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Rediscover the true beauty that you are. After all, life is a show business and you've got to look your best.

Beauty, makeup and hair style services deals and offers in Delhi. Beauty services and salons deals in Delhi. Beauty Blunders a Bride Must Avoid. Time before a wedding is quite precious and is often spent in massive “shaadi-shopping” only!

Beauty Blunders a Bride Must Avoid

This entire hush-hush ceremony of nuptials lets a bride indulge into actions without thinking twice before it; mostly because they run out if time or are simply unaware. Panic not, as Renowned Cosmetologist & Aesthetician and Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. CERTIFICATE IN PERMANENT MAKEUP. CERTIFICATE IN ART OF HAIR STYLING. Bharti Taneja Beauty Tips: 6 Things You Should Definitely Do This Winter For Healthy And Gorgeous Hair.

A wedding in winters is always more cherished as it gives an opportunity to a would-be- bride to adorn herself in her own way.

Bharti Taneja Beauty Tips: 6 Things You Should Definitely Do This Winter For Healthy And Gorgeous Hair

She does not have to worry about the heat and sweat, be it in the choice of clothes, footwear, makeup, or anything else. But there are certain aspects that become a cause of worry for brides during this weather. 6 Things All Brides Must Tell Their Makeup Artists. Best dress, best shoes, best jewellery and best makeup– it is a dream for every bride to look the best on her wedding day.

6 Things All Brides Must Tell Their Makeup Artists

But only very few emphasise on achieving real beauty that depends on a great makeup artist and can only be achieved through his/her sustained efforts as well as tricks! HAIR. 5 Best Natural Oils For Brides To Treat Different Hair Problems. Since ages, we have been hearing to our grandma’s advice of massaging our hair with nourishing oil; yet only a few of us actually follow it.

5 Best Natural Oils For Brides To Treat Different Hair Problems

However, the damage that today’s hectic and stressful lifestyle does to your hair makes it absolutely necessary to follow that advice, especially when you are about to get married. And, there is an endless list of nutrient-rich super-oils that not only add an enormous amount of sheen, but also infuse health to your cherished tresses. 10 Easiest Steps To Get The Nude Makeup Look. In a world where we often say, “less is more”, makeup also seems to follow the same trend.

10 Easiest Steps To Get The Nude Makeup Look

Yes, makeup should essentially mean ‘makeup’; and looking decked-up always is not necessary. And, if no- makeup look can let you achieve your goal of looking effortlessly beautiful all the time, why shy away from it..? This raving trend is known as- nude or no-makeup look. Apart from making you look flawlessly beautiful, another reason why many girls are also opting for this is because of the celebrity influence. Yes, most celebrities have been spotted wearing nude makeup look, and yet looking ultra-glamorous. Step #1. Bharti Taneja Beauty Tips: Top 7 Makeup Essentials Every Bride Must Have In Her Winter Vanity Case. Beside the dazzling diamond ring, the new best friend of a gorgeous bride is her vanity case.

Bharti Taneja Beauty Tips: Top 7 Makeup Essentials Every Bride Must Have In Her Winter Vanity Case

There are certain makeup essentials, which are just perfect and sufficient to enhance a bride's look. Here is a rundown on things a bride’s winter vanity case must have. Tinted Moisturiser. 6 Expert Tips To Make Your Makeup Last Longer During Monsoon Season. Monsoon calls for fragrant breeze, dampened meadows, and much more.

6 Expert Tips To Make Your Makeup Last Longer During Monsoon Season

And, all this makes way for a great time to break the monotony and infuse splendour in your makeup too! But, the rainy season also brings patchy foundation, dripping mascara, smudging lip colour, and unmanageable hair. Well, to prevent this, use these ultimate melt-proof makeup and beauty tips, to add a new zing to your look this monsoon season. 1.

Waterproof base The rainy season causes humidity in the atmosphere, which leads to sweating and dripping of makeup. Smart Tip : You can also alternatively use a two-way cake as a quick substitute for waterproof makeup during monsoons. Expert Health And Beauty Hacks For Brides Who Are Running Short On Time. You tend to indulge in every aspect of beauty before your much-awaited wedding to emerge as a perfect bride; be it your hair, makeup or your outfit.

