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Super... bonne nouvelle... Bonne continuation... Amités. Patrick Twitter and fun :) PHP Kweeker CMS. The CMS Matrix - - The Content Management Comparison Tool. CMS Made Simple version Demo. CMS Made Simple is an open source (GPL) package, built using PHP that provides website developers with a simple, easy to use utility to allow building small-ish (dozens to hundreds of pages), semi-static websites.

CMS Made Simple version Demo

Typically our tool is used for corporate websites, or the website promoting a team or organization, etc. This is where we shine. There are other content management packages that specialize in building portals, or blogs, or article based content, etc. CMS Made Simple can do much of this, but it is not our area of focus. CMS. Logiciels libres ▶ Gestion de contenus ▶ 64 logiciels libres Sélection Des logiciels très utiles. Websitebaker. My_eGallery 2.8.75 Pour Maximus 2010 avec slide show intégré PHP Maximus CMS.