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52 global tourist attractions that actually live up to the hype. FOR MANY TRAVELERS, once a place gets hit so much it becomes a “tourist attraction,” it loses much of its attraction.

52 global tourist attractions that actually live up to the hype

Still, there are some places so epic in scale and uniqueness and cultural relevance that even if they’re blown out with other visitors, you still gotta check them out. 1. Yosemite National Park (California, USA)

Fiber Optic Tech

Easily Unlock Data Center Leaf-Spine Architecture - Blog of FS.COM. As virtualization, cloud computing, and distributed cloud computing becomes more popular in the data center, a shift in the traditional three-tier networking model is taking place as well.

Easily Unlock Data Center Leaf-Spine Architecture - Blog of FS.COM

A new networking architecture, leaf-spine, which promises to overcome some of the limitations of the three-tier fabric and creates a fast, predictable, scalable, and efficient communication architecture in a data center environment is gradually become the mainstream in today’s data center deployment. Let’s take a close look at it in this article! Traditional Three-Tier Architecture A traditional three-tier network architecture, as shown in picture below, is composed of three layers. The bottom of the architecture is the access layer, where hosts connect to the network.

The middle layer is the aggregation layer, to which the access layer is redundantly connected. StumbleUpon. The Cave Of Three Bridges. The 250m high Baatara Gorge Waterfall at Tannourine in Lebanon cascades through a limestone cave and three ‘bridges’ formed by millions of years of erosion and rockfalls.

The Cave Of Three Bridges

Mind your step. The edges are slippery. Suggestions for Data Center Design - Fiber Optic Equipment Solutions. The demands on data centers and networks are growing very fast.

Suggestions for Data Center Design - Fiber Optic Equipment Solutions

To meet communication needs, more and more devices are connected to the data center network links. It brings difficulties in data center management. The infrastructure design should guarantee the reliable network performance. Puentes “vivos” en la India. India – un país de misterios, milagros y la iluminación espiritual.

Puentes “vivos” en la India

Aquí hay algunos puentes que pueden crecer ellos mismos. Los puentes se cultivan en el lugar apropiado – una ciudad Cherapundzhi, que según diversas fuentes, es el lugar más húmedo del planeta. El material para la “construcción” de los puentes que viven son las raíces del árbol de Ficus. Este árbol de hoja perenne puede alcanzar una altura de 30-40 metros. La singularidad de ficus es que tiene un sistema de raíces secundarias – sus raíces crecen hacia fuera.

El proceso de “construir” un puente por lo general dura 10 a 15 años y, además, se requiere cuidado y atención constante. Pre-terminated Solutions for Data Center MDA, HDA and EDA Cabling - Blog of FS.COM. With the rapid growth of big data and cloud service, many enterprises build their own data centers to support the increasing business.

Pre-terminated Solutions for Data Center MDA, HDA and EDA Cabling - Blog of FS.COM

Pre-terminated fiber solutions that are more cost-effective and can better meet the high density demands, are ideal options for enterprises to build their modern data centers. In this post, we are going to talk about the pre-terminated solutions for MDA, HDA, and EDA cabling in an enterprise Data Center. MDA, HDA and EDA in a Data Center MDA (Main Distribution Area), HDA (Horizontal Distribution Area) and EDA (Equipment Distribution Area) are three main areas of the basically functional spaces in a data center.

In addition to them, the basic data center spaces include Entrance room, Zone Distribution Area (ZDA), and so on. Transceiver Optics and Connection for Brocade 7840 Extension Switch - Blog of FS.COM. Today’s IT organizations are under pressure to keep pace with the growing avalanche of data traffic between data centers and the changes driven by virtualized application workloads within Fibre Channel and IP storage environments.

