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We have a Raspberry Pi image now - Home Assistant. Today we’re happy to announce our brand new Raspberry Pi image!

We have a Raspberry Pi image now - Home Assistant

It is based on Raspbian Lite combined with HASS so we decided to call it Hassbian. This image comes pre-installed with everything you need to get started with Home Assistant right away. To get started, check out the installation instructions in the getting started section or watch the latest video by BRUHAutomation: Under the hood. Home Assistant : installation et 1er pas sur Raspberry Pi. Using USB webcams with Home Assistant - Home Assistant. In the past month I was thinking about ways to integrate USB webcams into Home Assistant again.

Using USB webcams with Home Assistant - Home Assistant

The main reason was that this would give those devices a second life and enable one to benefit from low-cost video surveillance. There are a couple of options available like pygame or SimpleCV but I never finished something. With the Local File camera platform by Landrash and motion you could integrate a local USB webcam with a few very easy steps. BRUH Automation: BRUH2 Overview. Raspberry Pi all-in-one installer - Home Assistant. Home Assistant.