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Rozario Francis

I am Rozario Francis with an Experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the Altius Technologies. Skilled in Consumer Behavior, Market Research, Information Technology, Lead Generation, and Blogging.

Why Search Engine Optimization is important for B2B Distributors? - Altius solution. With the millennials taking over the distribution industry worldwide, their purchasing behaviour has been extremely different in comparison to their former generation.

Why Search Engine Optimization is important for B2B Distributors? - Altius solution

Research is the first step of every process they do. With so much online content about everything, research has now become extremely easy to do too.. In the end they also expect an Amazon like online shopping experience for a B2B or a B2C product. Since having an online presence has now become a mandate, you need to ask yourself how soon you can get onto the online wagon. Usually, distributors do their research, hire an external source to get their company online.

It’s time to buckle up Mr.SEO - Altius solution. TICK TOCK!

It’s time to buckle up Mr.SEO - Altius solution

The clock is ticking and your competitors are rising higher than you. Without a doubt, it’s extremely important to rank better on GOOGLE than the rest with Digital Marketing. Well, it’s not impossible, but let me tell you that it’s not a cake walk either. What are the major points to be noted to be NO.1 on GOOGLE?

Why is product information important in reducing your return merchandise rate? - Altius solution. T is a known fact that the distributor ends up getting quite a bit of product returns(At least 30% of all products ordered online are returned).

Why is product information important in reducing your return merchandise rate? - Altius solution

The reasons are product damage, wrong pricing, wrong order to name a few. From an e-commerce company owner or a product owner perspective, the reasons for damage and the price may not be relevant, but you can take steps in ensuring that your customers don’t order the wrong products. Wrong orders happen because the visitors do not see adequate information about the product that they search. Tips to guarantee performance in your inRiver Connector - Altius solution. Situation When starting a new connector development project, a lot of thought goes into – Understanding the PIM data model requirements Understanding the input data formats requirements / output data formats requirements Anticipating the future requirements and incorporating the required flexibility Understanding the requirements of the external system and so on Challenge However, in most scenarios, the performance expectations for the connector are not considered till the final production / go live time.

Tips to guarantee performance in your inRiver Connector - Altius solution

This can result in unexpected delays and schedule slippages if the connector is not able to meet the performance requirements. Given that even a very small PIM implementation may deal with thousands of products it is guaranteed to have performance challenges if the performance requirements are not planned from the beginning and also tested during User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Recommendations Final word… Developing a Future Proof inRiver Custom Connector - Altius solution. Real World When an inRiver PIM connector is developed for an external system, it is based on a number of assumptions.

Developing a Future Proof inRiver Custom Connector - Altius solution

It starts from the definition of the product in PIM, an organization of data in PIM, inRiver system environment, target systems environment, connectivity and so on. All these assumptions have a reasonable probability to change in the short term itself. Is there only one Truth? The Blind Men and the Elephant - Altius Technologies. A number of disciples went to the Buddha and said, “Sir, there are living here in Savatthi many wandering hermits and scholars who indulge in constant dispute, some saying that the world is infinite and eternal and others that it is finite and not eternal, some saying that the soul dies with the body and others that it lives on forever, and so forth.

Is there only one Truth? The Blind Men and the Elephant - Altius Technologies

What, Sir, would you say concerning them?” Releasing the Cows - Altius Technologies. One day the Buddha was sitting in the wood with thirty or forty monks.

Releasing the Cows - Altius Technologies

The Brave Little Parrot — A Jataka Tale. Once, long ago, the Buddha was born as a little parrot.

The Brave Little Parrot — A Jataka Tale

One day a storm fell upon his forest home. Lightning flashed, thunder crashed, and a dead tree, struck by lightning, burst into flames. Sparks leaped on the wind and soon the forest was ablaze. Terrified animals ran wildly in every direction, seeking safety from the flames and smoke. “Fire! Know your Worth - Altius Technologies. Once upon a time, when Lord Buddha lived, a man named Kishore went to him and asked “What is the worth of human life?”

