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10 Incredible Ideas to Plan Your Date on Valentine’s Day. Feb 11 2021 | By - Kirti Chauhan As the month of February starts, couples in love start planning a date to remember.

10 Incredible Ideas to Plan Your Date on Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for a memorable date this Valentine’s day? May be Bollywood can help you with incredible ideas. Bollywood and Romance have always been into a ‘committed relationship’ and there are enormous romantic scenes in Bollywood movies taking couple goals on another level. It is the time for you to give a Bollywood turn in your relationship and celebrate this Valentine’s week with ‘Bollywood ka Tadka’. What is Love? LOVE, it isn’t just a word, it isn’t just a feeling, it does not even stick to just a single emotion, but then ‘What is Love’, “Pyaar Kya Hai?”

From Approval of Farm Bills to the International Rage of Protest. Feb 6 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani Farmers dying by suicide, increased police force, 'Chakka jam' or road blockades, endless rallies...; farmer protest takes a new twist every day!

From Approval of Farm Bills to the International Rage of Protest

While police forces in the capital prepare for a crackdown against the farmers every single day, a sign of a peaceful end seems to fade away. Farmers are protesting against the three new farm laws that were introduced by the Narendra Modi government, increasing agitation in the agriculture sector. Taking stock of the entire protest, Khalsa Flag hoisting on Red Fort, that might have overshadowed the peaceful protest of farmers, flooded the entire social media on 26 January, also the Republic Day of the country.

While different national parties traded barbs, farmers battled a fierce winter for over two months along the capital city borders. Let's have an introspection: how it all started? Luxurious Villas to rent or sell in Dubai. Feb 3 2021 | By - Raghav Gupta Everyone has dreamed of owning an expensive house in Dubai but only a few could realize their dreams.

Luxurious Villas to rent or sell in Dubai

With realty prices skyrocketing in the emirate, owning a house has become difficult than ever. World Cancer Awareness Day 2021 - World Cancer Day. Feb 4 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani World Cancer Day is an internationally recognised day marked on 4 February.

World Cancer Awareness Day 2021 - World Cancer Day

The day is marked to raise awareness about cancer while encouraging and educating people about its prevention, treatment, and detection. Top News Applications in UAE to Read Genuine Bulletins. The United Arab Emirates is distinct from almost any other country in the world because of its unbelievably high number of expats and immigrants.

Top News Applications in UAE to Read Genuine Bulletins

So much so that the UAE has positioned itself as a country of the future, so it goes without saying that people are hungry for a source of inspiration, knowledge, and finding solution. What develops an open and critical mind other than reading news? Today majority of people prefer reading online news as it’s the smart and fastest way to stay updated. News application delivers the latest update from across the world from business, sports, politics to entertainment. Now-a-days news apps uses highly customizable features to choose the sections you’re interested in with alert subscription for breaking news stories from local, regional to world news.

Everything you need to know about GCC Diplomatic Crisis. Top 20 World News of 2020 to Go Down with History. Jan 5 2021 | By - Ankita To say that 2020 would be remembered for COVID-19 would be an understatement.

Top 20 World News of 2020 to Go Down with History

The pandemic that has already killed over 1.8 million people and affected normal life across the world is still far from over with nations now racing to inoculate their citizens against the novel disease. Top 20 Entertainment News of the year 2020 That Caught Our Eyes. Dec 30 2020 | By - Abha Sharma “2020 will go down in history for turning out to be the exact opposite of the pithy symmetry it promised,” as Google said in a post.

Top 20 Entertainment News of the year 2020 That Caught Our Eyes

Many events occurred in the entertainment news that helped us express through ourselves in COVID-19 lockdown and kept us sane. Some news made us laugh, some made us cry and some even shook us. What UAE has to offer on New Year’s Eve 2021. Dec 29 2020 | By - Nisha Joshi Nothing is impossible in the UAE!

what UAE has to offer on New Year’s Eve 2021

Top 20 Sports Events of the Year 2020. Dec 28 2020 | By - Ajay Singh As we approach the end of 2020, it's that time of the year when we look back at all of the prominent sports events that transpired over time.

