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European Lists offers the best Marketing Database including technology, healthcare etc of various professionals. Website:

Companies using Avaya in Europe. Avaya provides technology products focussed mostly on communications and has customers all over the world.

Companies using Avaya in Europe

They focus on streaming the communication for employees and customers for their efficient collaboration. Companies using Magento in Europe. Magento is developed as an open source e-commerce platform for supporting individuals and enterprises across the world to create online stores.

Companies using Magento in Europe

Billions of dollars of worth goods have been sold on online stores created on Magento’s platform, accounting for a huge market share across the world. Keeping this in hindsight our experience with European technology lists and our b2b marketing database will provide Magento users email list with widest coverage in Europe. European Magento Users List across all demographics of Europe: Europe is one of the largest and most diverse continents with different cultures and languages. They also have one of the most technologically advanced populations in the world. Companies using IBM Mainframe in Europe. Hit the Bulls-eye with our Curated List of IBM Mainframe users in Europe Since the introduction of System/360 in 1964, IBM has revolutionized every industry it has touched.

Companies using IBM Mainframe in Europe

Its USP lies in how easily IBM handles extensive processing data of businesses in various sectors – be it IT, Banking, Finance, Health, E-commerce, Utilities, government, etc. Let’s divulge some statistics to prove IBM Mainframe’s capabilities further. 71 percent of fortune 500 companies use IBM Mainframe. (Source)IBM Mainframe handles 90 percent of all credit card transactions. Europeans CMO Mailing Database. The Chief Marketing Officer is an integral member of the C-Suite and he leads Brand management and Marketing communications across businesses.

Europeans CMO Mailing Database

The primary job role entails effective management of advertising, promotions and public relations. The European CMO is often associated with market research, sales management and product development through various distribution channels. Senior Vice presidents, Directors and marketing managers report directly to the CMO. CBO mailing list of Europeans. The chief business officer is responsible for the administrative, financial, and operations management of the organization often combining the roles of chief administrative officer (CAO), chief financial officer (CFO), and chief operating officer (COO).

CBO mailing list of Europeans

In today’s ever changing market, e-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate results and build strong b2b relationships. As a result, we at European Lists place the highest priority on the value we deliver to our clients in our CBO email list. All our data driven services, including European Chief Business Officer mailing database ensures 100% deliverable results. Our projects are unique and driven by client’s specific needs.

CTOs Mailing Database of Europeans. Get maximum reach and reliability for your multichannel campaign and explore untapped marketing opportunities with our List of CTO in Europe The role of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is one of the least defined and understood corporate executive roles (such as CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, etc).

CTOs Mailing Database of Europeans

The role has been gaining prominence in many organizations has grown to become more of a true C-level executive. A CTO should have the business knowledge necessary to align technology-related decisions with the organization’s goals. However, specifics of the CTO’s job vary from one organization to another. A CTO must champion innovative ideas and make sure that employees are set up to be innovators. European CEO Mailing Database. Benefit your business through category-wise campaigns with the European CEO Database CEOs are high ranking corporate officers.

European CEO Mailing Database

They are big risk takers who manage the business by focusing on quality. CEOs are often categorised into three types- entrepreneur, operator and artist. The entrepreneur is a risk taker wanting to make the business grow while the operator manages the business and maintains order by providing unmatched quality. European CFO Mailing Database. The role of the Chief Financial Officer or CFO has transformed significantly over the years.

European CFO Mailing Database

It has grown in scope and complexity across European companies, influenced by slow market growth, geopolitics, regulatory security, fear about financial systems and a weak dollar. The CFO today is therefore more than responsible for financial planning, budget and accounting. With increased interaction between the CFO and other departments of the organization, the modern age European CFO is a strategic business partner, having the authority and capability to make important business decisions. So wouldn’t it be a smart move on your part, to make the right investments and reach out to European CFOs effortlessly? Europeans COO Mailing Database. The Chief Operations Officer is responsible for the day-to-day administration and operation of the business.

