet the customer's need: A great tech idea has to meet a key customer need, developing markets are no different from that perspective. M-Pesa is a case in point: when the first pilot was done in Kenya around loans disbursement, Safaricom and Vodafone found out that users were starting to send money to each other.

That was not what the service was designed for, but we quickly adapted and ended up launching the money transfer proposition first. Involve the regulators: Countries where mobile money services such as M-Pesa have developed best are often those where financial services regulators decided to become active stakeholders and even often leaders. Un réfrigérateur solaire pour l’Afrique - Invention - Europe - Le portail des inventeurs, des inventions et des innovations en Europe, propose des services gratuits pour aider les inventeurs à développer leurs inventions sur le Web. Ce site communautaire. La Haute Ecole d’ingénierie et de gestion du canton de Vaud et le Centre écologique Albert Schweizer à Neuchâtel, en Suisse, ont mis au point un réfrigérateur à énergie solaire pour l’Afrique subsaharienne.

Un réfrigérateur solaire pour l’Afrique - Invention - Europe - Le portail des inventeurs, des inventions et des innovations en Europe, propose des services gratuits pour aider les inventeurs à développer leurs inventions sur le Web. Ce site communautaire

Le réfrigérateur à énergie solaire était l’une des stars d’Energissima, le salon suisse des énergies renouvelables et technologies nouvelles de Fribourg. Imaginé pour l’Afrique subsaharienne, cet appareil permet de stocker vivres et médicaments dans les régions les plus reculées. Cette invention est le fruit de plus de dix ans de recherches appliquées, sous la direction du Pr Philippe Dind, et d’une collaboration entre la Haute Ecole d’ingénierie et de gestion du canton de Vaud, à Yverdon-les-Bains, et le Centre écologique Albert Schweizer (CEAS), une organisation non gouvernementale basée à Neuchâtel. « L’idée de base est née lors d’un voyage de notre directeur, en 1998, à Ouagadougou, capitale du Burkina Faso.

Auteur : Stéphane BERNEY. Design for Extreme Affordability. DESIGN FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION. Projects and Research. Through events, courses, workshops, and an innovation competition, the Social Innovation Initiative supports the efforts of students and faculty to creatively address contemporary environmental and social challenges.

Projects and Research

The core activities of the Initiative include: New Challenge: The New School's Innovation Competition New Challenge, The New School’s annual social innovation student competition, began its second year in fall 2012. New School students committed to working on local and global challenges can enter to win financial awards of up to $10,000 as well as invaluable support, including mentoring and skill-building workshops.

ArchRecord: 30 Nonprofit Firms & Organizations.