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The problem with virtual training: instructional design, not distance — Online Collaboration. Training at a distance is more hassle than it’s worth, several CEOs have warned.

The problem with virtual training: instructional design, not distance — Online Collaboration

But when we recently reported their cautions against onboarding new employees virtually, a senior analyst at training consultancy Bersin & Associates named Janet Clarey took exception with their point of view in the comments. Not that training at a distance isn’t without its pitfalls, she wrote, but: I talk to organizations (Fortune 100s, 500s, SMBs) every day that ‘train at a distance’ and many are seeing excellent, real results both in terms of effectiveness and cost. Those that don’t do it (orientation or other) well tend to not do it well face-to-face either. So what sets those organizations that struggle with remote training apart from those who do it well? Oftentimes try to take something that has already existed that they’ve taught in a face-to-face classroom and simply put it online, not understanding that it’s an entirely different way of teaching.

So let’s say it’s for orientation. 10 Tools for Training Your New Virtual Worker — Online Collaboration. Yesterday, Georgina wrote about how to induct new remote team members.

10 Tools for Training Your New Virtual Worker — Online Collaboration

I thought I’d take that a step further and compile a list of apps and tools that could be useful as you bring a new team member on board, particularly if you aren’t in the same location. Georgina emphasized the importance of providing your new recruit with access to systems and people as well as a proper explanation of your company’s internal process and culture. The applications can help to accomplish “onboarding” of virtual workers. Training If you can’t make a presentation in person, explaining the ins and outs of your company and work process to a new team member, there are numerous effective multimedia tools that can help. Adobe Connect 8. Documentation If you have a lot of documents to share with a new team member, here are some tools you can use that are far more efficient than email. Dropbox. Access to Others Skype. Indoctrination Into Your Culture What tools do you use to bring a new virtual team member on board?


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