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Althea Homecare

We proudly provide non-medical home care services to individuals with disabilities, injuries, difficulties with mobility, or illnesses. We are composed of highly trained and competent staff members who are dedicated and experts in delivering home care services in the comfort of our client’s home.

Prevent Arthritis Flare-Ups with These Tips. Pain, stiffness, and limited mobility are only some of the symptoms brought on by arthritis.

Prevent Arthritis Flare-Ups with These Tips

Luckily for you, there are several steps you can do to prevent an attack from taking place. Althea Homecare shares that you should do the following: Know your triggers.What usually precedes your arthritis attacks? Does it happen after eating a certain food? By learning your triggers, avoiding them will be a lot easier.Manage your stress.Find ways to relax. Don’t let arthritis get the most out of you. 2 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Home Care Company. Oral Care: Brush up with the Basics. Due to unstable health, oral hygiene is moving towards the bottom of the priority list in many older adults.

Oral Care: Brush up with the Basics

The tasks involved in mouth care are simple, yet for seniors, the quick 5-minute brushing every after a meal may become a complicated routine. The deluge of information on the internet about oral hygiene is overwhelming. Several include different studies on the correlation between oral care and overall wellness. One of the subjects of the research is the seniors. Results show that their low compliance in personal care has a direct result in their quality of life overall well-being. While information has helped many older adults to give importance to mouth care, adult children have a role to play in the hygiene of their loved ones. Brushing the teeth Skipping this part can result in oral disease. Many seniors have established a good oral routine doing basic care reliably, and other times, with home care support. Four Ways to Help Your Aging Parents Avoid Falls. For a senior, a simple fall could lead to injuries and major health complications.

Four Ways to Help Your Aging Parents Avoid Falls

So, how do you keep your aging parents from falling? Althea Homecare, a dependable provider of homecare in Allen, Texas, offers the following tips to help reduce your aging parent’s fall risk. Remove Tripping and Slipping Hazards One of the simplest things you can do to reduce the risk of falls is by removing all tripping and slipping hazards at home. All rugs or carpets should be flat and stay in place. Loose carpets and rugs should be secured in place or removed. 5 Easy Activities That Boost Brain Health. Do you fear that one day, advanced aging will take away your memories?

5 Easy Activities That Boost Brain Health

Althea Homecare shares several precautions you can take to prevent that from happening. Think of it this way. Your brain works just like a muscle. The more you use it, the sharper and more buff it gets. Makes sense, right? How exactly are you supposed to work your mental muscles, you ask? Active Memory Activities Mental exercises will boost both your short-term and long-term memory. Senior Care: Four Common Medication Mistakes. Senior life can be very rewarding.

Senior Care: Four Common Medication Mistakes

Reducing Your Risk of Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a complex subject, especially when dealing with prevention.

Reducing Your Risk of Alzheimer’s

There is, however, continued progress thanks to medical research, which is helping us learn more and more about the causes of this disease. Among the things that have been discovered in these studies is that, while you can’t necessarily keep Alzheimer’s from happening, you can minimize your risk of having it. As a provider of Homecare in Allen, Texas, we are sharing with you these tips on how to reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer’s: Regular physical activityExercising regularly can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s in people exhibiting the symptoms; not only that, it has also proven to prevent the disease from developing in the first place. Make it a point to engage in moderately vigorous exercises at least three or four times a week. That’s just four of the many ways to prevent Alzheimer’s from arising. How else can we reduce our risk of Alzheimer’s?

How to Promote Elderly Dignity in Home Care. Ensuring dignified care is one of our aims as a provider of Homecare in Allen, Texas.

How to Promote Elderly Dignity in Home Care

We know how important it is for our elderly loved ones to preserve their dignity. When they feel that you are promoting their dignity, they can be more cooperative with your assistance. Senior persons can feel otherwise when other people are helping them out. Tips on How to Achieve In-Home Comfort for Seniors. For seniors, comfort at home can sometimes be very difficult to achieve.

Tips on How to Achieve In-Home Comfort for Seniors

Their aging challenges often make moving around the house, or even resting and relaxing a tedious process. Althea Homecare delivers top-notch Homecare in Allen, Texas, and we believe that seniors should be able to experience utmost comfort at home. Here are the top four tips on how you can make the home as comfortable as possible for your elderly loved ones. Consider your senior loved one’s needs and arrange the home according to those needs If an elder has chosen to remain and stay healthy at home, it is your job to implement the necessary home safety measures to ensure that their stay is as safe and comfortable as it can be. Provide support and assistance with daily living activities Completing self-care tasks may not be as easy for your loved ones as it used to be.

Tips for Seniors to Maximize their Medical Appointments. When it’s time for our senior loved ones to go to their regular appointments with their doctors, it’s important to remember that these professionals are there to help your loved one.

Tips for Seniors to Maximize their Medical Appointments

4 Ways to Foster a Good Client-Caregiver Relationship. When family members require further assistance at home due to old age, illness or disability, homecare in Allen, Texas is what they may need.

4 Ways to Foster a Good Client-Caregiver Relationship

With home care services, they get to maintain a level of independence while receiving enough support to complete daily tasks. Taking advantage of these services entails having a caregiver in Texas come into your family members’ home as frequently as needed to assist them at certain times. To avoid problems in the future, it is important to foster a good relationship with such a care professional.

Healthy Eating Habits to Start at Home. Nutrition is a key element in our overall welfare, but sometimes, this can be difficult to meet when our family members are picky eaters or are going through appetite problems. As your partner in providing quality homecare in Allen, Texas, here are some eating habits that you can practice for all your family members at home. Always eat breakfast.

After sleeping for almost half a day, our body will need replenishment from carbohydrates and protein. Ensure that your loved ones are served with these nutritious meals every breakfast so they can have their sustenance for the rest of the day. When to Consider Home Care: 3 Signs to Watch Out For. As your loved one ages, they may struggle with chronic diseases, memory loss, social isolation, or frailty and lose their independence over time.

Day-to-day tasks, such as grooming, cooking, and household chores can become increasingly difficult. Althea Homecare, a dependable provider of homecare in Allen, Texas, can help seniors maintain their safety and wellbeing, while simultaneously preserving their dignity and independence. Through our homecare assistance and personal care services, we help countless individuals and families navigate the difficulties of aging. We take the time to understand each family’s needs and create personalized care plans to ensure optimal independence and wellbeing.