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TPP Accord transpacifique

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Success! The TPP Is Dead! In the midst of doubts and worry about the future, here’s some good news: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is officially dead.

Success! The TPP Is Dead!

The TPP is a huge, controversial “free trade” agreement negotiated behind closed doors between 12 countries: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the U.S. and Vietnam. It’s a trade deal made by corporations for corporations that would have loosened workers’ rights and had a negative impact on the environment, human rights, intellectual property rights and more. Photo Credit: Backbone Campaign Stop the TPP In the face of this alarming proposal, activists have been working hard around the world for over 6 years to ensure that it never becomes law. Lacey Kohlmoos, an activist at Care2, started a petition targeting the U.S. Major Success! Kohlmoos’s petition garnered more than 165,000 signatures, contributing to the powerful push worldwide to get rid of this agreement.

Take Action. Sign the petition to Nancy Pelosi: No Lame Duck vote. The recently-signed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was negotiated behind closed doors with hundreds of corporate advisors.

Sign the petition to Nancy Pelosi: No Lame Duck vote

It would make it easier to offshore good jobs, push down our wages, and undermine essential climate policies, affordable medicines, safe food, human rights & an open Internet. It should not be approved, and certainly not during the “lame duck” session of Congress after the November election—when members are the least politically accountable to constituents. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have both announced opposition to a lame duck vote on the TPP. But House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has refused to take a position. Her public position will have enormous influence on how other House Democrats vote.

Sign the petition to Congress: Don’t Trade Away our Climate. Commit to Vote NO on TPP! Join Daily Kos and Friends of the Earth to call on your Congressperson to commit to vote no on the toxic Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Sign the petition to Congress: Don’t Trade Away our Climate. Commit to Vote NO on TPP!

After years of negotiations conducted under extraordinary secrecy, the TPP final text would not only fail to protect our environment, but would actually threaten our air, water, and climate. The TPP would offer thousands of new foreign firms virtually the same broad rights included in past deals that have enabled big polluters to use private tribunals to challenge safeguards for our air, water, and climate. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is an environmental disaster. Tell Congress to reject the TPP. Fight the TPP. Don't Sign the TPP. Sign if you agree: Congress must stand up and oppose the TPP. President Obama will launch his final push to pressure Congress to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a "trade" deal that would eviscerate broad swaths of regulations that protect consumers, workers, the environment and the soundness of our financial system.

Sign if you agree: Congress must stand up and oppose the TPP

It would also set up a legal regime where corporate profits trump the policy priorities of sovereign governments. With the text of the deal now public, even some key Republicans who supported Fast Track authority for approving the TPP are now saying they cannot support the trade deal as it stands. That means the President currently does not have the votes to pass the TPP. We need to keep it that way and thwart any momentum toward passage of the TPP in this Congress.

TransCanada: If we can’t build Keystone, we want $15 billion. TransCanada isn’t taking no for an answer.

TransCanada: If we can’t build Keystone, we want $15 billion

In November, President Obama rejected the company’s plans to build the Keystone XL pipeline. Now the company is fighting that decision, just as it had threatened to do: It’s suing America and seeking $15 billion in damages. On Wednesday, TransCanada filed suit in a U.S. court in Texas, arguing that Obama didn’t have constitutional authority to deny a permit for the pipeline. It also announced its intention to file a claim under the North American Free Trade Agreement, seeking monetary compensation. As The Wall Street Journal explains, “The company, which has spent $3.1 billion on the project already including on pipe and payments to landowners, said the $15 billion damage claim includes compensation for foregone tolls and other profit it otherwise would have earned.”

Of course, oil prices are so low today that it doesn’t make much financial sense to mine the Alberta tar sands anymore. Trade experts say TransCanada’s NAFTA claim is a long shot. No longer top secret: The TPP trade deal is just as evil as you think it is. Remember the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership (TPP)?

No longer top secret: The TPP trade deal is just as evil as you think it is

That top-secret agreement between the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam, Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, and Singapore — aka 40 percent of the world’s economy? It was top-secret for years (though due to be released any day now). Trans-Pacific Partnership could undermine climate regulations, top economist warns. As a general rule, climate hawks are not jumping for joy over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a new trade deal between the U.S. and some Asian and Pacific nations.

Tout à fait. Tous ces projets de libre-échange visent à livrer encore plus de ressources à ceux qui en ont bien de trop, privatisant les profits et socialisant les pertes, climat compris, selon la bonne technique du capitalisme. Le monde meilleur n'est pas celui-là et vu la faillite des institutions ce sera à nous à reprendre la main. La société civile n'est pas la bienvenue à la COP21, pourtant il faudra bien qu'elle se fasse entendre ! – alwen
Et c'est la même avec le TAFTA ... Bienvenue dans un monde meilleur ... – tourist.information

On Tuesday, in an interview with Democracy Now!