Know your Worth - Altius Technologies

Lord Buddha smiled and instead gave him a shining stone and said “First go and find the worth of this stone.” Kishore got puzzled with Buddha’s reply. But without saying anything he took the stone and was about to go when Buddha reminded him not to sell the stone in any case. Kishore, though a bit surprised, took that stone and went to the market. First he went to an Orange seller and asked him about the worth of the stone. Zen Story: A Game of Chess - Altius Technologies. A disillusioned young man travelled to a far off monastery and approached the Master there.

Zen Story: A Game of Chess - Altius Technologies

“I am tired and disappointed with life. I seek enlightenment and freedom from all suffering. But I am not capable of endless meditation and austerities. If I tried that, I would revert to my bad ways and old life, despite knowing how painful it is. The Four Wives of a Dying Husband. There was a man who had 4 wives, he loved the fourth one very dearly, and he would get her the nicest dress. He would get her the nicest jewelry; he would dress her very nicely and entertain with her all the time. She loved him, he loved her. He also loved the third wife. Product Information Management. Strength of True Love. Long time ago, there was a Buddhist teacher who was wise and compassionate. He had many bright students, he taught them meditation and other practices. They held him in high respect. But there was this one thing in the monastery that they couldn’t tolerate. There was a young disciple who would often steal from his brother monks, he would steal their money, and he would steal small things in the monastery.

Monks complained about him to their teacher “Master! How is eCommerce gaining due to CoronaVirus. Life is never going to be the same. World is going to be divided into the pre Covid-19 and Post Covid-19 era. E-Commerce plays a major role in this time than ever, connecting people and communities and helping them stay in touch with loved ones, customers, work, entertainment, news and many more.

Businesses are navigating themselves to reach for the consumers through the digital medium. Evolution, Growth and Finding Your Golden Buddha. Several hundred years ago, a group of monks in Thailand (then Siam) had a big golden Buddha. Word arrived that the Burmese were about to invade. Altius Technologies. According to a Buddhist legend, there once was a woman who sought out the Buddha after losing her baby to illness.

Crazy with grief, she asked him for medicine to bring her son back from the dead. He replied that he would give her this medicine if she brought him back a white mustard seed from the house of a family that had never experienced death. The woman went door to door, searching for a family untouched by the loss of a loved one. Of course, she could never find such a family. She realized that death touches everyone. Altius Technologies. One afternoon, some people saw an old woman looking for something outside of her hut. Altius Technologies. Nobody has developed benevolence and compassion like Buddha did in his time. Altius Technologies.

A young man caught a small bird, and held it behind his back. Knowledge – A Sufi Folktale. There once lived a scholar who had to journey across a huge river. The Monk and the Snake. Keys to a Contented Life. Zen Story: Life's Purpose in a Drop of Water. A Zen master asked a young student to bring him a pail of water to cool his bath. Altius Technologies. Altius Technologies. When Bankei held his seclusion-weeks of meditation, pupils from many parts of Japan came to attend. Sometimes just let it be. After a lot of walking, everyone was thirsty, as they were walking, they spotted a lake. Altius Technologies. The Buddha way of Surviving the CoronaVirus. Altius Technologies. Event Participation Update from Altius Technologies. Corona hits the RE-SET Button. Covid-19 vs B2B Marketing – The Clear Winner. Things to Remember While you Plan to Attend the ISC West 2020. Top Supply Chain Strategies for an eCommerce Businesses. Significance of Digital Marketing in Real Estate Industry.

Things to Remember When you Plan to Attend ShopTalk 2020. Impact of eCommerce on SMEs and Startups. Impact of Automation on Indian eCommerce Market. Significance of Supply Chain Management in eCommerce Industry. Identifying the Main Challenges Faced by Small and Medium Enterprises. What is the Impact of eCommerce on Real Estate Industry? Importance of adopting B2B selling strategies for eCommerce. Learn more at the National Hardware Show 2020. How can SMEs Compete through Innovation? 7 Reasons Seamless South Africa 2020 is Worth your Time. B2B Expo Aims to Contribute to your Business Goals. E-Commerce for Industrial & Machine Tool businesses.

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