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The Hubos Come Together. Watch tiny fighting robots vie for the Robo-One championship. Japan's Robo-One tournament for humanoid boxing robots took place last weekend, and Robots Dreams has posted a gallery of the tiny robots duking it out in the ring.

Watch tiny fighting robots vie for the Robo-One championship

Even better, they have full video of the winning match, where reigning champion GAROO knocked out challenger Gargoyle Mini. DARPA Cheetah Sets Speed Record for Legged Robots. Make a Mind-Controlled Arduino Robot. Makers Kimmo & Tero Karvinen, authors of Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets, brought a very interesting project along with them to Maker Faire: Bay Area last year: an Arduino robot you control with your mind!

Make a Mind-Controlled Arduino Robot

The robot was a huge success and had a lot of people asking, “How do I build one?” Fortunately, Kimmo & Tero teamed up with Maker Press to bring you their latest book, Make a Mind-Controlled Arduino Robot (now available in the Maker Shed), so you can build one of your own. Mary Rotman, Publicist at O’Reilly Media, recently caught up with Kimmo & Tero for a quick Q&A. Have you always been “makers”?

We’ve always been interested in tinkering, but with Arduino (and it’s predecessors like the Basic Stamp,) making things is faster. Be sure to watch for other great Maker Press books in the near future. Michael Castor I am the Evangelist for the Maker Shed. Related. Un bras bionique connecté au système nerveux. Un bras bionique connecté au système nerveux Todd Kuiken est un ingénieur et chirurgien de talent qui a mis au point une prothèse de bras robotisée capable de se connecter avec le système nerveux humain.

Un bras bionique connecté au système nerveux

Cela permet au porteur de la diriger dans des mouvements souples et précis et même de ressentir les choses (au touché). Il est passé chez TED avec sa patiente Amanda Kitts qui est équipée de ce bras bionique et c'est franchement très impressionnant. Dans quelques années, les prothèses mécaniques seront remplacées par ces prothèses bioniques, pour le plus grand bonheur des personnes amputées. La vidéo est en anglais, un poil longue, mais passionnante donc accrochez vous un peu... Robot pebbles cooperate to copy and build 3D models. Some researchers at MIT have created a system that allows a pile of "smart pebbles" — tiny, cube-shaped robots — to create a 3D copy of whatever gets placed in it.

Robot pebbles cooperate to copy and build 3D models

Professor Daniela Rus and her student and co-author Kyle Gilpin will be presenting their results, complete with experiments using 10-millimeter cube prototypes, at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in May. In order to reproduce a 3D model, the first step is figuring out what you're reproducing, and the pebbles do this by figuring out if they're surrounded on all sides by other pebbles (in which case they're not touching the object to be copied), or if they're on a border somewhere (in which case they might be touching the object).

Once the pebbles figure out where the model is they can send messages to neighboring pebbles to bond together and reproduce the same model. Kinect Hackers Are Changing the Future of Robotics. The Kinect lets people navigate the digital world through gestures rather than mouseclicks.Illustration: Justin Wood For 25 years, the field of robotics has been bedeviled by a fundamental problem: If a robot is to move through the world, it needs to be able to create a map of its environment and understand its place within it.

Kinect Hackers Are Changing the Future of Robotics

Roboticists have developed tools to accomplish this task, known as simultaneous localization and mapping, or SLAM. But the sensors required to build that map have traditionally been either expensive and bulky or cheap and inaccurate. Laser arrays cost a few thousand dollars and weigh several pounds, and the images they capture are only two-dimensional. Stereo cameras are less expensive, lighter, and can construct 3-D maps, but they require a massive amount of computing power. On November 4, a solution was discovered—in a videogame. Within weeks of the device’s release, YouTube was filled with videos of Kinect-enabled robots. Video: Groombot Brushes Cat, Ushering in a New Era of Remote Robo-Petting. Telepresence is cool, but it's currently not very versatile and--at least if you're going the commercial telepresence robot route--pretty expensive.

Video: Groombot Brushes Cat, Ushering in a New Era of Remote Robo-Petting

For a princely sum, you can remotely putter around a faraway office or home and communicate with people there via a computer terminal. Outside of that, the technology has yet to break down any serious walls. That is, until software engineer Taylor Veltrop devised a way to brush his cat remotely via a robotic avatar, spearheading what could be the biggest revolution in cat-grooming technology since that kitty brush that you wear like a glove. In all seriousness, what Veltrop pulls off in this video is pretty amazing in that he doesn't just create telepresence, but actually achieves tele-grooming.

In Veltrop's setup, the HMD provides him with the robot's viewpoint and also controls the Nao's head and neck--whichever way the operator turns his head, the robot moves in kind. But before we can have all that, we have to groom the kitty. Les robots débarquent et c'est une bonne nouvelle. - Le robot Justin de l'agence spatiale allemande attrape une balle Michael Dalder / Reuters - Cet article est issu de Future Tense, une collaboration entre l’université de l’Arizona, la New American Foundation et Le 24 juin, lors d’une visite au Centre national d’ingénierie robotique de l’université Carnegie Mellon, le président Barack Obama a annoncé que l’État américain allait doter la National Robotics Initiative (Initiative robotique nationale) d’un budget de 70 millions de dollars. publicité Dans son intervention, Obama s’est autorisé une plaisanterie: «Vous l’ignorez peut-être, mais une de mes responsabilités en tant que commandant en chef est de surveiller les robots.

Les robots débarquent et c'est une bonne nouvelle

Boutades robotiques Les plaisanteries sur les robots déclenchant la fin du monde marchent toujours.