Transceiver Optics and Connection for Brocade 7840 Extension Switch - Blog of FS.COM

Storage administrators need to replicate large amounts of data quickly, securely, reliably and simply while minimizing operational and capital expenses. To address this challenge, the Brocade 7840 extension switch with Brocade fabric vision technology delivers unprecedented performance, strong security, continuous availability, and simplified management to handle the unrelenting transfer of data between data centers. Brocade 7840 Extension Switch Overview. How to Install the 110 Wiring Block? - Blog of FS.COM. 110 wiring blocks are commonly used for distributing telephone lines in homes and offices.

How to Install the 110 Wiring Block? - Blog of FS.COM

This post will show you how to install the 110 wiring block with the 25-pair voice grade cable. Tools Preparation Before the installation, we should first prepare the related tools which are demonstrated in the following table: Steps of Installing 110 Wiring Block Generally, there are five steps to complete the 110 wiring block installation. Step One: Mounting the 110 Wiring Block First of all, the 110 wiring block shall be screwed onto a panel or a wall as in the following figure.

Step Two: Running the 25-Pair Cable Into the Entry of Wiring Block. 10 frequently asked questions about fiber optics. Un paseo por la aldea de película más bonita del mundo (Hobbiton set, Nueva Zelanda) Hace pocos días, pude hacer el tour por el set de filmación de Hobbiton, la aldea Hobbit que está recreada de una forma increíble en una zona rural de Matamata en Nueva Zelanda.

Un paseo por la aldea de película más bonita del mundo (Hobbiton set, Nueva Zelanda)

Tal como en el libro, la locación elegida por Peter Jackson para filmar éste lugar es una zona de colinas, junto a un arroyo, lago y hasta una pradera que parece irreal. Imagen * Todas las imágenes siguientes están bajo licencia Creative Commons (Autor: Matías Callone) En el set de filmación, hoy un paseo turístico, los límites de la realidad están difusos, y hasta podríamos creer que hasta hace sólo unos minutos, los hobbits estaban caminando en el lugar, pero mejor lo vemos foto a foto: Para empezar, el lugar es tan idílico que no lo puedes creer ni estando allí mismo: Old Standard New Topic – Optical Transport Network - Blog of FS.COM. The SONET/SDH network has grown to be the backbone of most of the modern telecommunications network that was originally designed for optical interfaces that used a single wavelength per fiber.

Old Standard New Topic – Optical Transport Network - Blog of FS.COM

As optical component technology has advanced, it has become more economical to transmit multiple SONET/SDH signals over the same fiber using wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) instead of going to a higher rate SONET/SDH signal. Based on experience with the SONET/SDH networks, the ITU-T defined the optical transport network (OTN), which was optimized for cost-effective transparent transport of a variety of client signals over WDM networks. This article may introduce some knowledge of OTN to you. What Is OTN? OTN is a standard for optical transport (G.709) developed by the ITU-T standards body, and is sometimes also called a “digital wrapper.” FS.COM Newly Arrived 96 fibers and 160 fibers Ultra Density Patch Panel. July 12th, Shenzhen. FS.COM News – The 96 fibers 1U and 160 fibers 2U ultra density patch panels have recently arrived at FS.COM.

In 40G and 100G Ethernet network, cable management plays an essential role since bad cable management will influence the work efficiency and network performance. Then the needs for high density components are intensive. Ultra density patch panels designed for space saving and better cable management are attracting more and more data centers. What to look out for when installing buried microduct. Camping info, most likely repost but it was new to me, so maybe it'll be new to you. End user’s guide to fiber optics. Telecommunications Knowledge.

Untitled. High-density Cabling Solutions – Push-Pull TAB and LC Uniboot Fiber Patch Cables - Introducton of Fiber Optic Network Products from Fiberstore. Benefits of Media Converters in the LAN and WAN - Blog of FS.COM. Media converters play an important role in today’s multi-protocol, mixed media Local Area Networks (LAN). Media converters can be used to integrate fiber optic cabling and active equipment into existing copper structured cabling systems without increasing extra cost. Media converters are also important for the networks outside the LAN because of the electrical-to-optical conversion function which enable service providers to speed up the deployment and offer low cost Metro Area Networks (MAN) access service to customers.

