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Balance symbols

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Yin/Yang Kiss. Ying-Yang tattoo thingy by ~Vargablod on deviantART. Temporary Tattoos, Military Style Dog Tags, Custom Tags. Yin yang Pictures, yin yang MySpace Graphics, yin yang MySpace L. Previous Image | Next Image Show This Picture On Your Blog, MySpace or Website.

yin yang Pictures, yin yang MySpace Graphics, yin yang MySpace L

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Free Yin Yang tattoo designs in several galleries. P1 of 50. Fire Yin Yang by Denise A. Wells - Painting 20287. Photo Gallery. Some Random Photos - Great For Backgrounds or Wallpapers. Equinox Infinate Dimension. A painting by Jim Thompson. Item 3.

A painting by Jim Thompson

YIN-YANG A painting by Jim Thompson Digital 24”x24” The eternal is a subject that challenges the mind and indeed, to attempt to approach the meaning of it is but to only show the limits of the human imagination. As surely as we try we fail to measure any aspect of it. However, here is offered a creatively intuitive approach by using some known concepts in which we might portray it as may be conceived by the physical mind. Yin-yang is an ancient expression that looks upon that which is endless or eternal, and by its nature is being born over and over in a continuing cycle of rebirth, in an ongoing process of exchange and renewal of elements.

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