Top 20 Sports Events of the Year 2020

But, is the year 2020 really coming to an end, though? Just when started taking sighs of relief as vaccination drives to defeat COVID-19 began, reports came out revealing different strains of the virus creating havoc across the world. But then, that's a story for another blog altogether. Today, let's have a look at some, 20 to be precise, of the top sporting events which took place in 2020 despite that fact that most of the events were either postponed or cancelled. Christmas tree or baking fresh cookies, you will know the science behind it all. Dec 24 2020 | By - Neelam Motwani Christmas, arguably, is a magical time across the globe.

Christmas tree or baking fresh cookies, you will know the science behind it all

From the smell of freshly baked cakes and cookies to steaming hot cups of ginger and clove tea, the festival provides people with an opportunity to spend quality time together. And if you are under COVID-19 quarantine during Christmas, here are a few tips to enjoy the festival at home. Tips you Need To Know About Dubai Shopping Festival 2020-21. Dec 19 2020 | By - Ankita The words 'shopping' and 'sale' are so compelling that you cannot ignore them even if you wish to. If you are a shopaholic, Dubai Shopping Festival is your ultimate destination to fill your closet. The 27th edition of the famous Dubai Shopping Festival packages is a connoisseur's heaven incorporated with a diverse bouquet of activities and festivities. It gives the desert country a whole new set of cheerful and vibrant vibes while adhering to all Coronavirus pandemic protocols. 10 Best way to Safely Celebrate Christmas At Home This Year 2020.

Dec 22 2020 | By - Anmol Kapoor As the Coronavirus pandemic rages on for over a year, people around the world have been forced to stay home under various kinds of restrictions. The pandemic hasn’t subsided yet, and will cast its shadow over Christmas, one of the most widely celebrated holidays worldwide. As governments worldwide plan curfews, lockdowns, and other restrictions for Christmas and the holiday season, there are many ways people can enjoy the festivities in new ways at home. While you are enjoying a cup of coffee on your comfortable couch and reading short news in 30 seconds, make sure you pen down some fun ways to celebrate Christmas at home.

Experts are also urging people to celebrate at home, people are also coming up with unique and innovative ways to celebrate Christmas at home. If the whole family can’t get together, people can find new group activities to engage in with the immediate family or friends. Dubai D 20 Tournament: ECB Blues vs Dubai Match Preview and analysis. Dec 17 2020 | By - Ajay Singh ECB D20 Tournament caught the eyeballs of many people in the United Arab Emirates.

Many people are looking for short news in 30 seconds to check out all the highlights of the D20 tournament and other sports and events nearby. ECB Blues m oved to the top of the table at Emirates D20 as they registering a fairly easy win over Dubai in the match 16 of the tournament. Dubai were en route to a successful chase before losing some quick wickets towards the end, and eventually falling 15 runs short of the target. Having won the toss, ECB Blues decided to bat first. Mukbang: The Journey of ASMR From Fun To Fear. Top 7 worldwide short news apps and aggregators to rely on. News aggregator platforms have dramatically reshaped its existence in the past few years, and the major attraction is taken by worldwide short news apps or applications. These hassle-free digital newspapers are transformed into the mobile application, which follows you wherever you go.

News from the Top 7 worldwide short news apps and aggregators to rely on, thus bringing opportunities for people to be updated with an ongoing transition in different sectors. Change in the way people read is due to technological evolution. There are about 7,009 languages spoken globally with numbers constantly increasing, and Papua New Guinea is the most linguistically diverse country in the world. Why I am telling this is because the world population is persistently progressing and so the occurrences. Inshorts Indian start-up, Inshorts is gradually setting up a competition for worldwide short news app/application with a unique concept of delivering information. 10 Best Christmas Card Apps for Android and iOS 2020 in UAE.

List of Top 5 UAE News App offering factual news. 5 things we are sure you didn't know about Covid-19-related herd immunity. ECB D20 league: Stay updated with latest D20 Tournament 2020. Emirates Cricket Board Launches Domestic D20 Tournament.

Emirates Cricket Board Launches Domestic D20 Tournament

Is it safe to invest in gold and diamond? Nov 26 2020 | By - Neelam Motwani When it comes to gold and diamond, money can buy happiness. Jokes apart, both are considered auspicious metal and stone for investment.