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Altorum Leren, a leading IT, Services Company, specializes in software application development, Cloud Computing, UI/UX, Fullstack Development, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Quality Assurance and more.

What is Internet of Things (IoT)? - Altorum Leren. Internet of Things is a trending topic in this era.

What is Internet of Things (IoT)? - Altorum Leren

It is an interesting concept of transferring data over a network with the help of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines. These interrelated devices contain unique identifiers. The magic concept here is that transferred data does not require human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Let us now learn the concept of IoT or Internet of Things. When we separate IoT, the “thing” referred here may be sensors, a person or animal with monitor implants or transponders, any objects that can be assigned with an Internet Protocol(IP) address and are effective in transferring data over a network. Working of IoT: In a primary environment of IoT, it mainly consists of smart devices that are web-enabled with embedded systems like processors, sensors and communication hardware. Importance of IoT Smart work always beat hard! In this fast rushing technological era, IoT has found its way of adaptation.

Advantages: Standards: Fundamental Concepts of DevOps - Altorum Leren. DevOps are the resulting product of agile software development.

Fundamental Concepts of DevOps - Altorum Leren

This concept was created to keep up with the increased software velocity. To support the end-to-end software delivery lifecycle, DevOps of agile software plays a major role. To know DevOps in detail let us have a brief about agile software development; Agile Development is an iterative and incremental software development methodology. Some of the popular agile methodologies are Kanban, Scrum, Scaled Agile Framework®, and Lean Development and Extreme Programming.

The DevOps methodology extends agile development practices by streamlining the concept of software change through build, validate, and deploy & delivery stages. Now let us understand the advantages of DevOps; Problems encountered due to Dev where knowledge gap in QA and Ops read-blocks prevent the program from working. Effective deployment frequencyAchieving faster time to marketLow failure rateImprovement of mean time to recovery 144 Views. Front-end Development Process - Altorum Leren. User Interface and User Experience - Altorum Leren. For any business to reach the peak of success user interface and user experience play a major role.

User Interface and User Experience - Altorum Leren

Both UI and UX work hand in hand. The user interface is all about working on a series of screens, pages, and visual elements. On the other phase, user experience revolves around how a customer interacts with various aspects of your product, services or website. Let us dig deeper into the most commonly used terminology UI and UX designing. Mobile App Development Phases and Application - Altorum Leren. Truly manhandling!

Mobile App Development Phases and Application - Altorum Leren

Yes it’s with reference to a mobile app. In this technological era mobile application holds a major impact. Every single job may be a small scale industry to multinational company relies on mobile app and web applications. Intro on Cloud Computing - Altorum Leren. It’s not magic!

Intro on Cloud Computing - Altorum Leren

The concept of cloud computing imitates virtual functioning of data through network without any interaction of users/customers. Cloud computing is used to detain data centers available to many users over the internet. Back in 2006, Amazon first released Elastic Compute Cloud which was well furnished as Cloud computing. When we look into short history of cloud computing, the word “cloud” was meant to describe internet and standardized cloud symbol depicted network on telephony schematics. Cloud computing allows the user or customer to take all the benefits of technologies. The things that we can’t see is what cloud computing deals with. Cloud computing also involves automatic computing through which a customer can provision resources on demand. Cloud computing shares attributes with Client Server model, Mainframe Computer, Grid Computing, Fog Computing, Peer-to-peer, Utility Computing, Cloud Sandbox and other. Interesting Concepts of Back-end Development - Altorum Leren.

Designing software is like solving mystery case.

Interesting Concepts of Back-end Development - Altorum Leren

In every layer of the case there is some interesting and challenging task. Back-end developing is an unseen task handled by developers who help in working of front end functionalities. Any application or web services primarily consist of two integral parts frontend and backend. The internal function of the application or website is handled by servers, database etc. Know Your Artificial Intelligence - Altorum Leren. Invisible, accurate intelligence indeed!

Know Your Artificial Intelligence - Altorum Leren

Artificial Intelligence also widely known as machine intelligence uses the concept of human mind in solving various system related problems. Evolved since 1955, AI has been developed step by step and now is ruling worldwide industries and business. Two major concepts in finding a solution are learning and problem solving. In machine language minimal amount of coding are highly prefer for solving complicated issues. This concept can help in restricting the memory size so as multiple problems can be resolved related to a particular business. Handling any computer related problem includes stepwise reasoning, knowledge representation, accurate planning, learning, related natural language processing, perception and high ability to move or manipulate objects. AI uses specific algorithm to resolve various machine related issues. Due the advancement in machine industries it is obvious that every system includes artificial intelligence. 239 Views. How does a Blockchain Wallet work - Altorum Leren.

Cryptocurrencies are leveraging with a rocket speed in its value and so as the concept of digital wallet.

How does a Blockchain Wallet work - Altorum Leren

Digital wallets are wrapped with interface of users and digital transactions. This process has a tedious functioning at the backend. Blockchain wallet unlike like any other traditional digital wallet allows the user to manage bitcoin, ether and cryptocurrencies. A secured and flexible digital wallet, blockchain wallet has over more than 20 million user wallets. Altorum Leren - Innovation through Automation.