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Chemical Library Enumeration. Chemical Library Enumeration (This workflow can be found on the KNIME Workflow Public Server under 050_Applications/050001_ChemicalLibraryEnumeration Note that this workflow requires the installation of various nodes from the community update site!)

Chemical Library Enumeration

The Workflow The workflow demonstrates how a chemist could create a virtual library of Amides based on a set of Acids and Amines.For the enumerated products, some molecular properties are then calculated and the products are filtered based on the Lipinski "rule of 5". In order to demonstrate the interoperability of the different community contributions, the workflow uses nodes from the RDKit, CDK, and Indigo integration. In practice, this is, of course, not absolutely necessary. The Report The workflow uses a QuickForm to allow the user to select the type of plot to accompany a report combining numeric, text and image data along with the selected graph in a summarized report: Sharing Metanodes Deploying the workflow using the KNIME WebPortal. Molinspiration WebME Editor. ChEMBLdb. Online Chemical Modeling Environment. Online Chemical Modeling Tutorials.

Online chemical modeling environment (OCHEM): web platform for data storage, model development and publishing of chemical information. Chemistry Freeware. Virtual Laboratory Software. LogP Calculator. NCI/CADD Group Chemoinformatics Tools and User Services. The PubChem Project. PubChem Download Page. This file contains the structures downloaded from the PubChem FTP site that have at least one assay result associated with them that was obtained in the context of the NIH Common Fund (previously: NIH Roadmap) Molecular Libraries Probe Production Centers Network (previously: Molecular Libraries Screening Center Network), part of the Common Fund’s Molecular Libraries and Imaging program .

PubChem Download Page

It is organized by unique chemical structures (“Compounds” in PubChem parlance), i.e. assay results for possibly multiple different samples (“Substances” in PubChem parlance) have been combined into the one record representing the unique chemical structure. Placeholder assays (assays containing a single record only) have been filtered out. Explanation of the property data fields in the SD file (note - properties present in the original PubChem files have been copied unchanged, for the explanation of those properties we point directly to the appropriate PubChem document ): Igor Filippov. PubChem Download Service. 2,4,6-tri-tert-butylphenol - PubChem Public Chemical Database. NCBI: PubChem DB download. CHMIS-C. Practical chem.

Chemical Databases - WWW Chemistry Guide. ChemMine. Chemical Search Engine. ACToR. ChemSpider - Database of Chemical Structures and Property Predictions. SDF File Extension - Open .SDF files. PowerMV Molecular Viewer. PowerMV: A software environment for statistical analysis, molecular viewing, descriptor generation, and similarity search.

PowerMV Molecular Viewer

Jack Liu, Jun Feng, Atina Brooks and Stan Young National Institute of Statistical Sciences Basic Functions: • Supports MDL SDF format • Displays molecules in multiple columns. • Displays properties contained in SD file in a table. • Anti-alias technology for best picture quality. • Table of molecule pictures and properties can be exported to Excel (Office XP and above) to generate personalized reports. • Calculates three types of binary atom pair descriptors and continuous weighed burden numbers. . • Searches over ACL library to determine possible mechanisms or side effects. BASIC VERSION Download Now! Version 0.61 released! Notes: Users from Denmark and some other European countries should change Regional Setting to U.S. to avoid a file saving bug.

AFFILIATE VERSION Download (requires affiliate userid and password) Version 0.71 released! PowerMV READ-ME FILE 1. 2. 3. Main Page - Avogadro - Free cross-platform molecule editor.