Europeans COO Mailing Database

The COO reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and is second in command. Sometimes the COO is known as Executive Vice President of Operations. Over the years, the role of the Chief Operations Officer or COO has transformed significantly. It has grown in scope and complexity across European business so much so that the European COO is the corporate officer who takes major business decisions. The COO is responsible for strategic operations planning based on the long-term business goals and specific business outlook across the company. Companies that use VMWare in Europe. Enhance Business Growth and Get Assured Campaign Success with European Lists Conduct Email Campaigns Like a Pro, with European Lists’ Highly Responsive VMWare Users List “Do you feel that your marketing efforts are not garnering significant results?

Companies that use VMWare in Europe

This could be because of an unresponsive, outdated, or unverified database. European MS Dynamics AX Uers Email List. Exhaustive and tele-verified Microsoft Dynamics AX Users Email list Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of the most powerful ERP solutions that has assisted global enterprises to automate and effectively organize their business processes. European Lists brings to marketers MS Dynamics AX users email list to help in effective promotion of services and offers and to help marketers reach a niche segment in less time. Microsoft Dynamics AX is mainly a desktop-based application.

Businesses worldwide have been using the MS Dynamics AX ERP to streamline business processes. It also helps global enterprises organize, automate, and optimize their processes. Healthcare Executives Email List. The European Healthcare Industry is undergoing a transformation. There have been healthcare reforms and fiscal restraint that are contributing to the changes in the global healthcare sector. The changes have resulted in untenable costs and expenses and the European healthcare sector is looking at expanding the pool of healthcare professionals. There are huge investments made and if you are a medical marketer, the challenges that lay ahead are innumerable.

You can minimize the challenges by opting for an authentic medical executive email database. At European Lists, we are here to help you with that. We provide comprehensive healthcare executives mailing lists that have authentic data on key executives including Hospital CEOs, Hospital administrators, pharmaceuticals, registered nurses and other decision makers from the European healthcare industry. Increase Audience Engagement with the EU Healthcare Executive Email Addresses.

Ambulatory Surgery Centres Email List. Ambulatory care is a type of medical service that is performed at the hospital out-patient departments or at offices of physicians and clinics of healthcare specialists. European Lists brings to medical marketers the comprehensive European Ambulatory Surgery Centers Email List that can add value to multichannel campaigns and help marketers achieve business excellence.

There are many advantages of opting for Ambulatory services as it is convenient and cost-effective. Ambulatory surgery centers are known ACSs and are gaining immense popularity as it facilitates same day surgery. Data Append Service from European Lists. European Lists provides you with reliable and easy solution to add quality data to your customer records. Our Data Appending service uses our large B2B and B2C database to update quality information about your customers.

This helps in personalizing your marketing initiatives and enables you to send targeted campaigns. Dramatically Increase your Online Revenues with Data Append European Lists can append your in-house database with deeper detail in demographic information. New information, i.e. more details about your customers can be leveraged to create meaningful interactions with them.

Our data matching process uses our large database of 40 million records to find similar records, and in return get valuable data about your customers. Benefits for you: European Netsuite Mailing Database. Accurate and delivery-driven European NetSuite users list NetSuite is a well-known cloud computing company that has become integral to businesses worldwide. In addition to being trusted by over 40,000 organizations worldwide, its integral to businesses of all sizes and across industries. The European NetSuite users email lists by European Lists is a professionally compiled database that adds value to multichannel campaigns, helping brands achieve higher response rates. Europeans SAP Mailing Database. European Technology Users Email List. Carving a Niche with the EU Technology User Database If we tell you that the potential for technology services for consultancy and upgrade is enormous in Europe you will probably not believe us at face value.

Companies that use MS SharePoint in Europe. Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative business platform that can perform multiple business activities. The MS SharePoint helps in effective document management, website management and thorough content management. European Trumpia Users Mailing Database. EU Business Mailing Contact Database. B2B Marketing Database.