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Alan Cooper

education, mathematics, physics

AlQpr. AGW denier and generally right wing oriented contrarian Matt Briggs thinks atheists have a "problem" with evil[1], but I agree with commenter lucia’s first sentence: Matt, Your very first claim is nonesense: "Evil is a problem for atheists because, for them, it does not exist absolutely” Lucia bases this response on the claim to be an atheist who does have a definition of absolute evil, but my reasons are different from (in fact in a sense opposite to) lucia’s.


I don’t know if I qualify as an atheist, but for me good and evil do not exist absolutely – and for me that is not a problem. Certainly Briggs' demand for a definition was odd since the obligation to define a word must surely fall on the one who uses it. But on further reflection I am tempted to actually use and define the word "evil" as something distinct from merely "bad".


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