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FASHIONART / BLOG. Hint Fashion Magazine. If Miss California's gay-unfriendly remarks ruffled your feathers, take a gander at London's Alternative Miss World, where imagination is encouraged and differences celebrated.

Hint Fashion Magazine

Here, eccentric artist Andrew Logan, who began the event thirty-something years ago, ruled the roost Saturday night. Co-hosting with Ruby Wax, he lived up to the theme of The Elements with a Bauhaus-like outfit designed by Zandra Rhodes. Earth, air, water, fire—I was in my element! November 2008. Sosolo Blog - Fashion style and trend news. » Masks. Dr. Romanelli » Blog » Blog. ALEX NOBLE. I Give Myself To Strangers. KRIZIA ROBUSTELLA. Hint Fashion Magazine. The Citizens Band's Sarah Sophie Flicker...

Hint Fashion Magazine

Most of my Fashion Week plans have been dashed by my consumptive, pneumonic, bubonic plague-like scourge that I can't seem to shake. I was really heartbroken to miss Thakoon. DESORDES CREATIVAS. -.ROKE graffiti ART.- 2009 July « eskimon. What makes an ‘effective’ advertisement?

2009 July « eskimon

That depends on what you expect advertising to do. Some people believe it should drive sales; others think it must effect behaviour change. But perhaps these expectations are too high; after all, advertising is just one element of the marketing mix, and each of the ‘Ps’ has a role to play in delivering overall success. So, what’s advertising’s specific role within the mix? June 2009. The really lovely Caroline at Patchwork Harmony tagged me this week, so here goes my answers.......

June 2009

What is your current obsession? My obsessions change quite often, currently i'm into flea markets, painting old furniture i find around the house (nothing is safe from my pot of Crown period white eggshell)I am also obsessed with interiors magazines, 1950's/1960's lamps and tables, chairs and for the love of god i can not stop buying sofa's! SICK SHOP LIFE. The Urban Gent. 02.2009. As you know, Prostituted Thoughts is a smorgasbord of media observations – often with an advertising slant.


My musings will likely be just as random, but perhaps they will be enjoyable as well. The job market, particularly in communications, has reached a new low. Worst media internship ever. 9/26/10 - 10/3/10. My Natural Anthem. Bumbumbum - art, design and advertising blog. K I K K E R L A N D. 1/07/09 - 1/08/09. Grupodicomers's Blog. La Nueva Escuela. Listen with your eyes. We declare the world as our canvas. CENTRO DE GRAVEDAD PERMANENTE. Brandery Winter edition 2011, la feria de moda urbana de Barcelona.

READY 4 RIOTS. Pintura antiurbana. Soraya olivares. November 2009. Well, after last week’s wrist-slashingly fun jaunt through the interior landscape of my inner torment, I figured it was time for a more light-hearted post.

November 2009

That seems to be how I roll around these parts: from deep despair, examining and exposing old scars, to silly posts about, say, decomposing bananas. (No, that was never a metaphor.) As November is World Vegan Month – and, perhaps intentionally – also the month in which countless herbivores can expect to be thoroughly traumatized around the Thanksgiving table as a stuffed turkey corpse is carved and consumed before our very eyes, yes, it is time for one of my funny posts. ★ home & vintage ★ Blog. Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials. Habitables Architecture. CoolVibe – Digital Art, Wallpapers, Inspiration. Vintage Fashion Blog. Vandalog – A Street Art Blog. Paintings + drawings. Distractions. Dirty Mouse. LooksLikeGoodDesign. Youngprimitive blog. Nitro:licious. Numero f.

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