Trans-Pacific Partnership could undermine climate regulations, top economist warns

, Nobel economics laureate Joseph Stiglitz gave them another reason to worry: He argued that certain provisions in the TPP would allow polluters to sue governments for setting carbon emission limits. “This is a trade agreement that has all kinds of provisions intended to restrict regulations,” Stiglitz told Democracy Now!’ S Amy Goodman. As an example of the absurdity of these types of provisions, Stiglitz cited Philip Morris suing Uruguay in 2010 under a different treaty. BREAKING: The TPP was just finalized. This is our last chance to stop it. Tell Congress 2 Vote NO on Fast Track, Monsanto's Secret Trade Deal. BREAKING: This morning President Obama went to Capitol Hill in a last ditch effort to woo hesitant members of the Democrat party into voting for giving him Fast Track authority for the Trans Pacific Partnership and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA).

Tell Congress 2 Vote NO on Fast Track, Monsanto's Secret Trade Deal

The vote is taking place in less an hour. And we need your help to stop it! Tell Congress to Say NO to Monsanto and the TPP! BREAKING Politico is just reporting: "President Barack Obama's bid for fast-track trade authority narrowly cleared a procedural hurdle today, paving the way for critical votes on Friday.

Tell Congress to Say NO to Monsanto and the TPP!

A handful of House Democrats joined with pro-trade House Republicans to advance the White House trade agenda, 217-212. " A final vote in the House takes place TODAY! Right now the White House is working behind closed doors with 600 corporate lobbyists in Congress, furiously trying to close the deal on the TPP – a massive trade deal so secret that most members of Congress have never even been allowed to read the details of the agreement. If allowed to pass, the TPP could outlaw GMO labeling and even county bans on GMOs and Monsanto’s toxic cancer-causing products. Wikileaks offre 100 000 dollars à qui divulguera le traité transpacifique. Le | • Mis à jour le | Par Stéphane Lauer (New York, correspondant) Depuis la conquête de l’Ouest, les Etats-Unis ont une solide culture de la récompense pour retrouver « mort ou vif » un hors-la-loi.

Wikileaks offre 100 000 dollars à qui divulguera le traité transpacifique

Rappelez-vous ces affiches placardées dans les westerns avec le mot « Wanted! WikiLeaks sur Twitter : "WikiLeaks reveals new trade secrets #TPP #TTIP #TISA. Trade in Services Agreement. Today, WikiLeaks released the secret draft text for the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) Financial Services Annex, which covers 50 countries and 68.2%1 of world trade in services. The US and the EU are the main proponents of the agreement, and the authors of most joint changes, which also covers cross-border data flow.

In a significant anti-transparency manoeuvre by the parties, the draft has been classified to keep it secret not just during the negotiations but for five years after the TISA enters into force. Despite the failures in financial regulation evident during the 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis and calls for improvement of relevant regulatory structures, proponents of TISA aim to further deregulate global financial services markets. The draft Financial Services Annex sets rules which would assist the expansion of financial multi-nationals – mainly headquartered in New York, London, Paris and Frankfurt – into other nations by preventing regulatory barriers.

WikiLeaks reveals new trade secrets. 'Thank goodness for Wikileaks': Greens Greens Co-Deputy Larissa Waters slams the secrecy surrounding the Trade In Services agreement, and says important details have only been made public because of Wikileaks. Highly sensitive details of the negotiations over the little-known Trades in Services Agreement (TiSA) published by WikiLeaks reveals Australia is pushing for extensive international financial deregulation while other proposals could see Australians' personal and financial data freely transferred overseas.

The secret trade documents also show Australia could allow an influx of foreign professional workers and see a sharp wind back in the ability of government to regulate qualifications, licensing and technical standards including in relation to health, environment and transport services. Trade Minister Andrew Robb. Take Action. Ten Reasons Why the TPP Must Be Defeated. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a disastrous trade agreement designed to protect the interests of the largest multi-national corporations at the expense of workers, consumers, the environment and the foundations of American democracy. It will also negatively impact some of the poorest people in the world. The TPP is a treaty that has been written behind closed doors by the corporate world. Incredibly, while Wall Street, the pharmaceutical industry and major media companies have full knowledge as to what is in this treaty, the American people and members of Congress do not.

