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Backward Design

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Backward design. Backward Design Model Backward design is a method of designing educational curriculum by setting goals before choosing instructional methods and forms of assessment.

Backward design

Backward design of curriculum typically involves three stages:[1] identify the results desireddetermine acceptable levels of evidence that support that the desired results have occurreddesign activities that will make desired results happen. Backward design. 1 Definition Backwards design (or backward design) is an instructional design method invented by Wiggins and McTighe and is part of their larger Understanding by Design framework.

Backward design

. “ Backward design begins with the end in mind: What enduring understandings do I want my students to develop?” Backward Design Model - Educational Learning Theories. Watch the video and read the information below to understand more about this very effective model of curriculum design.

Backward Design Model - Educational Learning Theories

A good explanation of Backward Design in 9 minutes. Design & Teach an Online Course Using a Backwards Design Approach. Backward design process. UbD.