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ARV. ARV Story Hetero is one of the world’s largest producer of anti-retroviral (ARV) finished formulations and APIs.


The company’s commitment towards HIV/AIDS treatment started way back in 1997, being the first company to develop affordable APIs for anti-retroviral finished formulations. Since then, it’s our pioneering efforts in anti-retroviral therapy, that today we are recognized as a world leader in providing HIV/AIDS treatment. As on today, about 4.5 million HIV/AIDS patients are on ARV formulations manufactured by Hetero in its USFDA and WHO approved facilities. Besides the finished formulations, Hetero has also been supplying its APIs to several finished dosage manufacturing companies contributing to treatment of further 7,00,000 patients. With consistent efforts in ARV and with the available manufacturing capacities, Hetero is able to meet the increasing demands, keeping in mind that still millions are deprived of access to treatment. Best Female Personal Fitness Trainer Certification NYC. A Synergy Lifestyle Coach Will Change the Way You Live Life.

Best Female Personal Fitness Trainer Certification NYC

First, what is a Lifestyle Coach? A lifestyle coach is: A trained fitness professional, not just a personal trainer Knowledgeable in many areas of health including body composition, endurance, work-out programs and diet. Synergy Fitness Club offers personal female Trainer Certification in NYC. An extension of you and willing to do whatever it takes to transform your mind and body until you achieve desired results.

Fitness is the largest component of staying healthy. The most important element of fitness is creating a routine that brings you to your goal safely and efficiently. Synergy Fitness has a diverse selection of Lifestyle coaches that will help you attain your goals. Best Pasta Singapore - Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore. Best Italian Family Food Catering, Romantic Restaurant Singapore. Office Relocation. Whether you are a small company office moving across town or a multi-national corporation moving across the country, Pioneer Movers has the expertise and resources to plan and implement the most effective office relocation to ensure business continuity for your staff and organisation.

Office Relocation

Our sales executive will work closely with you to understand your business objectives, evaluate the scale and scope of your office relocation, and identify the key criteria for the success of your project. If you have any questions about any aspect of preparing for your office move - please call us as many times as you wish for some no obligation advice. Call our customer service department at 1 800 88 MOVE or 03 6250 5261. Maternity wear by Alvira Camellia. Corporate Gifts from Young Generation Shop - alviracamellia. Events & Party Catering Singapore - Pasta Fresca.

Data Recovery Software Centre- Hard Disk Data Recovery Services Singapore. Why is hard disk drive data recovery necessary?

Data Recovery Software Centre- Hard Disk Data Recovery Services Singapore

The modern hard disk drive (HDD) is an absolute wonder of engineering science, and yet even the most reliable hard drives are not “fail safe”. In fact, hard disk drives are the most common component to fail in a computer other than the power supply. At Data Savers Pte Ltd, Seagate Recovery Services we breathe, eat, and sleep hard disk drives so if you need expert assistance to recover your data, we can help. There are so many different scenarios of data loss that each new case seems to present a new challenge.

However, there are some common processes and steps for all recoveries. Evaluation Every data recovery begins with an in-depth evaluation to determine the exact cause of the problem. Logical Recovery (some examples) Physical Recovery (some examples) HEAD CRASH: A head crash refers to the damage that occurs when the heads come into contact with the spinning disks. Data Savers recovers data from a wide range of hard drives. BabyOnline - Baby online store Singapore. What is Segmentation. Food Grade Chemicals Supplier- Food Safe Chemicals. Regardless of any food processing industry, cafeteria, fast food or restaurant, hygiene and sanitation is essential towards achieving high quality and safe food products.

Food Grade Chemicals Supplier- Food Safe Chemicals

Our comprehensive Food Safety Program helps all food and beverage product providers maintain the highest standards of sanitation and quality. We have the expertise and technology to assist you -- bakeries; beverages and breweries; cafes, restaurants and fast food; canning industries; dairy farms, cheeses and processing; and meat, fresh fruit, and seafood storage, farming, transport, and processing.

Let the professionals at Alpro assist you. Event Advertising in Singapore – Miticket. Redefining Design Solution- BDC.