The USTR's Revolving Door With Copyright And Patent Maximalists Removes All Credibility. Tim Lee, over at the Washington Post's The Switch, has an excellent, detailed look at why the USTR seems to think that patent and copyright maximalism is in the best interests of America. There are two key reasons, which I'll paraphrase as (1) the employees at USTR have strong connections to copyright and patent maximalists, and there's a constant revolving door between USTR and IP maximalists, and (2) they're basically ignorant of how the digital world works today. The ignorance issue is disturbing, but somewhat understandable.

As we pointed out just recently, the USTR relies heavily on Industry Trade Advisory Committees (ITACs), which are deeply involved in these things. Members get access to the documents -- much more access than even Congress, and certainly a lot more access than the public which gets none at all. The IP ITAC is almost entirely made up of legacy industry players who come from a different era, and who know little about today's innovation.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Seen as Door for Foreign Suits Against U.S. Photo WASHINGTON — An ambitious 12-nation trade accord pushed by President Obama would allow foreign corporations to sue the United States government for actions that undermine their investment “expectations” and hurt their business, according to a classified document. The Trans-Pacific Partnership — a cornerstone of Mr. Obama’s remaining economic agenda — would grant broad powers to multinational companies operating in North America, South America and Asia. Under the accord, still under negotiation but nearing completion, companies and investors would be empowered to challenge regulations, rules, government actions and court rulings — federal, state or local — before tribunals organized under the World Bank or the United Nations.

Backers of the emerging trade accord, which is supported by a wide variety of business groups and favored by most Republicans, say that it is in line with previous agreements that contain similar provisions. “This is really troubling,” said Senator Charles E. WikiLeaks - Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - Investment Chapter. (on 2015-03-25) WikiLeaks releases today the "Investment Chapter" from the secret negotiations of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) agreement. The document adds to the previous WikiLeaks publications of the chapters for Intellectual Property Rights (November 2013) and the Environment (January 2014). The TPP Investment Chapter, published today, is dated 20 January 2015. The document is classified and supposed to be kept secret for four years after the entry into force of the TPP agreement or, if no agreement is reached, for four years from the close of the negotiations.

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks editor said: "The TPP has developed in secret an unaccountable supranational court for multinationals to sue states. The Secret U.S. Trade Agreement That Will Make Income Inequality Worse. Global Trade Watch sur Twitter : "Secret #TPP threatens #democracy, #foodsafety & #environment. Spread word @dwatchnews: #p2 #1u. Stop Fast Track! Stop the TPP!

WikiLeaks Publishes TPP IP Chapter. Obama Administration Budget Pledge to Cut Medicare, Medicaid Costs Would Be Undermined WASHINGTON, D.C. – Access to affordable cancer treatments in the U.S and 11 other countries would be delayed for years if terms revealed today in the leaked draft Intellectual Property Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) were to go into effect, Public Citizen said.

The text, obtained by WikiLeaks, analyzed in collaboration with Public Citizen and released today also shows worrying developments on other patent and copyright issues and explains in part why TPP talks remain deadlocked a month before President Barack Obama’s declared deadline for a deal. TPP: The Dirtiest Trade Deal You've Never Heard Of. GOP-Obama Compromise Would Mean a Scary Win for Big Business. I’d be surprised if a single voter cast their ballot on Tuesday so multinational corporations could exempt themselves from national laws.

I don’t remember one TV ad framing the election as a chance to raise prescription drug prices in poor countries, or to stop the government from buying American-made goods. Digital Future Survey. Skip to main content Digital Future Survey. Face to Face with Internet Censorship. In a matter of days decision-makers will meet to finalize the Trans Pacific Partnership's (TPP) Internet censorship plan.1. Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. PCGTW : Why can't #food be about... Say no to corporate power grabs - reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Stop the Secrecy. TPP Petition Delivery. In new Pacific trade talks leak, “climate” becomes the unmentionable. Support the Anti-Corruption Act: get money out of politics. Administration Is Seen as Retreating on Environment in Talks on Pacific Trade.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is retreating from previous demands of strong international environmental protections in order to reach agreement on a sweeping Pacific trade deal that is a pillar of President Obama’s strategic shift to Asia, according to documents obtained by WikiLeaks, environmentalists and people close to the contentious trade talks. TPP Trans-Pacific Partnership. Resist Much, Obey . . . Not! "It's NAFTA on Steroids!" Secret Trade Deal Spawns ‘We Will Not Obey’ Movement. TPP-relaced.png (Image PNG, 700x1579 pixels) - Redimensionnée (55. Before Monsanto uncorks the champagne.

Tobacco Firms’ Strategy Limits Poorer Nations’ Smoking Laws.