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Model Ship World. Fine Scale Modeling by Paul Budzik. Riverboat Construction - Maritime Texas. In the beginnings of steamboating on America’s western frontier – which in the early years of the 19th century encompassed most of the continent west of Pittsburgh – the technology of the craft was new and uncertain.

Riverboat Construction - Maritime Texas

Robert Fulton and his partner, Nicholas J. Roosevelt, built the first steamboat on what would come to be called the Western Rivers at Pittsburgh in 1811. This little boat, New Orleans, managed to reach her namesake port early the next year, marking the inauguration of steam navigation on the Mississippi. By the time New Orleans was sunk on a snag near Baton Rouge in July 1814, several other boats were running on the river. LasFreitas PaperCraft. Losi Ten T stop motion electric conversion. YouTube.


Sublime Rush Mobile. Model ship page-3 free download. The Mother of All Maritime Links: Page 28 of 47. The Mother of All Maritime Links John's Nautical Links List Page 28 of 47 Prev.

The Mother of All Maritime Links: Page 28 of 47

Page Contents Search Next Page New or Changed Links. Shipp in Bottle. Unosetentaydos - Grumman Widgeon 1:72 Airfix Forever - AVIACION (1:72) PD. Después de haberse entrometido un Hawker Osprey, un DC 2 republicano, de volver a pegarme con el Clipper, de tres chirris y de un ataque a la caballería confederada todo ello inacabado por supuesto, tengo algún avance del Widgeon y su cama de agua.

unosetentaydos - Grumman Widgeon 1:72 Airfix Forever - AVIACION (1:72) PD

Poco a poco voy añadiento lo que serán las olitas y estelas con masilla Milliput blanca.


Salonwagen Sal 4ü-37a de la Deutsche Reichsbahn (Scratch 1:35) Logros. SPG Bishop - THE DESERT HULK - mission complete..... Radek Pituch - Complete Modeller. Hello again.

Radek Pituch - Complete Modeller

Today I would like to show you another project that I will be starting to work on soon, it is the old Heller Renault R35 kit with two prototype 3D printed update sets from ETS35. Shapeways of Netherlands takes care of the printing part and the design was done by my collegue from Eindhoven, Niels Henkemans, a man who's biggest interest are the prewar French Hotchkiss and Renault tanks, hence the conversion. Niels also designed sets to upgrade the Hotchkiss H35/H39 tanks but lets get back to the R35 conversion.

Scale Model Challenge 2012, Eindhoven, Holland, Photo Report. Below you will find a number of photos from the trip and the show, do enjoy, there were some real gems out there.

Scale Model Challenge 2012, Eindhoven, Holland, Photo Report

MODELISMO Y MODELISTAS "THE MASTERS" II (ANEXO DIORAMA): "Lund Brothers" Esc 1/35 bt Per Olav Lund. 1/35 Scale Accessories - Fields of Glory Models. Sproket's Small World. Dioramas ¿que son? Para aquellos que ingresan en este pasatiempo como modelistas, o para los que tienen gusto en coleccionarlos, los dioramas son una excelente opción al momento de ambientar su hobby.

Dioramas ¿que son?

En mi caso me gustan para tener un adecuado set de fotografía si quieres exhibir tu colección en internet. Daré algunas explicaciones básicas para entender el tema de los dioramas. ¿Qué es un diorama? , principalmente es una maqueta o escenario a escala, aun que algunos apliquen significados mas complejos. ¿Qué tipos de dioramas existen?


The Modelling News: MasterBox kit 3562: 1/35th West European Cart review. Newest of the three models from MasterBox this month is the kit number 3562 “West European Cart” – we thought - instead of just talking about it lets do a construction – but then we thought – lets paint it and weather it!

The Modelling News: MasterBox kit 3562: 1/35th West European Cart review

View topic - Airbrushing Rivet's and metal. Airbrushing Rivets and Metal As promised, I've put a tutorial together on the way I've painted Greastermans Hilux.

View topic - Airbrushing Rivet's and metal.

Any questions, please fire away with them. Always happy to help. Rust weathering tutorial (With MIG Pigments) (versión en Español) Today we are going to talk about rust effects on scale models. We are going to do a quick approach to rusting techniques using pigments and a little oil paint. Rust is an important part of a weathered model, but as with any weathering technique it is easy to overdo it. We should be always very careful when applying it, understanding how rust develops, under what kind of ambient conditions and checking continously against reference material.

Painting Rust Effects by:Blackbard.

LOS ÁCIDOS DE GRABADO | Técnicas de grabado

Una bebida de chamoy con hielo frape? - Yahoo! México Respuestas. Natural Metal Finishes Part. Ships and Sailing. Radio Control. View topic - A Ratty Fat-Fendered Ford Forty. Well, yes, I guess you guys are familiar with these . . .

View topic - A Ratty Fat-Fendered Ford Forty

Okay, after you get the colors to look like you want them, you once again allow the body to dry thoroughly, or you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process . . . Once dry, you remove all the salt (you've seen this process before in some of the other builds I've done recenlty). I used Ryan Silva's alcohol wash to get some rust throughs on the body . . . just a few rounds . . . and I once again let everything dry . . . I applied some india ink/alcohol washes, a bit of rustall, some MIG pigments, and here are some results . . .

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