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10 Popsicles Made with More Than Just Fruit. Fruit pops are the best but the world of dessert can be so much more than just berries and peaches.

10 Popsicles Made with More Than Just Fruit

These 10 popsicles show you just how tasty dessert can be with other ingredients like fresh herbs, veggies and even goat cheese! While here in the states, avocados are mostly limited to Mexican food, this savory fruit is used in many desserts across the globe. These pops will convince you why. Lavender infused cream make these strawberry pops both tasty and elegant. It’s no surprise just how well mango and heat go together. These pops are as tasty and healthy as they are gorgeous. Hello spring! Yes, salt and celery. Vanilla infused sour cream creates a wonderful popsicle base that is big on flavor. Yah, I know that tomato is really a fruit but if our government can call it a veggie, so can I!

Blackberries, goat cheese and bourbon. Boozy pops are the best! Vegan Food Is Real Food — do you have a list or suggestions of vegan food to make in a dorm room? (with only a microwave as a heating/cooking source) Chili-Rubbed Portobello Tacos with Cilantro-Jalapeño Crema (Gluten-Free) We used So Delicious Dairy Free’s Plain Greek Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt for the Cilantro-Jalapeño Crema as a dressing for the amazing chili-rubbed portobello tacos with Dr.

Chili-Rubbed Portobello Tacos with Cilantro-Jalapeño Crema (Gluten-Free)

Don’s homemade Mexican rice and fresh pico de gallo. It’s both VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE. It’s always exciting for us to make something GLUTEN-FREE! Cilantro-Jalapeño Crema (Gluten-Free) Ingredients 3 So Delicious Plain Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurts (18 ounces) 2 tablespoons water 2 tablespoons distilled white vinegar 1 rinsed and stemmed jalapeño 1 peeled garlic clove 1/2 cup lightly packed cilantro 1/4 teaspoon pepper.

Eat Clean Train Mean Get Lean - Your guide to toast from Zest magazine. The urge to drink is high tonight. Wines for people who hate wine. - FUCKING RECIPES. Sinlessly Delicious Recipes.  Vegan Entertaining, Baking & Everyday Food. Have cake, will travel. The Oatmeal Artist. Creatively gluten-free and vegan. Vegan stuffed shells. I swear, no one will know this is vegan.

vegan stuffed shells

Ok, that was a big statement, let me start over. I’m really pretty sure that this one will win over your pickiest eaters. This isn’t fancy food here… we all loved jumbo shells in the 90′s and I’m bringing them back today with the best quotation marked “ricotta” that I’ve made yet. The trick is to combine cashew cream with tofu. I’ve made a lot of vegan lasagnas by crumbling tofu with herbs – which looks very ricotta-esque, but still tastes decidedly tofu. And (now) speaking of fancy food – this post was inspired by the selection of ingredients that came in my Hatchery Box. Sauce, bake & devour… Ingredients vegan “ricotta”: (can be made ahead) for the shells: 16 jumbo shells a few cups of marinara sauce drizzle of olive oil (very optional) - top with grated parmesan or pecorino cheese Instructions Preheat oven to 350. Notes Pictured is a half recipe (for 2 of us). One night we added mushrooms - yum.

Illegitimi non carborundum - thegoddamazon: mangosteel: Keeping this... VeganYumYum. Gluten-free, Egg-free and Dairy-free Recipes. Blog. January 12, 2015 Isa Live: A Vegan Life In 4 Courses The dates are fast approaching.


NYC, Nashville, Chicago (sold out, thank you!) And Napa, I am coming to feed you. Because the NYC February 1st date sold out so quickly, we’ve added a second date on February 2nd. From my early years in Brooklyn just learning how to make my own tamales and create vegan translation of my favorite foods, to my adulthood as a cookbook author taking over the world with cupcakes, and finally, my current life in Omaha, opening a vegan restaurant – Modern Love – in the heart of cattle country, these recipes will tell the story of my life. PS Sorry, there won’t really be any pyrotechnics. The MenuAct ICaesar Salad With Brussels seared brussel sprouts, grilled tofu, tahini caper dressing, toasted pine nuts Act IITamale lentil chorizo, mole rojo, guacamole Act IIIChickpeas & Dumplings creamy chickpea stew, rosemary biscuits Act IVChocolate Mousse Cupcake pistachio dust, coconut whip, raspberry caramel.