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IEEE-Citation-StyleGuide. Citationref.pdf. Scalable Discovery of Linked Services. Writing WSDL Contracts. If you are defining an existing application as a service, you must ensure that each parameter used by the method implementing the operation is represented in a message. You must also ensure that the return value is included in the operation’s output message.

One approach to defining your messages is RPC style. When using RPC style, you define the messages using one part for each parameter in the method’s parameter list. Each message part is based on a type defined in the types element of the contract. RPC style message definition is useful when service enabling legacy systems that use transports such as Tibco or CORBA. January 24, 2001 Spanish Translation available here. This article was first published as "RDF and Metadata" on in June 1998. It has been updated by ILRT's Dan Brickley, chair of the W3C's RDF Interest Group, to reflect the growing use of RDF and updates to the specification since 1998. The Right Way to Find Things RDF stands for Resource Description Framework. Scenario 1: The Library You're in a library to find books on raising donkeys as pets.

Scenario 2: The Video Store You're in a video store and you want a movie by John Huston. Scenario 3: The Phone Book You're working late at a customer's office in South Denver, and it seems that a pizza is essential if work is to continue. The Common Thread What do all these situations have in common, and what differences lie behind the scenes? It's All Different Behind the Scenes In each of our scenarios, we used metadata, and we used it in remarkably similar ways. Not Just For Searching What About the Web? w3. Iserve-ORES2010.pdf. Barrachina Using Ontologies and Intelligent Systems for Traffic Accident Assistance in Vehicula.

Bermejo.pdf. REST: From Research to Practice - Erik Wilde, Cesare Pautasso - Google Books. Cesare Pautasso is assistant professor in the Faculty of Informatics at the University of Lugano, Switzerland. Previously he was a researcher at the IBM Zurich Research Lab and a senior researcher at ETH Zurich, where he earned his PhD in 2004. His research group focuses on building experimental systems to explore the intersection of model-driven software composition techniques, business process modeling languages, and autonomic/cloud computing.

His research, teaching and consulting activities both in academia and in industry cover advanced topics related to Software Architecture and Design, Self-Organizing Service Oriented Architectures and emerging liquid Web services technologies. He is an active member of the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society where he has served on more than 100 conference and workshop program committees. He has also started the series of International Workshops on RESTful Design (WS-REST) at the WWW conference. Dr.

RDF Storage

Web semantica. Dip_a_pattern_based_approach_for_task_and_data_parallelism.pdf. Buscar un Conjunto de datos. Services and linked data feed Future Internet | Digital Agenda for Europe | European Commission. The project results, including a web-based management platform and a range of development tools, are feeding into various new industry applications. With tens of billions of devices networked together, a figure that is growing daily, the world is seeing a fundamental shift in the way that data is produced, stored, used and shared. As a result, we are witnessing a new era where data is being linked in an open and altogether more usable way. And we are seeing a blurring of the boundaries between content providers and consumers, as social networking sites, blogs and other platforms proliferate on the internet, leading to a new generation of so-called 'prosumers'. To many observers, this 'web of data' is what the internet was destined to become, an alternative to the current 'web of pages' which may or may not be meaningful or useful to the average user.

Compare this, for example, to 'service ecosystems', which can already be found around some companies. Web-based tools Business opportunities. Combining SAWSDL, OWL ‐ DL and UDDI  for Semantically Enhanced Web Service  Discovery. Aguirre.


Composicion de Servicios. Projects | iSOCO Lab. Tecnologías de la Web Semántica aplicadas a la creación y personalización de interfaces de usuario | Mariano Rico. 2.1. Portales Web Semánticos Los portales semánticos son aplicaciones web queutilizan internamente tecnologías de la web semán-tica. El usuario interactúa con el sistema como enuna aplicación web tradicional, pero se genera in-formación semántica que puede ser usada por agen-tes semánticos. Sin embargo, suelen ser aplicacio-nes muy pesadas que enfrentan toda la problemáticamencionada en la sección 1, esto es, la complejidadinherente a las tecnologías web y la complejidad delas tecnologías de la web semántica. Hay platafor-mas para el desarrollo de este tipo de portales, porejemplo KAON Portal o ODESeW [4].

Este últimoha permitido generar portales web semánticos comoEsperonto , Knowledge Web u OntoGrid ). Frameworks paracrear funcionalidad adicional a la creación de con-tenidos semánticos resulta muy complicado desdeel punto de vista técnico [7]. 2.2. Los wikis aparecieron en 1995 como aplicacionesweb en las que el usuario podía crear contenidos demanera muy sencilla. Engine . Profesión 1547. .