Expert Health And Beauty Hacks For Brides Who Are Running Short On Time

In the meanwhile, no matter how hard you try, the never-ending wedding shopping and tiresome outings makes it difficult for your skin to retain its glow. As what you eat shows absolutely on your skin, therefore with a proper and healthy diet regime, you can certainly maintain your beauty while you are out to shop. Let me share a healthy regime that all busy brides should follow, if they wish to emerge as the prettiest bride of the world. Eat Healthy Wedding shopping snatches a lot of your time for sure. Bharti Taneja Beauty Tips: Expert Reveals Stunning Bridal Nail Art Trends For This Season. Homemade neem face-pack for Mansoon. Expert Tips To Get Coloured Smokey Eyes In 5 Minutes. You say a lot by just one look, and that is why guys love to look into your eyes.

Expert Tips To Get Coloured Smokey Eyes In 5 Minutes

It is their way of not just expressing their love, but also grasping your thoughts. So, won’t it be great if you could disarm your man with just one look, and make him a captivate him forever? And, what can be better than smokey eyes to hold him captive forever? We know that many of you are at a loss when we talk about smokey eyes, for some it might be too messy to get into while for others it might be done-to-death. Well, no matter which category you belong to, let us unravel the enigma of this eternal beauty trend called the “smokey eyes” look, and tell you how you can pull off the look effortlessly and with a twist too.

Explore More Besides the standard charcoal smokey eyes, today there are the bronzy, burgundy, shimmery gold variations that look equally stunning and super sensuous. Beauty Expert Gives Best Honeymoon Makeover Tips For Brides. Just like your wedding, honeymoon is also an integral and much-awaited moment of your life.

Beauty Expert Gives Best Honeymoon Makeover Tips For Brides

You might have been yearning for it ever since your engagement ceremony and would want to emerge the most beautiful bride in front of your partner during your entire honeymoon trip. And, of course who can forget those teasing glimpses of relatives and friends, once you land back home! Expert Beauty Advice On Things Brides Must Avoid Before Their Wedding. Amongst all those shopping sessions, planning stress and the festivities, a bride often tends to lose the glow of her face. The emotional outburst and endless responsibilities can often make her eat erratically and indulge in things that should actually be avoided at this time.

But, don’t worry. We are here to rescue you, before you cause any damage or harm to your bridal look. Let us reveal the actions that should be completely avoided by a would-be-bride. Bharti Taneja Beauty Tips: 5 Hottest Bridal Beauty Trends For This Wedding Season. It is rightly said that the only thing which is constant in life is ‘change’. As it is an inevitable part of everybody’s life, we do witness change every now and then in various aspects of life. Bridal trends being no exception, also do change every year. Expert Tips On How To Choose The Right Foundation. Picking up the correct shade as well as type of foundation is a must for every bride to flaunt a flawless face on her wedding day. However, it is quite a tricky thing for most women to find the right foundation for themselves. In fact, not many brides know the right tricks to choose an “ideal” foundation. Expert Tips For Beautiful Nail Extensions For Brides.

On your wedding day, it is not just your face that enjoys the limelight. Your hands get the attention too. Whether it is about adorning your palms with mehendi or flaunting those playful kaliras with beautiful bangles, your hands are constantly on display. Apart from these traditional beautification’s, your nails can also can add oodles to the beauty of your hands. Nails are the most humble yet powerful natural accessory that enhances the beauty of your hands. Never underestimate the power of healthy, strong and well manicured nails.

Nail Extension Gone are the days when artificial nails were your only option to make them longer. Add some Drama..! From celebs to socialites, nail art is everyone’s favourite. Permanent Nail Art Increase the glamour of your nail extension with ‘permanent nail art‘. Leave your Worries behind Nail extensions are much stronger than artificial nails, so you need not worry about their durability. HOME. 5 Red-Carpets Makeup Trend that’ll RULE the year 2016. Ms. 5 Advanced Skin Treatment for Men Wish for Clear skin! Looking good is no more only a woman’s thing – as corporate culture demands men to appear graceful too. But, men being outdoor creatures – often have a hard-time to maintain their skin and often end-up with skin-issues. Five Fast and Awesome Tricks to Fix your Makeup – Alps Beauty Clinic. Makeup is an art – and you have be a pro to apply it perfectly all the time.

But we, being not an expert – are encountered with situations of messed-up makeup very often. ALPS BEAUTY CLINIC.