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Weird Sports

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Bossaball. Kicks, spikes, flips, and...trampolines.


Nothing bad's gonna happen here! Belgian Filip Eyckmans developed the concept for Bossaball about a decade ago when he was living in Spain and, I guess, jonesing to play all his favorite sports at the same time, and while rocking out. The circus of a hybrid you see before you is Eyckmans' combination of volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, and capoeira, all set to a background of groovin' world beats. It's Bossaball. Bossaball recruits 2 teams of 4 to 5 (highly coordinated, flexible, and daring) players to defend their sides of a giant inflatable "court" with a standard volleyball net running down the middle. Bossaball allows for both volleyball-style ball handles--one touch per person with hands or forearms, and a maximum of 5 to 6 touches per team--and soccer-style handles--a single or double touch per person with all the rest of the parts of your body that aren't your hands.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo. IMCF 2015 5v5 FRANCE VS NEW ZEALAND. DC SHOES: ROBBIE MADDISON'S "PIPE DREAM" I want to play this! Now! How You Could Get Me To Watch Golf. NPPL Las Vegas 2011 x HK Army. Ski Ballet Is The Forgotten Olympic Sport You Need In Your Life. Stop Everything And Watch This Kid's Jawdropping Figure Skating Routine. aXbgBq2_460sa.gif (300×228) 16 Unbelievably Ridiculous World Sports. The Most WTF Sports Stories Of All Time. Footgolf France. There's A Festival Where Men Run Up A Greased Pole To Snatch Flags. 9 International Sports America Should Adopt Immediately. England's Shin-Kicking Championship Is Not For The Thin-Skinned. Introducing Your New Favorite Sport, "Combat Juggling" Le Petit Parkour com @Guarana Antarctica. Extreme Sports We Want In X-Games - X-Games Sports. For Adrenalists, the X-Games are the holy grail, a biannual Olympiad-style face off among some of the most talented pros in extreme sport.

Extreme Sports We Want In X-Games - X-Games Sports

Some of the best moments of our year happen when we’re watching superpipe action or BMX freestyle street insanity. There are, however, a couple of sports we’d really love the X-Games committee to add to the event roster. Some choices on our list used to be featured and have gone away. Others are more…pipe dreams. Best sport ever - Casteller. Sepaktakraw Doha Final match Thailand - Malaysia Takraw. Extreme Forms of Soccer - Forms of Soccer.

Are you ready for Euro 2012?

Extreme Forms of Soccer - Forms of Soccer

The 14th European Championship for national football teams will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine from June 8 to July 1. The contest is huge – the second biggest deal in soccer after the illustrious World Cup. You need to understand, however, that the wildly popular brand of soccer we all know and love is not the only one. Dotted around the planet, there are all kinds of captivating soccer variants. Discover some off-the-beaten-path ways the game is played and maybe you’ll have a newfound love for your favorite sport. Australian Rules Football Australian Rules Football, also know as Aussie Rules, is an extremely dynamic and physical game.

Aussie Rules’ roots can be traced all the way back to early forms of Rugby and Gaelic football, but it is extremely Australian — as much part of the culture as Ugg boots and sausage sizzle. Weird Extreme Sports - Weird Sports. BMX, BASE jumping, skiing and surfing, bungee guys jumping, and skateboard kids skating: these are a few of our favorite things (as you well know if you read The Adrenalist).

Weird Extreme Sports - Weird Sports

Less often do we cover those pastimes that are more, well, out there – extreme in their own right, but a few clicks left of our typical extreme sports. All that changes today. So, sit back, enjoy and marvel at some of the lesser-known examples of life on the edge. 1. 25 Breathtaking Photos Of The World's Strangest Sports. Mais pourquoi l’auto-Polo n’est pas un sport olympique ? Je suis là aujourd’hui pour réparer une injustice et redonner sa place à un sport viril qui n’a pas connu le succès qu’il mérite.

Mais pourquoi l’auto-Polo n’est pas un sport olympique ?

NEW!! Japanese Pole Toppling Game (CRAZY) Bo-Taoshi (MUST WATCH) Ultimate Tazer Ball- UTB The Future of Sport- Adrenaline, Action, Tactics, Tasers and TAZERS!!!!! ESPN "the Ocho" Underwater Rugby. Force Basque. Elephant Polo. Exciting Elephant Polo Goal October 20th, 2009 · 0 Comments (start the conversation!)

Elephant Polo

· Unusual This is supposed to be one of the greatest elephant polo goals, but I have watched it many timesand don’t quite get the excitement. Tags: Elephant Polo·Unusual Elephant Polo rules the east October 20th, 2009 · 0 Comments (start the conversation!) Speed Stacks. Bossaball. Cheeserolling. Picture Courtesy of Adam Wood Did you compete?


Did you come in the first three places? Please let us have your details for the record of the event. Cheese Ban News media around the world are now reporting an attempt to prevent Diana Smart from selling her Double Gloucester Cheeses which have traditionally been used in the Cheese-Rolling at Cooper's Hill. Diana Smart will surely appreciate the publicity for her now unique product! Rob Smart talks about police warnings against supplying the cheese. Press and media from time to time, ask for competitor details to enable radio and television interviews with current and past winners, would you like us to have your contact details to pass on to interested organisations? Hockey subaquatique. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. o.

Hockey subaquatique

Underwater Hockey. Chessboxing - The thinking person's contact sport. Entre le ring et l’échiquier. Lancée par un artiste néerlandais, lui-même inspiré par une BD d’Enki Bilal, une curieuse discipline sportive se développe en Europe depuis quelques années.

Entre le ring et l’échiquier

Sa terre d’élection pourrait être la Russie, patrie des échecs (et du KGB). Pour l’emporter, il ne suffit pas de bien jouer aux échecs ou de savoir tenir sa place sur un ring. Il faut être capable de faire les deux à la fois. Lors du match qui a opposé l’Anglais Andy Costello à Nikolaï Sajine, dans la ville natale de ce dernier, Krasnoïarsk, en octobre 2011, c’était le peintre Viktor Katiouchtchik qui commentait. World Chess Boxing Championships - 1 of 2. Chess Boxing Demands a Rare Breed of Human: The 'Nerdlete' InShare0 What makes a better chess boxer, a boxer who can think strategically or a chess player who can throw a punch?

Chess Boxing Demands a Rare Breed of Human: The 'Nerdlete'

According to Laura Pannack, a photographer who shot a series of chess boxer portraits at the London Chessboxing Championships last year, there’s no way to tell. Sepaktakraw: Thai Kick Volleyball - Sepaktakraw. Few, if any, sports have more wow factor than kick volleyball. Strictly known as Sepaktakraw — a cross of the Malay word for “kick” and the Thai word for “woven ball” — it is electrifying.