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The Sneaky Chef: Free Healthy Recipe for Brawny Brownies from How to Cheat on Your Main (In the Kitchen!) Makes about 16 brownies When The Sneaky Chef first came out, one of the most talked-about recipes was the brownie recipe.

The Sneaky Chef: Free Healthy Recipe for Brawny Brownies from How to Cheat on Your Main (In the Kitchen!)

Everyone was amazed that no one—neither kids nor adults—could detect the hidden spinach, blueberries, oats, wheat germ, or the missing fat and sugar. Here, I’ve slightly modified my signature recipe by adding a bit more sophisticated flavoring for the adult palate (although that didn’t stop my kids from devouring them again!). You can also savor the fact that dark chocolate is the new health food, loaded with antioxidants and credited with the ability to lower blood pressure.

Add that to the spinach, blueberries, and whole grains, and you’ll see why I call these Brawny Brownies! The Sneaky Chef: Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals. Over 100 Quick and Easy Healthy Foods. Eight Fatty Snacks To Lose Weight. Craving a snack?

Eight Fatty Snacks To Lose Weight

Put down that bag of chips and step away from that chocolate chip cookie. Instead, try these eats, which are loaded with healthy fats that help control hunger and promote weight loss. QUIZ: How Much Fat Did You Eat Today? Hard-Boiled Omega-3-Enriched Egg These eggs come from hens fed an omega-3 enriched diet, typically from flaxseeds. {Recipes} Homemade Summer Popsicles & Free Printables! It’s summer time and what better way to cool off than with homemade popsicles!

{Recipes} Homemade Summer Popsicles & Free Printables!

These are my two favorite popsicle recipes and have never been able to pick which one I liked better, the strawberry coconut or the honeydew lime, so I decided to share them both with you! Need a reason to make these popsicles? Make for dessert at the summer BBQHave as an afternoon treat with your kidsPlanning a summer birthday party? There ya’ go.It’s sunny – what better excuse do you need? Not only are both recipes easy peasy, but your kids will love them and so will you!

Girl Eats Food - Skittles Cups. As gloriously diabetic as Skittles are, there aren’t that many ways of tasting the rainbow™ outside of listlessly inhaling them from a vending machine packet.

Girl Eats Food - Skittles Cups

Put them in ice-cream, and they freeze into molar-smashing rocks. Put them in cookies, and they collapse into tasteless grit. Even the infamous Skittle Bräu just ends in you yacking up kaleidoscopic chunks. Treats / A Beautiful Mess Recipe Index. Easy Patriotic Treats. Independence Day is almost here and we have some Extraordinary 4th of July treats to make this special holiday simply delicious!

Easy Patriotic Treats

Make these Sandwich Pops in just a few minutes with Living Locurto.