Media Converter in LAN. A Guide to the Royal Family: Who's in Line to Take the Throne? FS.COM Secure Keyed LC Fiber Optic Adapter Panels Solution. June 14th, Shenzhen, FS.COM News – FS.COM introduced secure keyed LC fiber optic adapter panels including 12 color codes to make your network connections easily identifiable and manageable. As today’s network infrastructure develops more and more complicated, facilities often employ more than one network and need mechanical security to limit access and prevent inadvertent cross-connection.

So the keyed LC adapter panels with different colors are produced. In order to keep a right connection, the color of the connector and adapter must match. If the colors do not match, it will influence the signal transmission. The keyed LC adapter panels are useful to reduce the chance of incorrect connections. “SE7EN” in Fiber Optic Cable Installation - Blog of FS.COM. Unlike copper cables, fiber optic cables have typically been categorized as fragile and easy to be broken. This is totally true in the process of dealing with fiber cables. This post will point out “SE7EN (seven deadly sins)” in fiber optic cable handling and installation. 1. Ignoring Fiber Cleaning Before Fiber Fusion. FS.COM Introduced a Variety of New Data Center Solutions.

June 6th, Shenzhen. FS.COM News – FS.COM recently introduced new MPO/MTP cabling solutions, colored IEC power cords solutions and keyed LC connectivity solutions to help you build a more efficient , secure and stable data center. New Multilingual System Launched in FS.COM for Better Global Services - Blog of FS.COM. In order to better serve customers from all around the globe, FS.COM has built a new multilingual system for global services. This multilingual system include the online self-service translation function, multilingual live-chat support, and the global telephone.

FS.COM, as a globally oriented company of fiber optic products, has been recognized by the customers from around the world. In order to better serve our customers and expand our service network throughout the world, we have built a new multilingual system for global services. Optics and Cables for Arista 7280E Network Design - Blog of FS.COM. Today’s cloud data applications, such as Big Data, are distributed applications running on server clusters with many-to-many communication patterns.

The performance of distributed Big Data applications depends critically on the packet buffer size of the data center switches in the network fabric. DIY Your Own Smart Home Network - Blog of FS.COM. Internet of Things (IoT) is entering our life gradually, driven by the advanced technology and deployment of FTTH (fiber to the home). Smart home, as an importance part of IoT, allows home owners to control devices including lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, entertainment audio & video systems, security, and camera systems by phone or Internet, regardless of whether anyone is home.

A smart home can provide home owner comfort, security, energy efficiency (low operating costs) and convenience. Use Direct Attach Cable Assemblies for Data Center Interconnection - Blog of FS.COM. Base-8 or Base-12 Connectivity, Which Is Better for 40G Network? - Blog of FS.COM. Will QSFP28 Be a Better Way to 100G? - Blog of FS.COM. Custom & OEM 10G SFP+ Transceiver Modules. 10G Solutions. 364 3085By FiberstoreApril 29, 2016. 40G Solutions. 371 2639By FiberstoreApril 29, 2016 Driven by need for high speed Ethernet and increasing services like Cloud and virtual data center, migration from 10G to 40G is unstoppable.

The tragedy of the Commons: MPs are too busy to do their jobs. After the pomp and ceremony of the state opening of parliament, there is much for our bright, fresh intake of new MPs to ponder. They will be thinking about that first day at the palace of Westminster, that maiden speech. Transceiver Modules for Cisco CRS 14X10GBE-WL-XFP Routers. A house designed to fit in between the gaps of trees. Photos by Koji Fujii | click to enlarge. Duct Installation of Fiber Optic Cable - Blog of FS.COM. Optics Interconnecting Solutions for Cisco IE 5000 Series Switches - Blog of FS.COM. Aerial Fiber Optic Cable Installation Guide - Blog of FS.COM. Who needs the House of Lords? Meet the peers rattling the Commons.